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miss rose
01-03-2019, 07:54 PM
Ok, this Mrs. Jackson Story isn't working for us is it...? :) So, i'm deciding to try something new.

I don't know how much time or energy i will have to finish this but, i'm going to make this short sweet, my own abstract creative fun art and simple, but meaningful.

The Christmas Family

Here in the city of pleasantville it is now leading up to Christmas time. A girl named Kate is feeling a bit empty. There is some desire in her heart that needs to be filled.

She needs magic in her life, but she does not know where to go or how to get it. It is now afternoon and the snow falls down light and gentle. Kate is wearing a pretty red

winter coat, with a vibrant green plaid scarf tucked around her neck. She has a beautiful golden broach pinned onto left side chest area of her coat. She has on a red

hat that is a nice design. It is one of those round hats that you could wear tilted to the side of your head. She doesn't know where she is going. She had just decided to

walk aimlessly down the streets. She is hoping to run into some adventure. She just so happens to be walking in the shopping area of her town. A particular mall catches

her eye. She heads towards it and goes inside. It is beautiful inside, so fancy and elegant. Just to her left side is a big Christmas tree. It is all decked out, with presents

underneath it just for show. She can not help but stop to admire the tree. It is so well lit up. All of a sudden a gentleman walks up to it and stands beside her. He too is

admiring the tree. He is tall and has long black hair. His hair is in a pony tail. He has sculpted side burns, which contrast with his

pale white skin. He turns to face her. He smiles at her and says."Hi." She replies "Hi." "Nice tree isn't it?"

"Uh, yeah it is." The gentleman isn't shy at all. Right away he introduces himself. "My name is Michael. What's yours?" He stretches a hand out to

shake hers. She shakes his and replies. "My name is Kate." "So, tell me something Kate. I know this is such a random

question, but do you believe in magic?" She answers. "Well, yes i do." "Okay,

then i want you to do something for me. I want you to close your eyes." She closes them, as he continues. "I want you to make a wish, on the star on top of the Christmas tree."

She opens her eyes for a moment to glance at the star. It's a nice big golden star. It's not too fussy , just plain but beautiful. She closes her eyes again. She pauses and frowns. "I don't know what to wish for". "Do you

have family Kate?" She pauses on this question and thinks hard about it. Then she replies. "Well, sort of... I only have one person whom i can sort of rely on at times. The

rest of my relatives are... bad people. They are psychotic. I guess I'm really, very lonely." "Okay then, so I think we both know what you need to wish for this Christmas."

So, she closes her eyes and makes a wish upon a star. In silence she does this for a very long time. Her wish goes something like this;

Dear Christmas star, how very beautiful you are...
I wish that this Christmas...or maybe even the next one. Whenever you can get around to it.
I wish that I can have a nice huge family. I want them to be warm, loving and very inspiring to me.
I want them to really , really understand me, what i need in life and to support my dreams, goals and endeavors.
I want them to be people from different backgrounds, personalities and cutlers and careers. I would like them to take me on trips, go on vacations and we can do something meaningful in our life, something that's really important to us that we share in common. Dear star, i want them to be fun, adventurous, wild out going, open minded but most of all... mysterious...

After this she opens her eyes. For some reason it really feels like her wish is going to come true. Michael says. "There, how does that feel?" "Great, actually." He is so

cordial and a gentlemen, he takes her hand and kisses it and says. "May all your wishes come true." Then he walks off. Kate stares at the mysterious stranger in disbelief. But she must admit, that was an exciting experience...

End of Chapter 1

miss rose
02-03-2019, 06:26 PM
Chapter 2

Kate starts to wander around in the huge department store. There is sweet, soft Christmas symphony playing in the background. She is just like a little girl, looking around day dreaming and lost in her own world. She stares at what ever is in front of her and idly admires it. She keeps on traveling. She decides to go to women's wear, so she takes the escalator. When she reaches the top floor,

she is right in the middle of the women's section. A lady who works in the department quickly takes notice of her and smiles, because she takes a liking to Kate already. But, the lady says nothing, she just goes back to organizing a binder at her counter. Kate wanders around with some special feeling that suddenly comes flowing inside her heart. There is something

wonderful and special in the air. She can't explain it , but it's there. She is in her own light idle trance, day dreaming as she delicately brushes her fingers passed the garments as she passes them by. She gazes all around herself and takes

in the detail of all the beautiful close around herself. Then she chooses a clothes hanging rack to stop at. She starts to go through it. Carefully examining each garment, she thinks about what it could do for her; how pretty it would make her look, what kind of date or party she would wear it for, maybe she could make herself over, maybe she could look like a celebrity... The sort of things a

day dreaming girl would tell herself. She dose have wild imagination and a heart full of dreams and wishes. She allows herself to get carried away as she moves on to the next rack. The store lady is intrigued by her. She sort of halts everything and carefully watches her. Kate pulls out a dress. It's simple, elegant but lovely. She goes over to the mirrors and presses it against herself

and start posing. She does all kinds of things in front of the mirror; she puckers her lips, she arches her brow, she tilts and turns her head this way and that way. She spins around and flares the skirt out a bit, she tilts her shoulders this way and that, as if she were a model or a super star, yes...that's it she is posing for the cameras or ... no she is in a fancy ball room dancing with the

most handsome man ever...yeah...that's it. She tells this to herself. The store lady has fun watching her and softly chuckles with delight. Then, she can't help it anymore, she goes over to Kate. She says to her. "You know, that would look nice on you." Kate snaps out of her day dream a bit. She blushes because she feels a little embarrassed. The lady reassures her. "Oh, no, that's okay honey. You look like such a princess in that. Would you like

to try it on?" Kate chuckles bashfully and replies. "Oh, sure. I guess." "Sure. Are you going to a Christmas party?" Kate never thought of this, but now that the store lady mentioned it. Kate replies. "Come to think of it, yes i am." "Well, then you're going

to need a new dress. Aren't you?" Kate chuckles again and says. "Yes i am." "While you are trying that on, i've got something red that you can wear." While the lady goes to look for the dress, Kate goes into the change room. It is a nice pink dress. Of cores, not festive enough. She loves the idea of a gorgeous red one. Then, a Christmas melody starts to play; Chest nuts roasting over the fire....Jack frost nibling at your nose... And , although it's been said, many times, many ways....Merry Christmas, to you...

Before too long, the lady comes back. In a muffled voice behind the change room door she says. "Okay honey, i've got your dress alright." Kate sort of shouts. "Okay !" She is admiring the dress. Then she eagerly steps out side to show it to lady. Kate appears to

the sales woman and says. "OK, here it is". The lady responds. "Why dear, you look so beautiful in that. Here, come closer so i can examine you better". Kate does so. The lady already acts like a mother, even though she does not even know Kate. She fixes the straps, fluffs out Kate's hair a bit. "There. Hows that?" Kate is stunned. "Wow."

Then they consider more options. The sales lady introduces herself. "I'm Linda, by the way." "Oh, nice to meet you." "So, like i was saying, I think you'd look brilliant in a red dress. Are you going to a Christmas party?" "It's more like a dinner for now." "Oh, well, how about we plan for a Christmas party anyways, and if you should

decide you need it, here it is." *chuckles* "Excellent idea." "Alright then. Now, I have pulled out this gorgeous dress." Kate sees it. "Ooo, wow." "It's elegant, attractive yet flarey at the same time."

It's a vibrant, rich red tone that is not too dark and not too bright. The dress starts off slim fitted at the top and gradually flares out at the hips and below. It's very long and touches the

ankles. It has a high fashion concept. The sleeve is long on one side, but the other is just a strap that exposes the rest of the arm.

(you know what? To make this an easy read, why don't i continue this story in the next thread.)

miss rose
02-03-2019, 08:56 PM
Chapter 2 cont...

Linda proudly says. "This dress would look wonderful on you." Kate agrees as she stares the dress up and down. Linda can't hold in the excitement. "Okay, go try it on." Kate takes the dress and changes into it. When she comes out, she looks like a vision. The red

dress makes her look Sophisticated and attractive. She holds a hand to her hip. Linda is feeling very good about this potential purchase. "Oh yeah, oh yeah, turn around, you look great in this!" Kate slowly turns around feeling confident. Linda asks. "Is this the

one?" Kate cracks a smile and replies. "This is the one." "Well, of cores we won't rush out of it. Let's take some time to have fun with it on." They both go to the mirror. As they examine it Linda continues her sale. "See how it makes your shoulders look? And I

bet it would really look good with some red shoes. And allow me..." Linda goes to lift one side of her customer's hair. She takes some of it up. "A hair clip is just the thing you need." Kate sees the whole completed look. She whispers thoughtfully. "Wow, yeah..."

"Shall i ring you out at the cash?" "Please do."

So, they both go to the cash register and ring the dress through. Linda takes care to get a long fancy dress zipper bag. She folds, the bottom part of the skirt and nicely tucks it in for her customer. She smiles and hands it over to Kate. "Have yourself a Merry Christmas." "Thank you so much for everything."

But, then, Kate almost forgot something. She squeezes her eyes shut and quickly opens them saying. "Oops. I almost forgot something, my coat and hat." She rests her dress bag on the counter and quickly goes to the change room to fetch those. When she comes back out she is fully clothed in them.

She goes to the counter and fetches her dress. "Thank you. Bye." "Bye sweetheart."

End of Chapter 2

miss rose
03-03-2019, 09:23 PM
I was going to make my character Kate anywhere between her early to mid 20's. But, to make make plot unfold the way i want, i'll make her 17 to 18

miss rose
03-03-2019, 09:33 PM
Chapter 3

That was such a wonderful experience Kate thinks excitedly. She walks down the streets with her new purchase, and she has a smile on her face. She must admit, that was quite an adventure. By the way, speaking of which, that man... That mysterious man she had met earlier today, hmm...

Kate lives not too far away from the busy street that are full of malls, cinemas, shops and salons. She conveniently lives a few blocks away. It's a nice neighborhood. She walks up to the door step and let's herself in. She lives at home with just her mother.

Her Father died when she was only two years old. Her mother has suffered such a heart break and has never been able to fully recover. That is why Kate's mother is a bit of an alcoholic, not heavily. She is very warm and kind. Kate can hear some nice oldies

music playing in the background. Her mother just loves old melodies from the 50's, especially when it comes on to Christmas music. Kate feels a nice warm toasty sensation come over her as she takes off her boots and hangs up her coat. The house is dimly lit by the Christmas tree and other dim lights. She takes her dress and walks further into the house. She calls out. "Hi mom!" Her mother replies from the kitchen. "Hey sweety! You're back." "Yeah. I got a new dress." "Oh, wonderful!" "I'll show it to you later. I'm headed up stairs." "Okay, I've got something nice for us to eat." "Nice!" So, she quickly goes upstairs, so that she can get to her treat soon.

She enters her room. It is not a typical 17 year old room. It's painted a very subtle pink. She has stuffed toys and teddy bears everywhere. Her bed is a twin size. She has one of those traditional bed heads that are shaped by bars. She eagerly tends to her

dress by unzipping the bag. She takes the dress out and hangs it up at the very back of the closet with the rest of her formal wear. She pauses for a moment to star at it with a smile. Then she heads down stairs.

Her mother brings out the treats. "I made us some warm mini shepherds pie. Of cores i cheated, it's store bought." She laughs as she admits this. Kate replies. "Hey, no that's okay. My favorite." "This one is stuffed with turkey." "Hmm." Her mom leads the way

into the family room. They both sit on the couch and begin to talk as they eat. Her mom's name is Grace. She asks her daughter. " So, how was your day?" "It was good." "Really? Did you do anything new and exciting?" "Yes, i did." "Like...go on some daring adventure?"

"Mom, how did you know??" Grace laughs. "Because you are my daughter. I know you. I know you're the sort of person who can't stand to be bored." Kate's face sort of flushes. She nods her head admittedly. "I went to the mall. I met with some

really nice strangers there." "Oh, really? That's nice. And you said that you got a new dress?" "Yes. But, you know, it's not so much the dress that I'm impressed with. Because, i mean, anybody could buy a new dress, right? It's the way she was just so nice..." "Oh,

who?" "Oh, the sales lady i mean. Linda. She was so nice. And that new man that i met." "Which new man is this?" "I met him at a Christmas tree. Tall, dark, very strange." Grace chuckles and lightly teases. "Trust my baby girl to meet a strange

man at a Christmas tree." "It's a gorgeous dress. I can't wait to show it to you." "You don't mean now do you? I'm really enjoying this simple quiet moment between us. I just want us to cozy up and enjoy our food." "Of

cores." They continue to eat in silence, while the oldies Christmas melody plays.

miss rose
04-03-2019, 10:20 PM
Okay, so here is what's going on. I am just slowly getting the hang of this writing stuff. I now realize why one should really proof read their work before sharing it with others. I know this is just amateur corner but, still. I am just in my baby stages of entering the writing world :blush: so, bear with me.

I will be proof reading my material before i post it. I won't badger it too hard, i want to hurry up and get it up here but, at least enough so it's sounds nice.

miss rose
07-03-2019, 08:21 PM
Chapter 3 contd...

It is now night time and Kate is upstairs in her room. Her main bed room lights are off and she has her very own creative night lights on. They are the kind of lights that are similar to Christmas lights, but a more miniature version. They're attached to silver or copper wires and are powered by batteries. While in her magical environment, she lays on her bed on her stomach. She starts to daydream.

So many thoughts go through her mind. Her chin is resting into a pillow that is folded under her arms. She wonders about her mother and her life. It's true that everything looks picture perfect, but it's not. You see, her mother has a bit of a drinking problem. It's not a big deal or anything but, still she always finds herself having to take care of her mom whenever she gets depressed or has a bad

boyfriend problem. It started when her dad died. She doesn't really remember him because he died when she was only 2 years old. Her mom tries to drowned out the pain by joining a book club, art school and occasionally going to night clubs. Kate feels guilty because her mother is really a special person, who tires so very hard to look after her baby. It feels so bad, but Kate has a secret

desire. She wishes that she can get to know, what it would be like to have a really big family, with people who can really give a person everything they could ever wish for. Oh, wow...what that would be like. She remembers what she had told that man who stood beside her at the Christmas tree. Then, she remembers the star on top on the tree that she had wished upon. Her bed is located right beside her window. It's a nice starry night out tonight. She tilts her head up towards the window. Then, she gets more comfortable so that she can really gaze at the stars. Wow, how beautiful they are. They remind her of diamonds. See how beautiful they sparkle and twinkle? She wants her life to be just like that, magical and wonderful. Then, she repeats her wish. "Oh beautiful star, up in the sky, i wish i may i wish i might. Make my wish come true tonight. I wish for a nice big family. One that could do all of the things that i had told you before. Do you remember? Oh, beautiful star, am i wrong and selfish, to want what i want?"

After this, she decides to get ready for bed. She changes into PJ's. She turns off her really cool night lights, tucks herself into the sheets and lays her head on the pillow. She gives her starry friends one last gaze before she closes her eyes.

