Got the best laugh on Certain Website! :D


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Jul 25, 2011
An Admin harassed and insulted me for three years. I finally had enough one day after politely taking her horrible abuse of me with a polite smile and blew up on her in a one time Cussing Rant after three years of her harassing and insulting me. The Head Admin took her side on this after she permanantly nuked me after that one time Cussing Rant, said something like,"If I take Karice's side on this, my Admin will definitely Resign as an Admin and I can't have that as she's been a Loyal Admin for me for years and is invaluable."

The Admin he chose over me JUMPED SHIP from there and hasn't even visited in over three months! Before that, she was only sporadically visiting and was posting only about once every three months. How's choosing that Admin's side over me going for you, Head Admin? He chose someone who ended up abandoning him over me who would have been loyal to this day. I definitely have the best laugh on that one. :smilev6: