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In case you guys didn't know. three of the songs on the extended edition of 2300 Jackson Street are non-album tracks/B-sides that, until now, were incredibly rare and seldom heard by the public.

Keep Her:

When I Look At You:

Please Come Back To Me:

Also, I feel like they missed a perfect opportunity to include the live recording of "If You'd Only Believe" from the 1994 Jacksons Family Honors, which has completely different lyrics from the album version and also features Michael singing (and also Celine Dion for some reason)

Where I Look At You is an awesome song. I can't believe I've never heard this song until now.

Another thing I discovered in these reissues is the 7" version of "Wait" from Victory. It is one thing for it to just be a radio edit but in this case it is a different mix entirely, which is a treat to listen to.