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"The Promised Child"

Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ.
Orginally published on MJJCommunity Blog
Copyright 2012

Enjoy, Daz.


I’m Casper…
I’ll be forever 9…
I wish I NEVER showed dad my talent…

“A wonderful day”
August 29, 2003
Alabama, Georgia

“Cas, get your butt in the house” his stern father yelled.
He ignored his cry at first as he was dreaming of being free as free as those children across the street playing basketball.
It should have been a wonderful day as today he turned out 5 but celebrating birthdays was a waste of time considering his dad and
besides they didn’t have the money for cake and presents anyway.The porch door swung open and he felt a push on his back.

“I told you to come in. We’re waiting for yé.”
“Okay” he sighed and reluctant he got up and slumped into the house. It was a small white wooden house with only a living area, a kitchen, bathroom and only 2 bedrooms. One master for his parents and the other one he had to share with his 2 eldest brothers. Abe was 13 and Benjamin was 8 and the twins who still slept in a bunk bed in the master bedroom, were Dean and Edgar both only 3!

“Start from the beginning! “
Dad ordered him and pushed a mic into his hand.
Sad, he looked at it.
“Don’t keep your brothers waiting! “
“I wanna play dad” he bravely said and saw his eldest brother cringe in. He didn’t see it coming the blow. It hit him hard this time.
All day dad had forced him to sing for some contest he got him enlisted to.Indeed, he had a beautiful singing voice discovered while
he was singing along with the radio helping mum doing the dishes...

“Martin” his mum called out as Casper started to cry and
fled in mum’s protective arms.
“Let it rest for today! He’s tired.”
“If you gonna keep hitting me, I’m never gonna sing again” he said bravely being cuddled in mum’s arms.
It made his dad sigh.
“I only wanna make you stronger. You’re gonna be the best!” dad only remarked.
“Martin. He’s only 5.”
“Okay, let’s call it a day. Good job boys.”
He disappeared into another room. His siblings didn’t even sooth him. Bored Abe and Benjamin fled outside to play.

“Laid off”
August 31, 2003

“Good evening Hun” he kissed her gently in her neck as she was peeling the potatoes for dinner.
“Hello M” she used to call him without even quitting her duty.
“What ‘we have for dinner? “
“I got you a nice juice steak” she smiled.
“Steak?” He yelled out. “We can’t afford that.”
“Well, I saved a little money to treat you, is that BAD? “
“No, Hun. It isn’t” he replied and plunged down on the kitchen chair.
Should he come clean about it now? Sure, break her heart now, why don’t you?

“Is something the matter, Martin? Nothing happened to the boys right? “
He looked ever so guilty at her... She quit her peeling at came sitting on a kitchen chair too...
“Do you worry about the steak? We always have meatloaf so...”
“I... I got... laid off... from work” he hesitated to say.
“How ‘you mean laid off? “
“Yeah” he sighed and hung his head down.

The kitchen door swung open and Casper strolled in... He stopped dead in his tracks... There was an aura around his father that always froze him up.
“Dinner will be ready soon, C” mum only remarked and got up to finish the peeling progress.
“Okay, mum... Hello Martin...”
“Hello Casper... How’s my boy doing today? “
“Fine” he almost whispered.
He’d never seen his dad so kind though.

“Well” he shouted and jumped to his feet.
“Who needs a boring job hey? Now, I got all the time to focus on you. The contest is next Friday... So, we’re gonna win it, right? “
He rubbed over his son’s head.
“Yeah, we are, Martin.” I know, he’s his dad but Martin wanted to ‘teach’ his boys ‘respect’ and that’s why he wasn’t for the ‘soppy’ daddy stuff... They were not ‘woollies’ but growing men...

“Moment of truth”
September 7...
‘The rhythm of life’ contest.

Well, as a major stunt the brand new music store in Georgia, called ‘The rhythm of life’ had set up a contest with young talent and the first price was a golden cup and a price money worth 1000 $.
Only a few acts had ‘registered’ but that was enough to show off their talent... Martin had ‘groomed’ them good in line and
the act looked ‘mesmerizing’ in mum’s eyes during final rehearsals... Was he nervous?
Nah, just really exciting and the butterflies swarmed in his belly. Mum had made them costumes by hand as money was really tight now and they needed that ‘price money’ to ‘survive’ now as Martin hadn’t scouted for another job yet...

The man with the overgrown belly and microphone introduced the next group called “G3”.
NOW, it was time to shine or forever fall into disgrace... Martin gave them some last pointers and off they were to make HIStory...
Within the first seconds, he had the crowd hanging on his lips... Where had the shy little boy go?
He was now singing out like a bird enjoying spring for the first time... He had a golden voice and now even Martin had a tear in his eye as mum wore such a PROUD smile...

“WOW, those guys are good” she heard a neighbor call out.
“You ever heard of G3? “
“They are my boys! “ She boasted out.
The neighbor only gawked and clapped along with the music.

“Day of glory”
“The rhythm of life” music store...

You know what?
They did WOW even the jury and they got 8-9-10... So, of course, that meant they WON...
His brothers lifted him up in the air and there for the first time he felt the ‘connection’ with bro’s as they cheered him on...
He firmly grasped the golden cup in his hands... He was finally ‘someone’... Of course, the ‘prize money’ was a cheque given to the eldest, Abe who thanked everyone involved. Cheering, they met up their parents.

“How did we do? “ Casper had the heart to ask his dad.
“You did good, boys! “ was all that Martin said but he did smile as he got the cheque from his eldest.
Now, his wildest dream could come true...You just wait and see, folks...

“Wait and see”
September 10…

It had been a glorious weekend and Martin saw how ‘elated’ Casper was with being the ‘HOTTEST’ kids in town now…
He suddenly made ‘friends’ over the weekend… Mum had claimed that he needed to start pre-school as he turned out 5 but
Martin’s thoughts were in the clouds and she only nodded her head…

“Have you found anything? “
She asked browsing the newspaper over his shoulder. He was sitting on the kitchen table really concentrated ‘sucking up’ every letter in that local newspaper.
“Hey” she protested.
“ What ‘you looking at? They are not even the Job ads, Martin… “ she pouted disappointed.
“What? “ He shrugged like he didn’t care.
“Have you seen how popular Casper is now?
It was only a local contest…”
“So what? “ She dared to speak up.
“So WHAT! “ He bellowed and she cringed in shielding herself with her kitchen towel.
“This is the dream we need… This is the ‘promised’ child… All the others were bloody attention seekers and lacked the talent…”
“I thought the Dubster brothers were kind of cute too…” she remarked smiling.
“CUTE…” he bellowed. “CUTE doesn’t cut it… Talent and hardworking will get you anything…”
“Hardworking Martin? He’s 5… He needs an education…Can you lend me a fiver? “
“Why? “ He reacted agitated and got up with a jerk. Argh, NO contests listed in the newspaper today.

“I need to buy bread or are you gonna eat that newspaper for dinner? “
“Now, don’t you get smart with me, lady? I’m doing this for all of you… I want a better life for all of us… Don’t you want that? “
“Yeah but at what prize, Martin? “
“Prize? It’s worth taking the risk” He only said. He grabbed a wrinkled note out of his pocket and threw it on the table.
“I’ll see if there are no ads at the city hall.”
“Thanks Martin” she only answered hiding away the fiver in her apron.
Her heart prayed that he would make the right decision though…

“No way out”

He slammed the front door shut and she felt he didn’t have any luck at the city hall too.
She almost didn’t dare to show her face in the living room, knowing she was in for another ‘rant' .
She couldn’t hide in the kitchen all day, could she?
As she strolled in the living room, he was sitting in his faux leather seat drowned in thoughts.
The twins were playing with their cars on the carpet. Casper was watching cartoons and chuckled each time something funny happened. Of course, the two eldest were at school…

“How did it go? “ She had to ask hey.
“No contests this month” he sighed.
“Maybe one at Halloween…”
“Okay” she only said and glanced at her boys.
“Oh, I met Miss Rose” he finally blurted out as when she was about to return to the kitchen.
“She asked if Casper was ready for school?
She claimed he was already 5 and needed to join his peers… she babbled something about education and regulations too…”
“Of course, Abe and Ben go to school too.”
“I know” he spoke up.
“So what did you say? “
“About what? “
“School for Casper, Martin? “
“Oh, yeah… I told her he could come in tomorrow .”
“Tomorrow” she yelled.
“Yeah, You wanted an education for him… September is the month where we can enroll him in...
Otherwise, we have to wait till January… “ She came sitting next to him in the sofa and he glanced at his mummy…

What a BIG step? Was he really such a BIG BOY now?
“Are you ready, sweetheart for this BIG adventure called school? You could brag to all your friends about the contest…”
She talked ever so kind to him. Before Casper could get one word out of it,
his dad bellowed: “When are you gonna stop treating him like a baby?
He’s 5 and ready, okay.”
Casper only swallowed and looked ever so vulnerable at his mum.
Would they be as nice as mum there? Or as cruel as dad there?
Time for the BIGGEST adventure though…

“Be brave”
September 11, 2003

He hadn’t slept a wink last night as Abe and Ben, his two older ‘nuisance’ of brothers had teased and taunted him all evening with all kind of stories of what happened if you were scared at school… Mum had to put a stop to it as he was crying in his bed…
So reluctantly, she let him go…Miss Faye, his teacher, was like a mum though…
She had 15 ‘pre-school’ kids to attend to and the class room seemed a safe place to be in…
With different activity corners and lots of colorful drawings dangling on wash lines of string cotton…
He promised mum, he would be good and off he was ‘ready’ for the BIG BAD world…
He was even more nervous than he was on that Friday before the contest…
She assembled all the kids on the cushions and introduced the new ‘culprit’…

“Let’s welcome our new recruit… Casper Gale…”
Shy, he glanced at all the other ‘culprits’ smiling at him…
“It’s his first day and you know how scary first days can be hey so be nice to him and show him around the class room…” she told the kids.
“Can I show him the four corners, Miss Faye? “ He asked with an attitude.
“Dwight Dubster! “ she scolded.
“I won’t tolerate any violence in my class room… Not now… Not ever… Be kind…”
“Ah, well” he shrugged “Then, I’ll show him the playground.”
His evil glance at him made Casper shudder though…

“Home sweet home”

Mum was eagerly awaiting him on the front porch, checking her watch regularly, worrying why he didn’t doom up yet and cursing why she had to kick him to school so suddenly…The yellow oversized bus shrieked to a STOP and kids swarmed out of it…
“Argh” the boy sighed as his feet finally touched ‘save’ ground… Just a few more brave steps and he was home…
Home sweet home… He didn’t knew he could miss it so much though and it was only his first ‘bloody’ day but let him win…
NEVER…There she stood in the distance… His mum scouting through the crowd of kids almost running him over…
He felt exhausted… He’d rather have his dad’s discipline than this ‘bully’ on him…However, he put on his brave face and acting ‘strong’ now, he trotted home though his nose was throbbing like hell…

“Casper” he heard her squal.
“Hello mum” he only answered.
She hold out of him, clutching her both hands in his arms.
“Awww, baby. What happened to you on your first day? “
He only shrugged at first…
“I just fell, mum” he insisted shrugging out of her touch as he strolled into the house…
What was that racket going on in the living room?
Never some peace in this house as his head was killing him too…

“The gift”

He opened the brown wooden living room door and in an instant, he forgot his pain…
WOW, was he dreaming this?
He was stunned and stood there gawking still with the door handle in hand.

“Well” his dad noticed him. “Look at what I got you…”
“For me? “ He asked baffled.
“Yep, what happened to you? “
“Oh, this… “ he touched his sore nose.
“I just fell on the playground, Martin.”
The memory was somehow different though… A painful thought hit him…
“ …The Bully of the class had him pinned to the wall and with his nose bleeding of the hits he had to endure,
he screamed: ‘ YOU OWN ME A 1000 BUCKS’ …”

The memory was quickly pushed away as he neared ‘the gift’…
“Wait, I’ll plug it in…” It was ‘connected’ to a BIG BLACK BOX…
This must have cost a fortune but hey if Martin bought it thenhe was worth it…

'Let show that Dubster boy what you are worth! ' his mind cursed at him.
“Can I try it, Martin? “ He asked polite and as he took ‘the microphone’ in his hand… It felt ‘right’ … It felt like a ‘missing part’ of his body ‘grew’ back… It felt ‘heavy’ in his tiny hand though but he glared at it…

“Well” his dad, Martin, insisted
“I didn’t spend all the prize money so you could just glare at it, son.”
“Oh yeah” he acted startled.
“Hello” he spoke it carefully and wow, he was almost blown away by the ‘echo’ in the amplifier…
“Sing Casper…”
He glared at the mic in his hand and knew he could do this… When his soothing voice ‘throbbed through the house mum forgot her ‘tantrum’ when her husband showed up with it…
Was he really the ‘Promised’ child?

“My DAD”

Dad… Okay Martin… insisted to take him to school the next morning…
“Show me the bully” he only asked seriously as he had to come clean about it yesterday when his headache got too worse.
Casper only pointed him out as he was ‘taunting’ another little boy…
Where was the playground guard? Still asleep? Stuck in traffic

“Hey” he trotted in a fast pace to him and then he noticed him. “Dubster.”
“What’s in it for you? “ He said with an attitude.
The other boy looked so scared as he now saw his chance in running away.

“Hey, I’ll get you for that” he yelled.
“Well” Martin spoke up.
“Well what? “
“You better learn some manners if you wanna win any more contests, boy.”
“You’re Casper’s daddy right? “ He pointed his finger at him.
“You leave my son alone” he scolded him.
Casper smiled… His dad did love him after all…
“Why should I? “the boy with his white spiky hair, not older than 6 cursed at him.
“Grow yourself a hobby or a talent instead of bullying other boys… It’s very immature of you.”
“Imma what? What ‘you expect from me? I’m only 6…”He blurted his tongue out to him.
“I’ll be watching you, Dubster Boy” he pointed his finger at him and the look in his eye did ‘scare’ him a little though but don’t tell anyone, okay…

“BIG BAD world”

Casper strolled in at around 3ish…
“Hey Sport” he called out and it startled him a little.
Dad was sitting in the sofa watching TV.
“Hello Martin” he answered polite. “How was your day? “
“Okay” he only replied.
What had hit him? Oh my, dad had changed…

“Did that Dubster boy tease yé? “
“No, Daa… Martin. He wasn’t there today.”
“Okay, hop on the sofa, Casper.”
He patted his hand on the sofa next to him and Casper obeyed his dad.
What was he watching? It sounded good.
“See…” he pointed out at the screen.
He saw a singer dancing, sweating and singing his heart out.
“If you put that much fire in… You can even become better than him” his dad claimed.
All Casper did was trying not to gawk at the sheer brilliance of that man…
He saw the sparkles flying around as he wowed the crowd in a frenzy…
Could he be that successful?
Okay, Was he ready for that craziness?
That may be a more sensible question to ask…
It won’t go that way, would it? Was he really that talented?
He just loved to sing and dance, that’s all…
NOTHING Special, right?
His dad did smile at him as Casper probably didn’t hear a thing his dad was telling as his eyes were glued to the screen watching his every move, every grunt, every spin…

“Quench my desire”
The next day…

It was quite a bright day and the sun stood high and pride still giving that warm and gentle warm feeling…
A perfect day for bike riding or playing footy…
So, the doorbell rang at the Gale’s residence…

“Hello Mrs. Gale” the boy from next door called out to her.
“Can Casper come out to play? “
“Hello Fitzgerald” she replied “I’ll ask him, okay.”
“Okay, ma’am”
He patiently and politely waited at their front door step.
“Casper? “ Mum called out.
She entered the living room.
Father and son were watching some TV show but they were dissecting it like the worst critics…
“Look how he’s holding his mic” he protested.
“Indeed, that’s not the way to do it. NEXT” he screamed at the screen.

“Casper, Hun… Your friend, Fitzgerald is here to play… Why don’t you go out for an hour? It’s such a sunny day…Perfect for a game of footy…”
Casper wasn’t really impressed though as he slacked off the next ‘contestant’ also shouting ‘NEXT’ and that made his dad giggle of course… He was a ‘quick learner’ though…

“Martin, why you let him watch these shows? He’s only 5… He should be getting his jeans all muddy instead of watching this crap…” she pouted.
“Karen” he scolded and nodded his head.
“Indeed, this is crap but then Casper knows how he shouldn’t act on stage… You see, that one has potential… “
He pointed his finger at the TV screen.
“Watch and learn okay… You gotta keep the audience on the edge of their seats…” He only commented.

“What about Fitzgerald? “ She asked.
“Fitz… Who? “ He frowned his eyebrows.
“Come on, Martin… The boy from next door… Casper’s friend. “
“What does he want? “ He only asked annoyed.
“This is the way to drive the crowd crazy…” he yelled pointing at the screen and he clapped in his hands.
Mum only sighed and returned to the front door with the BAD news…
The boy dragged his bones home and mum only sighed returning to the two ‘shouting’ family members…

“The Gem in the sofa”

“Bills bills bills… ARGHHH…”
He yelled out holding a bunch of envelopes crushed in his hands and he threw them on the table.
“I know” she sighed. “They keep coming right.”
“Yeah” he let out a deep sigh.
“You have a job in mind, Martin?”
She kind of whispered but she had to ask right.
“Job? “ He frowned his eyebrows
“… With such a gem in that sofa… Kindergarten is a waste of time… You’ve seen how quickly he picks up new things from TV? Oh MY…”
“Awwww, Martin please… Casper needs his education…
You were always so strict on Abe…
You remember when he wanted to learn the guitar?
You claimed it was a waste of time…
You claimed he needed an education first…”

“Abe wanted a guitar? How could I have forgotten it?
I’ll look for one tomoz…”
“How ‘you mean, Martin? You still have the prize money? “
“Of course, you think I spend it all on Casper, did you? “
“Can I have some money to buy groceries? We’re out of milk and cereal…”
“How much do you need then? “
“20” she boldly spoke.
“How much? 20 “ He bellowed.
“WOW, what brand of cereal are you buying? The real GOLD flakes? “
“We need to eat too, Martin” she only commented.
“When was the last time we ate a decent meal… We’re practically on a milk and cereal diet… I’m NOT gonna live like a beggar so you can grow that gem in the sofa… We do have 5 kids…” She flashed her outstretched hand to him.
“FIVE” she showed her hand like in a STOP sign…

“I know” he said offended “you think I lost count of the kids we have? Gee, Karen… This is a GOLDEN chance we just can’t pass… Just wait… You’ll thank me one day…”
“I hope so” she stood there with her outstretched hand.
“What now? “
“20” she demanded. “You think I can buy food with my good looks? “
“ARGH…” he grabbed his wallet and produced 20 $ out of it.
“Thanks” she only said and trotted off.


Casper strolled in again at 3ish as school was till 2:30 and then the bus dropped him off at the corner of the street.
“Hello sweetie” mum called out to him as she saw his face appear peeking into the kitchen.
“Dad is out” she called out and he entered the kitchen.
She immediately saw something was bothering him… Mums have a ‘special gift’ for that hey…

“What’s wrong, Hun? Want some juice? “She offered.
“Yeah” he shrugged and plunged down on a kitchen chair.
Mum bonked a glass full of yummy orange vitamins in front of him.
She rubbed her hand over his hair.
“Shoot” she babbled out and plunged down on the chair next to him.
He looked at the juice but didn’t sip from it yet as he was in turmoil.
He learnt never to ‘nag’ and always be ‘thankful’ with everything he got…

“If you don’t tell me, then I can’t help you” she pried for an answer, a whimper.
“Do I really… really have to go to… school? “
He almost whispered and nervously he looked around expecting a ‘smack’ in his face and a ‘sermon’ …
“Well, you’re a BIG BOY now… You’re 5… Don’t you love playing with your friends? “
Rather offended, he glanced at mum…

“Hmmm… Friends… Toddlers right… They fight over a stupid bucket or build sandcastles in the sandbox…” he told her with such a disgrace.It made mum giggle…
“Well, Hun… That’s what 5 year old do…”
“Really? Why can’t I be older? “
“Oh, Why Cas? Do they tease you? They don’t hurt you, don’t they? “ She grabbed hold of his chin and he swatted her hand away.
“NO” he protested.
“They are boring… Besides, we have to sing stupid songs and I’m NOT singing in class anymore… They all gawk at me…”
“Awww, Hun… You have a wonderful voice… “
“I know, that’s what the teacher says too…” he sighed and drank from his juice.


“Hi Sport” he called out as he strolled into the kitchen.
“Hello Martin”
“Did you get it, Martin? “
“Yep” he gleamed and revealed it from behind his back.
“WOW” Casper gawked at the gorgeous red guitar…
“It’s a beauty, hey, Cas.”
“Indeed... For Abe, right? “
“Yep, how was school today? “
He only shrugged…

“Oh well, no time for sulking though. As soon as Abe strolls in, we’re gonna give it another whirl…” He cried excited and struck a chord.
However, it got 4:30 … It got 5… It got 5:30… Karen was starting to get worried where they were…
They were only 10 and 8 and supposed to be HOME at 4… Martin hid his worry and bellowed they were keeping Casper waiting…

At around 6ish… They ‘popped’ in giggling and babbling over what they encountered.
“WELL” the voice thundered through the hallway ending their moment of joy…
“What hour do you call this? You nearly gave mum a heart attack…
Where did you hang out on a school night? “
“It’s only…” Abe, the eldest, bravely checked his watch.
His eyes spread wide open…

“OMG, Ben... You stupid prick… “ he scolded his younger bro’.
“Don’t name call your brother… You’re the eldest and you’re responsible for Ben… Go to your room both and I don’t want to see you for the rest of the evening… “
“Awwww, come here…” mum called out and hugged them both.
“I was so worried about you… You missed the bus? “
She asked caring as she released Ben.
“We went to the mall, mum… “ Ben gloated and Abe slapped him over his head.
“Don’t tell tale, that was supposed to be a secret.”
“Don’t hit your brother” Martin slapped him over the head too.

“ROOM, PRONTO… You’re both GROUNDED… You just ruined the BIGGEST gift I got from you Abe… How irresponsible of you to take your bro’ to the mall? You know, you have to be home at 4, do you? “
Abe didn’t dare to comment now as he saw the stern and‘speak and you’re dead’ glance of his dad and both stumbled to the bedroom…
“Maybe they haven’t even eaten? “ Mum pouted.
“Ah, Karen… They don’t deserve it, right now… GO and get out of my sight…” he scolded them.

“Diamond in the rough”

“Do I really have to go to school today, mum? “
He asked her quietly.
It caught dad’s ears though.
“How come? Something happened? “
It startled him though as he shuddered and he cringed in…

“Is that Dubster boy bullying you again? “
“No…He’s been ill all week… Flue, I guess” he shrugged.
“It’s just boring, Martin… I don’t want to play with water all day or listen to silly stories about dragons and fairies or even witnessing a quarrel over knocked down sandcastle… How do I have to be 5? “ He pouted.
“Well, school was your mum’s idea though? “ He rolled his eyes.
“Martin” she protested.
“You can’t lock him up here… He needs to play too…”
“He hates it… You rather watch Michael Jackson, do yé? “ He asked smiling.

There was a HUGE smile growing on his face and he nodded ‘yes’ violently…
“I’ll take you to school and sort this out for you.”
“Thanks, dad… Oh, Martin…”
“Okay, get your coat on or you’ll be late.”
He heard the horn of the bus to pick him up. Martin told the ‘bus lady’ he would take his son to school and the bus doors closed and crawled on to its next client…This was his way to ‘polish’ the diamond in the rough’ now…


Casper loved sitting in the passenger’s seat of Dad’s old Buick…
Okay, it rattled and grumbled all the way to school but he just loved the ‘attention’ he got from him…
You know, father & son quality time hey…
Maybe now, he would learn to know his dad as he was a closed book…
Martin never talked about his childhood nor grandma or grandpa, that were both living in ‘heaven’ already…
He wouldn’t know how to cope without a mum or dad though.

“Any other problems I should know of before I scold your teacher? “
He asked him seriously as he kept his eye on the road.
“No, Martin… I’ve been a good boy like always… Are you really gonna scold the teacher? “ He asked and chuckled.
His dad’s serious glance met his eyes and he sat up straight and zipped his mouth.
“I’ll be good, Martin” he only replied.
“Okay, good boy.”
The rest of the ride was quiet and Casper gasped at the whizzing by trees, buildings, cars, bicycles…

“Hello Mr. Gale” the playground guard acted surprised to see him.
“Hello Casper” she rubbed over his head.
“Hello Mrs. Dune”
“Hello Mrs. Dune” his dad repeated. “Can I talk to his teacher? “
“Sure, she’s in class already.”
He looked around…
That was not the answer he wanted but she quickly added.
“Casper will show you the way right, Hun? “
“Let’s go, Martin” he only spoke and kind of dragged dad with him.

“In Check”

“Miss Faye? “ He called out as he entered the empty class room.
He was not supposed to be here as the bell hadn’t chimed yet so he carefully threaded in.
She looked up from her desk and her glasses on her nose and smiled.
“Casper” she called out wondering why he came looking for her.
Then his dad appeared…

She felt such a heavy austerely ‘energy cloud’ swirling around him that it made her back up although he was only standing by the door…
“Mr. Gale” she spoke politely and jumped from her chair.
She had to come and shake his hand right.He politely shook her soft hand and began his ‘sermon’…

“Can Casper be homeschooled? “ He asked her out of the blue.
“Homeschooled? “ She had a frown on her forehead.
“I… “ she kind of giggled. “I don’t really ‘teach’ them anything yet… It’s true…” she corrected as she saw him frown too.
“I read stories and try to spark their creativity but the main ‘learning skill here is ‘social interaction’ with buddies… Casper can be quite feisty sometimes…” He glanced at his son and he blushed…

“That’s quite normal at his age” she defended him.
“He’s quite a smart kid for his age… I try to let him do more creative stuff than the others as he isn’t into ‘role play’ yet… Does he play a lot at home? “ She asked him caring.

“PLAY? “ He bellowed. “My son sings… Playing is for woolies…”
It made him PROUD the way Martin said ‘my son’ and a huge smile grew on his face. He heard the bell chime…
Would he have to stay here now for that ‘role play’ stuff?
“I must be bold Sir but ‘role play’ is really important at his age… He can build ‘relationships’ on it for later.”
“Relationships? “ Martin repeated kind of disgusted andit made her blush.
His ‘dark’ energy cloud almost ‘swallowed’ her alive…
“Though, it’s mandatory that he attends school… You can always go to the city hall and asks for ‘consent forms’ to apply for ‘home schooling’ “ she advised him as she grew weaker by the second…
Man, don’t radiate so loud…

“Okay, I will do that… I guess… “ He was interrupted by another teacher asking if she should collect her pupils still stranded on the playground.
“Sorry, Mr. Gale… I’m afraid he has to bunk here today… Please, Doris fetch them…”

Without an answer, she left and only 5 minutes later, the kids rushed in and took their spot on the cushion seats…
She indeed kept them ‘in check’ so one more day here would not harm him okay…
“See ye this afternoon, Casper.”
“Okay, bye Martin” he waved and took his spot on the cushion seats…

“To draw or not to draw”

So, the first thing Martin was… Yep, get that form from the city hall…
Mum wasn’t really convinced this would be the right decision but you know husbands hey… Man of the house, hey…
The following week, Casper went to school and exactly it wasn’t so BAD after all… Miss Faye, let him color all day but
when she peeked at his drawings, he hid them with his tiny hand like they should be the best kept secret in the world…
He even insisted on taking them home to show to Martin, okay his dad…

They were detailed drawings on stage settings and costumes and now he wished he could write as even some ‘lyrics’ popped in his mind while he was drawing…Of course, Martin was really PROUD of Casper when he was allowed to peek at the drawings…

“Good boy” he rubbed over his head and the boy gleamed of happiness…
The guitar remained in the closet and even Abe nor Ben knew its existence…
They only knew, they had screwed up with their mall adventure going BAD…
They also knew, it would take some time to let dad cool off and ease off on them as he still guarded the door at around 4 each day…

“The right decision”

“Martin, you think this is the right decision to keep Casper home…
Wouldn’t it be unfair towards the others? “
She tried to comment as he presented the form to her.
“Unfair? “ He repeated. “I’m doing this for Casper…
You want him miserable all his life?
You’ve seen the drawings he made? “
“They are pretty” she answered.
“Oh, Karen… Pretty is so underrated… “ he shrugged.
“The drawings hanging out in his class room are pretty…
His are perfect to the tee…
You would not believe he drew them, won’t you? “
She only nodded ‘no’ as she knew by now if
Martin had set his mind on something,
she could never persuade him…
“Besides, you have the household to run and
the care for Edgar and Dean.”
“So, who’s gonna teach him then? Not you?
Does this ‘teaching’ at home provide a ‘pay check’? “
“I phoned my bro’ already about it and
he promised to ring me back as he had to discuss it with Carol first.”
“What bro’? “ She only whispered as
she knew Martin came out of a family of many…
She lost count of how many siblings he had and lost...
“My big bro’ Merlin, lives just a block away from us.
His wife, Carol, is a teacher and she ‘home schools’ all her children.”
“She has 7 running around, right? “
Martin counted them in his head first.
“Yep, indeed seven”
he answered trying to remember their names.
“Besides Miss Faye claims that the ‘pre-school’ years
are only ‘social interactions’ years and ‘role play’ stuff so
Casper can really learn how to share there too…”
“How ‘you mean there? “
“Well, during the day, C will be there ‘home schooled’ and
taught the stuff he needs…”
“What about his friends? What about his bro’s? “
“You ever saw him play with Abe and Ben or even the twins? “
“No, I do worry about him… He’s so quiet…”
“Don’t worry, Karen. He’ll blossom open, you’ll see.”
It only made her sigh as she wished he was really making
the RIGHT decision…

“New beginnings”

To make a long story short, Merlin and Carol visited and
she agreed she could have one more ‘pupil’ on her kitchen table…
She even asked Casper and he only answered
he wanted to ‘sing’ and ‘be creative’…
Tough words for a 5 year old hey…
So, the form was easily filled in, send and approved…
She was after all a ‘certified’ teacher,
had a nice and clean reputation and above all family…
Miss Faye found it a real pity to let him go and
when he hugged her goodbye, a tear gleamed on her cheek…
‘I’ll be a good boy, Miss Faye’
he had promised her and she only rubbed his head.
Mum was a little ‘nervous’ of letting her boy go but
Martin driving him to Carol’s insisted he would just fine…
‘I’ll be a good boy there too’ he assured mum as
she hugged and kissed him like she would had to miss him for a week
though, Martin would pick him up at 3 again…
“You’re ready for the new beginning, Casper? “ He called out.
“Yeash, Martin… Let’s go. It’s been awhile since I saw my nieces and nephews. I bet they’ve grown by now.”
“I’m sure they do… Remember the promise? “
He only nodded and hopped in the front seat of the huge car.

“Welcome Casper”

Martin rang the bell and one of the boys opened the door.
Of course, they were all informed about the ‘new pupil’ and
yelling for mum, the boy dashed into the house…
Martin took his hand and let him in the house…
What a HUGE house was this hey…
Man, you needed a map to find the bathroom right?
“Good morning Martin and Casper… Right on time…”
she spoke cleaning her hands on her towel.
She let them to the huge kitchen where
all the ‘pupils’ were eating breakfast yet…
For 3 girls and 4 boys in the house, there was no mayhem, no yelling,
no mess though… They all quietly sat there...
Oh, except one… heehee, standing in the ‘naughty’ corner as
he was a little out of sorts this morning but
who could exactly blame the youngest of the bunch, Adrian, only 3…
“Casper… This is your spot…”
she pointed out a seat and dad let go of his hand.
“Now, be a good boy now okay, son”
he rubbed his hand over his hair as a ‘good luck charm’ and
Casper smiled at him.
He only nodded and waved...
“Let me first get those dishes done, hey”
she commented after she let Martin out.
“Okay, Aunt Carol” he politely answered. “You need any help? “
“Well, that’s a gentleman speaking”
she replied and tossed him the towel.
He eagerly got from his seat and helped her.
“Alijuane” she scolded “Look at the mess you made again…”
“Sowwy, mum… I’ll clean it up” he pouted and glanced at his nephew.
“Guys and girls… You remember, Casper, right?”
No one answered so she continued her ‘welcome speech’ …
“He’s joining the bunch, today so all be at your best, hey… “
she glanced at the boy in the corner.
“Okay, Ad… You can come out now and take your seat.”
“I’m sowwy, mummy… I won’t do it again.”
“Okay then.”
‘What a strong woman’ crossed Casper’s mind.
‘Keeping check of 7 kids, PHEW…’

“The first day”

Of course, mum was eager to see how Casper’s day has been at
Auntie Carol. Martin was now fetching him as it was 3PM…
He jumped out of the car and the quirk in his step made her realize,
they did the right thing, did they?
Well, it made Casper shine though as
with a yell he called out to mum…
She hugged him dearly.
“So, you had a good day at Aunt Carol’s? “
“Yeash, mum” he answered polite.
“It’s much more exciting than school as
I spot what Alijuane is learning…”
“Oh yeah, how is he? “
“He’s fine, a little messy but okay.”
“How old is he already? “
“7 mum… Well; you have Abby, she’s 13…
She’s such a sweet girl” he blushed.
“You have the other 3 A’s… Aaron, Amy and Ariane, they are 10.
Then you got the twins Alfie and Alijuane, both 7 and
then the youngest and naughtiest is Adrian, he’s only 3…”
He spoke and swallowed.
“Wow, they are growing fast, right”
“Can I see the tape now, Martin?
The one you talked about in the car.”
“Sure, hop in the sofa and I’ll put it on…”
“Thanks” It was a HIStory concert by Michael Jackson of course,
who else…
He was really proud of Casper, the son he always wanted…
Passionate, driven, full of fire and not slacking like the others though mum didn’t agree…
She claimed that Casper was just ‘different’ and
she worried about him being treated so ‘special’ and
it hurt her that her 4 other boys always fell into the shadow of
the ‘great’ Casper…
This was NOTHING compared of what awaited her though…

“Trapped or not”

The doorbell rang…
“Hello Mrs. Gale…”
the boy around 6 hopped from one foot to the other…
“Hello Roy” she answered polite.
“Is Casper home? I don’t see him at school anymore…”
he tried to peek indoors.
“He’s not ill right? “
“No, he’s not, Roy. That’s kind of you to ask but he’s at Carol’s now…”
“Oh” he reacted disappointed and hung his head down.
“I’ll tell him you popped around and
was worried about him, okay Roy. ”
“Okay” he shrugged and slouched home again.
Her heart broke to see him so lost without a friend to play.
‘Where was he exactly? ‘ cursed her mind.
It was already 4 and Martin hadn’t returned yet.
She prayed nothing BAD happened to them though…
Should she call Carol to ask if they left? She had too…
The phone rang and smiling at his talent,
she left the living room and picked up the receiver.
“Gale” she kind of giggled in the horn.
“Carol? It’s Karen…”
“Oh, Karen” she repeated. “How can I help, honey? “
“Is Martin still there? “
She heard worry in her voice.
“Yeash, he is… You need him urgently? “
“No” she sighed.
“I was just wondering why they weren’t home yet.
They are okay? “
“Okay, where have you hidden Casper? He’s a born STAR…”
She indeed now heard the rumble in the background.
It made her sigh…
‘STAR? ‘ Her mind cursed. ‘He’s only a boy… My boy of 5…’
“Are you sure, you okay Karen? “ She insisted.
“I am” she sighed. “I just worry too much I guess”
“Okay, I’ll tell Martin about it.”
“No” she yelled out.
“If they are fine, don’t let him worry.
Thanks for caring for Casper all day.”
“My pleasure, Karen. He’s a ray of sunshine…”
That made her smile though…

“Little STAR”

She came back into the living room and couldn’t help but
gawk at this wonder kid of 5, you say…
Dancing like he was 30… He got all the moves ‘purfect’ like a tee…
Like a ‘mini’ version of the real genius…
“Okay, time to drink now” Martin acted caring as
the song had finished.
“Have you taped it, Uncle Merlin? “
He only asked at first as his dad pushed an open can of soda in
his tiny sweating hands. He glanced at it and sipped from it.
He looked up and his dad smiled at him.
He had a twinkle in his eye and in that moment,
all his fears had vanished…
He knew he could make dad ‘proud’ now…
“Thanks, Martin” he lifted up the can and drank from it.
He was indeed thirsty.
“We should be going now” he spoke looking at his watch
that screamed 4:34…
“Karen will be on hot coals by now”
Carol only smiled but
kept her promise not to babble about her worried call…
“Thank you Uncle Merlin and Auntie Carol. See you tomorrow,
bright and sharp.”
“Indeed, Casper” She rubbed over his curly hair.
“You are our little star hey.”
It made him shine…

