Chapter 15.

Dinner became very silent later that evening. Michael watched everyone as they all ate not even making a conversation. Jackie looked at him with a sorrow expression, Tito glanced at him and looked back at his food, Jermaine he just held his head down low not even looking up, and Marlon looking the other way while chewing. He also looked at his parents who were only paying attention to their meal and drinking kool aid. Finally, he couldn't take it anymore; slamming down his glass making everyone jump especially little Janet who looked startled and released his anger.

"Why did you have to let it happen!?" He started. "Michael, honey!" Katherine said ushering him to sit down but he wasn't listening to her. "There are plenty of kids out there that are not getting along because of their difference thanks to their parents beliefs." Joe looked at him with an unbelievable expression. "First of all, don't you ever slam down things that belong to us and second, I did it in a way where you would stop this nonsense about her." "But she didn't do anything wrong! Can't you see she's a very kindhearted and beautiful person and you did it so you can protect me!? Is that what it is Joseph!?" "Michael Joseph Jackson, boy do you know I will tear your little behind up in less than a second? Boy don't you ever raise your voice at me you respect me in here do you understand?" "But..." Michael was about to protest but Joe cut him off. "I know what our country is and what it is all about and it's time you learn about the difference is about with people and their culture end of discussion."

Michael looked at him and shook his head endlessly and held his head down not wanting him to see his tears. "Okay well I have three words for you, I HATE YOU!!" And he stormed up to his room not paying attention what Joe was going to say. "BOY GET DOWN HERE!!" The next thing he knew the door slammed shut.

Oh man, I never thought that boy would get on my nerves" Joe said as he rubbed his temples as Katherine looked at him while she cleaned up.

"Now Joe, don't you think that you were being a little too hard on him? After all, he does seem to care about her and you don't see it." "Katie please, he is too stubborn and hardheaded he's going to burn down this house one day and with us in it." Katherine couldn't help but giggle listening to her husband's nonsense. "Why are you laughing? You think this is funny? Our son is friends with a white girl!" Soon, Katherine's face turned into a grim expression. "Joe, this is it? Is that what is about? I can not believe you are still living in that era" "Don't start on me woman you know pretty well" Katherine put down the sponge and walked over taking a seat.

"Joseph, after all these years of us being together you still have that whole thing in your head? This is 1971 where people of all races come together as one and you're saying that he is friends with a white girl?" Joe held his head down low massaging his face. "Listen, all I'm saying is that he needs to be very careful around her, who knows what she's capable of?" "But she is not like that though that's what I'm trying to get you to understand. It's not every white person you think is a fugitive they work hard just to try to make something of themselves it's not just black people. You have millions and millions of different types." Katherine explained trying to reason with him.

Michael sobbed until his eyes ran dry and he sat up on his bed. He just couldn't see why Joe would do something so harsh. All his life he had found a true friend and Joe was doing every which way to separate them doing it in secret and not realizing it. He wiped the remaining tears away and looked through his window it looked like it was going to rain any minute now but that didn't matter to him all he wanted to do was just to be with April and tell her the truth about everything and that's what he was going to do. Getting a piece of paper and a pen, he wrote down a little note and put it on his dresser. Opening up the window, he took a deep breath and looked down his heart beating a million times a minute as he made a mighty jump not Daring to scream and set out on his journey.