End of Chapter 3

miss rose
07-03-2019, 10:49 PM
Hi people. As you know the above plot in chapter one and two is the new story in the making. Hope it sounds good.
Peace and love keep on Michael-ing. :billiejean:

miss rose
12-03-2019, 06:58 PM
Chapter 4

She really felt something special that day she went to the mall. She decides to go again. This time, she aims to buy some candy and chocolates. Kate eagerly enters the mall. As soon as she is in the department store she halts, and tries to sort of relive everything. She looks around, there is the Christmas tree and she hears enchanting Christmas melody playing. She let's out a satisfying sigh and

heads to look for the kids and candy section. She takes her time walking around the store. She has fun when she does this. She gets to anticipate what her next adventure might be.
She passes the men's wear, the teenage boys wear, and before long she finds herself in the kid's and candy section. As she walks

further, she sees a black male. He looks no more than 27 years old. He works in this section. It's a bit quite here in this section for now. He is behind the cashier.
Kate approaches him. As he sees her he smiles. He does this as thou he knows her already and has heard good things about her

from someone and has been expecting her. Hmm Kate thinks this is kind of weird, not in a bad way of cores. As soon as she goes up to the counter he greets her. "Hello Miss. How may i help you?" His smile rubs off on her, she can't help but smile back. She replies. "Hi. I'm looking for some chocolates, and a bit of candy. Can you help me?" "Sure. I'd be glad to help." He leaves the counter and

guides her to where the stock is.

He begins his sales presentation. "We have some really nice choices. We have an assortment of Lindt Lindor as well as Ferrero Roche on sale. There is also just the regular kind of both, on sale. Next, we have some really nice truffles, but they're regular price.

As for candy we have Werther's caramel line. Next, we have all kinds of ridiculous choices of candy cain; Yellow /brown, pink and green, blue and purple, or even three different colors. Of cores we also have the traditional red, green and white."

She replies. "Hmm. So many choices." He smiles at how fun and child like she is. She takes the time to ponder on what it is she wants. She decides to go with the Multi choice Lindor and Roches. She tells the man. "Okay, this is what i want. I want the Multi

Lindor and Roches for chocolate, and for candy i want the wacky choice candy cain and Werthers caramel but, the chewy ones." "Yes miss." She automatically goes to pick them up herself, but he interrupts. Oh, no. Please allow me. He gets them for her. This allows him to make

conversation. "My name is Tim by the way." "Oh nice to meet you Tim. I'm Kate." "Kate nice to meet you." They both go to the cashier counter, but he doesn't just ring her through. He takes time to give her good treatment while he questions her. He gets out

present wrap sheets and gift bags. Kate feels flattered and says. "Oh no, you don't have to do that." "No, please miss, i insist. So, Kate, may i call you by your first name?" She chuckles with excitement. "Sure, why not." Then Tim loses his train of thought. He

says in his mind. Oh no...Mr. Jackson asked me to find out more about this girl...but i don't know where to begin...!

Out loud he stutters. "So, uh do you shop here often?" She finds this weird, but entertaining. "Well, no not yet, but i find that i like it here so, yeah, i guess you can say that i will come here often." He finds her response to be very intriguing. Then this gives him a few ideas. "Really? You like this mall huh?" "Yeah, i do." He has a special magical twinkle in his eye as he gently and thoughtfully nods. Then he catches himself off guard and snaps out of it to continue wrapping her goodies.

When he has finished wrapping them he hands them to her. She really had a wonderful time. "Thank you so much." "No problem sweety."

Just as she goes to walk away she suddenly remembers! "Oh no, Sir! I didn't pay for these!" He laughs out loud. "Would you look at that, we are having such a good time that you almost got free things. They both laugh. She goes back to the counter and he wrings her through and now she can walk away.

miss rose
14-03-2019, 05:25 PM
I will post the next part as soon as i can. Until then, i did edit chapter one and a bit of the rest, so that it flows better.

miss rose
14-03-2019, 05:28 PM
Okay, here is the next part. :cool:

Wow...! What an exciting afternoon that was. Kate feels so excited about her adventure and...hey, wasn't that the magical experience she had been craving, the first day she was strolling down the streets aimlessly? This time, instead of walking all the way

to where she lives, she had decided to use her mother's car. Especially with the delicate fancy gift bags, she couldn't very well ruin
them, now could she? It only takes her a short while to drive back home. When she steps inside of the house, it's empty. Her mother

is at her book club. Today is Saturday and Kate has the place to herself until evening time.
After Kate takes off her coat and hat, she goes into the living room and places the gift bags next to the Christmas tree. This will be

a pleasant surprise for her mom.

