Thousands of new MJ songs - made by us fans and AI?


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We'd all love to hear new original MJ content, but unfortunately the next posthumous release of unheard music is still a matter of wishful thinking and speculation.

So how about creating our own new MJ songs using AI?

I think most of you are probably familiar with Jukebox AI This AI analyzes published songs by an artist (instrumental and vocal together) and creates new songs in the artist's style. Even if the style of the music sometimes sounds like MJ, the songs are not really enjoyable because the voice sounds weird.

But what if you took it a step further by having an AI analyze the instrumental and the voice separately? It would also be possible to analyze only the acapella and reproduce MJ's vocal. This is not science fiction, YAMAHA has done something like this with Hibari Misora, a (dead) Japanese singer in 2019:

"Yamaha Corporation announces that it has succeeded in reproducing the vocals of the late Hibari Misora, a legendary Japanese singer, using its proprietary VOCALOID:AI vocal synthesis technology, in technical collaboration with a NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) television broadcast*1 that aired in Japan on September 29, marking both the public debut and the first real-world implementation of VOCALOID:AI."

You can listen to it here:

Read more:

In my world, it would be creepy and like christmas at the same time to use this technology to create thousands of "new MJ" fan songs. What do you think?


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I recently was thinking of testing this actually. I have seen several weird tests on YT but none by doing the vocal and instruments separately. I wonder what the results would be.


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Hate the idea. As bad as the hologram. Enjoy what he left us. DonÂ’t try and puppet a dead man.


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I'm not really a fan of this idea, I've got to he honest.
You may be able to replicate Michael's vocals, but they'll never be able to reproduce the passion and soul in his voice
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MJ was magic - the magic was in his head and soul.

Noone else can/could/should try to replicate MJ's voice to make new (fake) MJ songs.

It would not be MJ - he was a genius - he could hear what should be there, what should not be there etc.


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Personally, I don't mind if this is something fans play around with. It can be interesting to hear the results and see what is technologically possible. But I definitely would not want this to be done in any official capacity, as Yamaha apparently did with Hibari Misora. That feels disrespectful and downright creepy (I felt the same way about the Earnest Valentino-hologram).

Moreover, even if you would take that out of the equation, there is still so much to explore about Michael's work. The Estate has barely scratched the surface of what could still be released in terms of books, audio, and video. If only they'd care...