Hello everyone!

I've been a Michael Jackson fan since very early 2009/late 2008 (can't quite remember but I was around 12/13) when I first properly listened to the Jackson 5 to see his humble beginnings and listen to all his big hits on a show that was promoting him through the years as part of a promo for This is It. I then watched the "Living with Michael Jackson" interview on youtube and although that documentary is hugely biased against him I managed to see from the man's own words all of the stuff I had heard was in fact incorrect and I was kind of taken aback as to how much the general public and media spread false things about him.

I was actually going to attend This is It but we all know how that story ended, still I feel there's a bit more to that story and I think some of you know what I mean.

I've decided to join here to connect with other Michael Jackson fans like I did on a previous forum which unfortunately went south, hopefully I'll even meet fans who live in the same country.