“Goodbye to yesterday”

Mum was really to see him and
awaited his arrival on the front door step.
He jumped out of the car and still
with his quirky step skipped to the front door.
Her heart jumped of joy…
She had never seen Casper that happy and then
her ‘consciousness’ fretted at her that it was too good to be true…
She shrugged it off and welcomed her ‘happy’ son in her arms.
He felt really sweaty but oh so hyped up that
she even felt the sparks flying off him…
“Come inside, sweetheart. Shall I run you a bath first before you eat? “
“Yeash, thanks mum” he answered as he let her go.
He indeed felt quite sweaty and phew smelly…
He soaked in the foamy bath while mum was curious about his day…
“What did you learn today, Casper? “
He played with the foam, grasping it in his hands and blowing it away.
“Uncle Merlin has a camera and he shot my performance.
He promised to show it to me tomorrow…
Dad is really proud of me…
even Aunt Carol calls me ‘the little star’… “ He babbled excited.
ARGH, there was this sting in her heart again and
she only faintly smiled at him.
“Aren’t you proud of me, mum? “
He asked puzzled why he felt that ‘sting’ too piercing through
his happy bubble…
“I am, sweetheart… You know me, hey…
I’m also worried someone is gonna hurt my little STAR…”
“Hurt? NO…” He nodded his head violently.
“NO ONE is gonna hurt me… I’m smart, mum.”
“Indeed you are, Casper.” It made her sigh.
“You want me to wash your hair? “ She asked caring.
He only nodded ‘yes’…

“Gold mine”

So, bright and sharp… Casper was back at Uncle Merlin’s place.
He was so eager to see the video…
Did he really make them proud or were they just nice to them?
Mum’s worry rushed through him…
Who would hurt him?
Dad, Uncle Merlin, Aunt Carol or even a jealous friend?
In the back of his mind,
he knew he couldn’t afford a worry or a doubt like that or
his STAR would diminish and how would dad react then?
Well, Aunt Carol really didn’t teach him a lot yet…
He was only 5, assigned to coloring pretty pictures and
helping her with the dishes…
Then came the moment he had been waiting for…
Uncle Merlin popped in the video he made yesterday and
excited he plunged down in front of the TV…
He couldn’t believe his eyes…
Was that really him? NAH, this couldn’t be…
He was NOT that good, right?
His forehead frowned…
“Is that… really… me? “ He asked confused.
“Yep” Uncle Merlin spoke. “Wait, till I show this to Martin…
He’s gonna be elated… You’re a GOLD mine…”
“Eh, what? “
“Merlin! “ Aunt Carol protested. “You’re our little STAR, okay”
He only nodded and in awe he watched the rest of the footage.
“You sure, you can do this again? “
“How ‘you mean, Uncle Merlin?” He asked innocently.
“This… “ he pointed at the screen.
“I… think so… I don’t really know… I just dance from the heart…”
he answered puzzled.
NO, it was NOT gonna be Uncle Merlin hey?
He once again shrugged off that awful thought and
his eyes wandered back to the screen…

“Wave of worry”

You should have seen Martin’s face and stammer
when his brother proudly popped in the video and pressed ‘play’…
He constantly pointed at the screen and
with his eyes almost bulging out, he stammered…
“OMG… Mer… lin… This… is… WOW…”
“I know… You think it was easy… for me to film this… He’s a…”
he hesitated as his wife stared quite serious at him.
“He’s OUR little STAR, right”
he hugged Casper and he felt so much joy and bliss…
“Little STAR? “ He frowned his forehead.
“The promised child more likely.. MY…”
he held his hand to his heart.
“My promised child… MINE…” he insisted.
“Yeah, your promised child” Merlin sighed and
a wave of worry strolled through him too…
Did he do the right thing or had he unleashed something ‘annihilating’?
Only time would tell for sure…

“They want more”

Martin came home beaming of joy or was it glory?
A strange feeling strolled through her…
She sensed excitement but also fear…
Casper insisted he was okay but why didn’t it convince her and
then it went overboard…
Martin skipped the ‘talent’ shows as
this was for ‘wanna bees’ he claimed and
he cruised Hollywood with that tape and
shoved it in every producer’s hand insisting this
was the Promised child they were awaiting…
“They want more” Martin claimed as
he popped on Carol’s front door step.
“Wait, Martin” she protested.
Casper was at ease coloring together with Alijuane,
he got become his BEST friend now…
“Hello dad… eh, Martin” as he noticed the look on his face.
“You’re early, right or is something wrong? “
“I need more” he only claimed.
“More? More of what? “
“You… Coloring? “ He babbled out offended.
“… More dancing… I met a producer today…
that was excited about you but he needed to see more footage…”
“Wait” Carol protested.
“This is my house… You can’t just Walsh in here and
command Casper! “
“WHY NOT? “ He scolded. “He’s my son…”
“I thought he was your promised child…”
Quite serious, Martin looked her in the eye and
Casper felt the negative energy choking her.
He leaped up and ran to the living room…
“Martin! “ He yelled.
He broke free and she almost blubbered to the floor as
he was wrapping his negative energy around her…
“Don’t hurt Aunt Carol… What song do you want? Producer?
As In Hollywood, Martin? “
“Yeash, as in Hollywood… I don’t care what song…
Just give it your best shot like you’re aiming for Hollywood…
What could Aunt Carol do but watch?
She was already drained and she had to ‘protect’ her kids too hey…

“Glory or doom”

It didn’t matter that everyone protested of
how Martin was ‘treating’ his son like an ATM…
Selling him off to the highest bidder in Hollywood though
he made sure everything was ‘legalized’ and
all so he would not lose his assets…
It was NOT that no one cared for Casper anymore but
they couldn’t stand up to Martin’s overpowering negative energy cloud
whenever mum, aunt Carol or even
uncle Merlin protested to let him play like a normal kid and
Casper? He just tried to keep the peace…
He admit he loved to dance and soar…
He felt that was his mission and blessing…
He didn’t feel like it was a curse…
They were just jealous of his talent…
So, for months all that Casper did was auditions…
Tough, draining, awesome…
His mum really worried about him but
he always claimed it would break dad’s heart if he said NO…
He was the Promised child however…
How could he disappoint dad hey?
Besides, he loved to dance and soar…
To escape this world and to WOW grownups to tears…
How many 5 years old could do that?
They were still just at the coloring stage and
he was living the Hollywood dream, right?