She goes into the kitchen and looks in the fridge for some lunch.
There is veggies, sauce, sour cream, wrap, cheese and orange juice. Perfect, Kate will make herself a

wrap. She gets the ingredients out and begins. She thinks about all the interesting weekends she has had at the mall of late. She knows that meeting that store lady, Linda was just a happy coincidence, but

Tim. Hmm... he seemed a bit odd. She slices her wrap in half and gets out a plate. She then fetches some orange juice. Then, she goes into the living room and snuggles into the white couch. She flicks on

the television and watches it.

A little later on in the evening, her mother comes home. The door unlocks and in walks Grace. “Hey sweety, I'm home.” Kate is not downstairs, so she doesn't hear. Grace takes off her coat and hangs it up. She goes into the living room and notices the gift bags

near the tree. “Oh, what's this?” She wants to search the bags but, she can tell that her daughter may want to surprise her, so she
leaves it. Kate heard her mother stirring about downstairs and so she comes down. She greets her mother. “Hey, you're back.” “I

notice you have some goodies for us.” Kate grins excitedly and takes her mother by the hand. She leads her to the tree. Grace can't hold in her anticipation. “Okay, tell me what's in it.” Kate fishes out from one of the bags the gift wrapped box that Tim was nice

enough to do. Just to see this, stirs Grace to more excitement. Kate unwraps it and Grace is delighted to see her very favourite brand of chocolate. “Oh, you didn't!” “I did.” “Ferreo Roche!” “And it gets better.” Kate unwraps the other. Grace purrs. “Oh...Lindt

Lindor.” “We can snack on these all holiday long.” “Sweety...” Grace gives her daughter a warm hug. Kate adds. “I got us some candy cain as well.” “Well, i'll tell you what i'm going to do. I'm going to have myself some dinner and then, we can snack on these

together.” Kate is excited. “Sounds good.” So, Grace gets herself all settled in and prepares to warm up some dinner. She shouts from the kitchen. “Do you wanna start the fireplace honey? Later on we can cozy up and watch it.” “Sure thing.”

As Kate starts the fire, Grace takes her food from the microwave and pours herself a beverage. She goes into the dinning room to have her meal. She peacefully enjoys her meal as her daughter works on the fire. Kate does the usual tradition and turns on the

Christmas lights, ambience lights and old Christmas melodies.

miss rose
14-03-2019, 05:34 PM
Time goes by and Grace is finished her meal. Both Kate and Grace take the candies and chocolates out of their packaging and arrange them in nice bowls. They lay them out on the coffee table and now everything is complete. They smile and sigh in triumph, now they can just kick back and enjoy their holiday goodies. They curl up in the white couch and begin to unwrap their chocolate. The Christmas melody plays low in the background and there is a nice fire crackling.

Kate asks her mom.“So, how is your book club going?” “Oh very nice, were discussing Pride and Prejudice.” “Oh yeah? And what are your thoughts on that?”
“Well, my opinion is that, I don't understand why people say that this is a very basic work of Miss Austen's. I think there are a lot of take away lessons from this book. I know she is letting us into her personal life, because it's a bit of a reflection of her family. Of cores, to protect their identity she changed the scenario a bit. But, we can really relate to the characters in the book. The take away lesson that i got from it, is that one never knows a good thing when it's in front of them sometimes. Life is so regular and mundane at times that, you take the simple things for granted, instead of really digging deep and getting to know it's value.” “You mean like Mr. Darcy and Miss Bennett?” “Yes. They judge each other at first, but then they get to know each other.” “And you think it's a good idea for us to get to know something a bit better, every once in a while.” “Yeah.” Grace is impressed with the way her daughter is able to discern her thoughts.

