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So, who here is a fan of Ms.Kelly?
I've been a fan of hers for about 10 year, doesn't seem that long ago.
She's releasing a global hit called Commander. I think it's playing on most radio stations globally. It's going to be HUGE.
Kelly is also singing the official FIFA World Cup Championship song, Everywhere You Go. Love that song and can't wait for it to be avilabl here in the UK (if ever it will)
Here's a link of a new Kelly forum. An OFFICIAL forum set up by the lady herself. So please join and go through boot-camp. Big up to Team Kelly.

Kelly's also on Twitter - @KELLYROWLAND

(Don't know where else to put it lol)

28 days

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So, What do you think of Kelly's new song(s) Grown Ass Woman and Rose Colored Glasses?
They're available on iTunes US.
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