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Thread: Did MJ Find Love In The Dark (continued)

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    Default Re: Did MJ Find Love In The Dark (continued)

    Quote Originally Posted by SoS View Post
    Its been a long time since giving myself the treat of this "escapism".
    This thread is a treat of escapism, isn't it? You're right. I don't have much time for escape in this way these days, but, maybe one or two posts...

    ...WYBT very, very much. In fact I feel the exact same whenever I hear that song and for that reason it is one of the most difficult songs to listen to without feelings of breakdown to cry.
    It is sad, because you can pick up on the yearning when listening to it.

    I guess what I'm saying though is that the song Will You Be There is a song that has as it's title, the form of a question, similar in that way to, Who Is It.
    You're right,I hadn't thought about that...good comparison. it is like he is putting a question out there into the void while he struggles with the likely possibility he may never get an answer. And he went immediately to a dark and pessimistic place. Ya know, song writing can be such a helpful thing if it helps one process whatever is going on with them deep down inside. MJ and others are lucky that they have that gift. And so often those type of songs resonate with so many listeners because they come from such a real place.

    The fact that he asks so many other questions within the song indicates to me that he is moreso asking all those other questions as an attempt at trying to figure out the answer to the one question in the song title for instance in Who Is It, which in itself is a foregone conclusion to jump to where he first of all asks that question Who Is It when there is no evidence to support that premise to begin with -- at all - as indicated by lyrics.
    It seems in the song he is agonizing at the possibility that the reason she left was because there was someone else, but is probably hoping there isn't because he realizes he has no proof of that....he's just trying to make sense of it all. Who Is It is such a great song.

    he he he quite naturally was concerned about his "investment"...his time...his money he he he HIM. What about "HER" what about "HER" needs. Could that be a CLUE to what "she" felt?
    Could what be the clue? The scream ? (your emoticon choice) haha. He makes her wanna scream? *pictures a close up of her with her hands over her ears screaming in torment*
    Similarly, Will You Be There is also a question, right ?
    Right you are.

    ...he begins the song by stating his need to be "held" ("hold me") in a deep,spiritually true place within her ("like the river Jordan") and then he would trust "her" deep caring for him (I will THEN say. .you are my friend")....and on it goes about him and his needs and as we all know, he obviously had many legitimate needs.
    Hmm, that's interesting. He's saying that in order to trust a female fully with his heart, he'd need her to be coming from a place capable of spiritual depth?

    ...which totally 100% utterly explains his needs of her true support, love and's just that the entire song is solely about "her" meeting ALL these very intense needs of HIS
    Hey, it's his song. It can be all about him; he's allowed. lol

    ...perhaps having this distant, complex, fantasy was perfection for them in it's own way.
    the unreality of it made it a lovely dream, perhaps. And like you say, maybe it was helpful to them in some way, for as I think MJ once said in an interview , "Reality is hard.
    "Perhaps that is why MJ said, "I like living this way, I like lovin this way".
    I realize MJ didn't write HN...but still... it fits the theme of the "love story" very well and it is his song.
    I think that fits really well, true. Good job, SoS.
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    Default Re: Did MJ Find Love In The Dark (continued)

    Quote Originally Posted by Girl View Post
    I had actually forgotten about this thread. Thanks for the reminder guys

    As far as the question of the thread is concerned - who knows really? Only Michael could have answered that one, only him..........but it is a lovely hope beyond all hope to believe that he did. Otherwise, it would all be soooo terribly unfair.

    And btw of the question in the title of the thread - does it even matter where he found love, just as long as he had - in the dark, in the shadows, in the light, wherever. Plus, the whole dark business doesn't sound all that grand, does it? It just sounds........dark, for lack of a better word lol.

    It would indeed be very sad if what Daz said was right - that the climax of his romantic life was found only in his songs. For someone soooo talented and who had been lonely for so much of his life, it would be terrible if all he did was singing and dreaming away about surreal joy without the personal experience to back him up and personally involve him. He would have been just like a master chef cooking amazing sweets and treats that everyone else gets to enjoy, while he doesn't get to taste any of it for himself. His songs after all are favorites among wedding organizers and some of them have even joined Barry White and Prince playlists for quality private times :P

    One can only hope that the darkness of his life wasn't so dense and strong not to allow the light and joy of true love to make their permanent dwelling in his heart. Otherwise, it is very sad to think that he left this world without experiencing that most amazing, yet most elusive among all adult accomplishments - the building of a solid, deep and life-long connection between woman and man. But then again, it is quite logical to think that if he had found that truly special someONE in time, Michael would still be very much alive today..........
    I agree Girl, with the points of this post even though it seems (going by the music) that he may have enjoyed a uniquely spiritual connection that he "liked" (livin/lovin this way) which I find easy to understand if a person is only accustomed to all the massive attraction toward them after the onset of fame which was his entire life makes sense to me, sort of similar to the family-sourced rich girl who, to everyone's dismay, chooses to struggle and barely manage a life lived in veritable or technical poverty so that she never has to wonder if a man loves her as a person or as a mere symbol for his ego. When it comes to fame, it seems that everyone has a sense of false ego pride from association with a famous person, especially the wealthier they both are because of increased social advantages.

    Who on earth would want every attraction they ever make with anybody, be potentially for ego trips or social status? What would anyone else do if their entire life from pre-puberty through adulthood had potential for bolstering everyone else's career, ego or purse? Anyone who wants to feel fully alive and loved might choose the "spiritual/soul/love-pure-and-from-afar"--- route.

    Girl, your points also remind me of what we witnessed as children when we heard the Jackson 5, The Jacksons or MJ was coming to town... The excitement was incomparable to any other experience any young person had ever had up til then and one that MJ (nor his brothers) would ever personally enjoy. I always felt sad about that irony.

    The good news was that they got a great enjoyment of their own music in their own unique way. Seems similar imho

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