Then one day when Casper had turned out 7 already…
Yep, time flies when you’re having fun…
Someone had spotted this talent called Casper…
He had really grown now in length but also in ‘professionalism’ …
If you saw him dance, you saw talent NOT something he learnt from
a dance game or at a dance school but
REAL pure talent refined by the years of dancing and
studying the great…
He remained nice and humble too and
maybe that attracted the producer the most as
he had done a lot of auditions with ‘stuck up’ 7 year olds thinking
they owned the Hollywood and
everyone whirled and crawled around them but
this boy was different…
Polite, patient, happy, gifted, concentrated… I could go on and on...
One of a kind…
“We got the contract”
Martin flung around Karen’s arms as
he finally got the call he wanted and
craved for all these years, surprised she received him.
Then he floated down again,
straightened his clothes and vowed to tell Casper about it…
Casper had an own room now…
Well, more a ‘wooden shed’ that Martin built in the backyard…
There could Casper ‘perfect’ the dance…
It had a wooden dance floor, a stereo system, a TV and video system and
just a mattress on the floor…
Sleep was for woolies and losers, right?
“Casper? “
“Hello Martin…” He turned down the music.
“Continue” he insisted. “I just had some good news.”
“You did? Tell please…”
“You made it to Hollywood” he only said serious.
“I did what? “ He gawked and whirled in excitement.
“You’re kidding, right? “
“Nope… Jonesy wants you bright and sharp…
Saturday afternoon at two in Westlake…”
“Wow, COOL”
“COOL indeed, just don’t screw it up”
Casper only nodded and turned up the volume again as
he saw his dad leave again…
See… Whatever you believe, you become…


“Okay” his mum fiddled with his shirt.
“Remember, your focus… You can do it…”
she encouraged as boy, was he nervous for his audition.
He wished he would NOT have a ‘black out’ as
this was a ONE in a lifetime event…
“Go get him, son…” was all Dad said as
he walked into the studio with him.
“Good afternoon Mr. Gale and Casper” he smiled and
stretched his hand out. The boy politely shook his hand and
immediately the man knew he meant business.
“You’re ready, Casper? “
“Yes, Sir” he answered politely.
“Okay” he pointed out a room.
“You go in there and be yourself once the music starts…”
“Okay, Sir” his voice did tremble a little as
this was the moment of truth.
This was what he been ‘practicing’ at home for about 2 years now…
Don’t mess it up in a couple of minutes now…
What that producer saw almost made him faint as
he stood there gawking and gagging at the miracle before his eyes…
The song ended and a voice told him to come out of the room…
Elated of the performance,
he yelled ‘How did I do it? ‘
His dad looked quite serious at him…
Okay, that didn’t sound professional but
he was so fired up from the experience…
“You did good! “ The producer only spoke and
he promised to get into contact.

“Bad dream”

Mum was of course really proud of her son…
Well, his bro’s weren’t really into that whole Hollywood thang and
they preferred to study and play sports then
‘squander’ their time singing and dancing…
So G3 would NEVER rise again and
the guitar was NEVER given to Abe too but
given away to Aaron, Merlin’s eldest son…
He was 12 now and would have loved one for his birthday so…
Okay, was Hollywood a BAD dream…
They got the call from the producer though and
he would star in a movie…
Talk about wild dreams coming true, hey?
With wild dreams came even more sacrifices though…
Everything was ‘legal’ on paper.
He had a work permit and a ‘private’ teacher that
‘homeschooled’ him for about 3 hours a day learning him
the stuff of life and HIStory…
He felt it had should have stayed a ‘stupid’ dream by now as
the ‘producer’ was even more of a perfectionist than his dad…
That’s what happens when a dream becomes a ‘duty’ …
He had to learn lines and certain dance steps to fall in line with
the other dancers in the movie…
Hmmm… dancers?
Stuck up fools who could only babble about how
you should bent that leg or whine about their hair out of place…
He never wanted to become like them…
Though, he was forced to work with them 5 hours a day…
Though, if you asked Casper what bothered him…
He would just say he was okay…
There was no way back out of this ‘BAD dream’ hey as
this was all he wanted… He would NEVER disappoint his dad as
he gave up his job, his life to get him where he wanted and
he just had to make the BEST out of it, right…
Good and BAD days, this was LIFE…

“Just an Imagination”

The calendar said December 23, 2007…
Tomorrow, would be the MOST coolest day ever…
No, NOT Christmas eve…
After working so hard for the last 2 years on that movie called
“Wonder boy” –
It was ‘Première’ day with the RED carpet and all…
It weren’t the easiest 2 years of his life as
the last shootings almost didn’t went through but
Casper dragged himself through the last scenes as
he was so close to fulfilling his ultimate quest that
he would not fail and give in now so…
Mum tucked him in bed as
he was so damn exhausted and a weird feeling rushed through him…
Nah, he shrugged it off…
This was just the butterflies and the excitement for tomorrow…
Think of it… He was only 9 and
he would walk the RED carpet in his BEST suit clapped and
adored by everyone he knew… All applauded his talent…
“Get a good night sleep, Hun...
All will be brighter and alright in the morning…”
He couldn’t sleep though as
he was having the biggest and most weird nightmare ever…
Please make it go away…
She heard him howl and dad got up and
assured mum that he would take care of his son…
He gave him something to ease his mind and
he watched him doze off in a ‘dreamless’ sleep…
Martin assured his wife, Casper was sleeping like a rose now and
they should get some sleep too as
tomorrow was the BIG day for them all…
Casper, didn’t wake in the morning…
He sleeps forever now as the ‘Promised child’ forever 9…

~ Copyright 2012 ~


When people write about child stars,
they always write about the fame and success...
NEVER about the traumas, the sacrifices, the loneliness or
why they are murdered…
This story is Sincerely Dedicated to
Michael Jackson.
Your legacy will always continue…
Rest in peace, sweetheart!

~ Copyright 2012 ~