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(Welcome to my first ever blog, i hope you enjoy)

My Love For Michael Jackson!!

I have always adored Michael Jackson's music even before knowing who he was as a person and as a artist. You maybe thinking, how is that possible? Well, my parents always played different genres of music when i was growing up but the MAIN band i heard and got into was the Jackson 5. My mother was a fan back then and she still is to this day, she got me into the Jackson 5. Of course at that age i didn't know who the Jacksons were, i just enjoyed their music and the message they put out into the world.. This is where it started. After a few years when i was watching television, Michael popped up performing Billie Jean.. I fell in love with the song, yes.. even after the Jackson 5 songs haha.. I asked my mother who is that? she told me that it was Michael and ever since that day my love for Michael grew stronger and i am happy it did.

Michael's music got me through so many hard times in my life, he has always inspired me, always made me feel safe, loved, understood, you name it. He was like a guardian angel to me and i say this because every time i would listen to him i would feel healed, my pain disappeared.. He made me happy.

I have always looked up to Michael as a role model as well, i have always tried to share his message and be like him because he is my inspiration for everything i do in life, he keeps me going just like my family, he is my rock and without him i do not know where id be in life right now. Truly.

I always miss him so much, i just wish i could hug him and love him and tell him that i love him so much and that i'd always be there no matter what. I'd want to tell him he is my inspiration to keep going.

There were a few years where i questioned whether he faked his death or whether he actually passed on. I got very confused a lot of the time and so i stepped away from that. Now in this present moment i am 50/50 on it and to be honest i do not know if he is alive or not, all that matters to me is that hes safe, happy, loved and cherished.. HIS WELL BEING MATTERS TO ME!! That is all. There are many fans who believe he is alive and some who do not, i respect them, i understand them and i do not judge, i do not wish to bring someone down or be negative towards them in any way shape or form. We are all entitled to our opinions and that should be respected in itself. I love all fans no matter what.. we are a FAMILY!! I care about each and everyone of you.

I am a new member here at MJJC as you all may of noticed, I am still at this current time trying to figure out how everything works here haha, its a new set out than what i am used to but i am sure i will get a hang of it in the future. I must say am quite impressed by the hard work that has been put into this site, i am also very happy to see many fans showing and sharing their love for MJ here and it makes my heart warmer and calm.. its great to see. Thank you to the owner of MJJC for this site. God bless you.

Please if you would like, share your story on how YOU yourself became an MJfan i would absolutely love to read it! also please feel free to post MJ pictures and all sorts here. :)




If you made it this far in the blog, i just want to say thank you for taking the time to read this, it means a lot to me. I love you.

Love And Light Guide You Always xxx <3 xxx

~JadeyMJ ~
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