Then, they just sit quietly and enjoy the chocolates and stare at the fire.

End of Chapter 4

miss rose
15-03-2019, 08:26 PM
Chapter 5

It is now another weekend. Kate decides to do something different. In stead of going to the mall, she decides to explore more around the same area. She walks a bit further passed the mall and as she walks along she happens upon a park. The park has a very small lake or pond of water that is now frozen over. The community uses it as a skating rink. Today there is a big crowd. Some people are on benches and others are

skating. Kate sits down on one of the benches and just takes in the fresh winter air and watches everyone. She watches different people having fun; friends, families and couples.

Then she happens to spot an older woman and her grandson having fun. They pause on the ice, laughing so hard because they're learning for the first time how to skate. They decide to take a break and leave the ice. They trot and drudge through the low to the ground snow and decide to sit at a bench that is nearest to them. It looks like that nearest bench is Kate's. They finally come near to her and the grandma asks. “Is it okay if we sit here?”“Sure.” She skoots

on over and they sit. The grandma looks to be 65. The lady let's out a pleasantly exhausted sigh. “Lovely out here isn't it?” “Yes, it is.” “It's not too cold today, it's just right.” Then the little boy chimes in. “It was snowing a lot a couple of weeks ago and now there's hardly any snow.” Kate

asks him. “You like snow?” “Yes, i do. Sometimes i'll make a snow man with my mom and dad.” “Oh wow, that sounds like a lot of fun.” “It is. Do you like making snowmen?” “Actually i do.” He pauses thoughtfully. “Oh...” One can tell he already takes a shine to Kate. The Grandma discerns this and decides she had better introduce herself and her grand son. “My name is Donna and this is William.” Kate smiles delighted to meet their acquaintance. “Hi Donna. Hi

William.” William replies.“Hello”. He goes on to ask. “Do you come here all the time?” “As a matter of fact i do.” He smiles, then replies. “My grandma and i like to come here a lot too. We usually go shopping here and do other fun activities.” “Oh, that's nice to know, so i guess I'll be seeing you often then.” He

eagerly nods. Donna asks. “So, did you come here to skate or are you just enjoying the view?” “Well, pretty much enjoying the view.” "I see. It's nice to have places of activity in the community." "It is." Donna can't help it. She likes Kate. “Are you much of a skater Kate?” “Yes , i am. It's something i used to do in the past, but i don't do that much anymore”. Donna nods. They sit there quietly for three minutes just watching people skate. Kate gets a chance to observe William a bit and already she can see that he is sort of quiet. Donna asks. “Would you like to skate with us?” “Sure why not.” William is excited. “Yeeay!” They all get up. “Oh, wait a second you

need skates!” Donna laughs. Kate reassures them.“Don't worry you guys go on the ice. I'll rent some skates and join you.”

Kate goes to the place where she can rent her skates. She changes into them and comes out side. She trods on the special material that's placed on the floor, for people to safely travel to make it into the ice rink. When she is in the rink, she sails around , through the crowd of skaters searching for

Donna and William. It does feel refreshing and invigorating to be skating and feeling people wiff by having fun. She takes some time to skate in a wide open empty space to get warmed up and start having fun. She searches for William and his grandma and spots them approaching her.

Donna compliments her. “You skate very well.” “Thank you.” Kate is really not that good , but Donna is just being extra nice. William takes Kate's hand. “Come on, let's have a skate around together.” “Okay sure.” Donna says. “I'll watch you guys while i do my own thing.” So off Kate and William go.

miss rose
16-03-2019, 10:35 PM
Hand in hand they begin to push off on their skates. Although this is William's first time skating, Kate is faster, so she pulls him along for a little ride. William is pleasantly fascinated by the speed. He
slowly stretches his free hand out a bit, and pauses his two feet, while Kate pulls him around. Kate can

feel a warm innocent energy flow from his hand into hers. She can tell he must be trailing off into his own world while he's sailing around on the ice. He's almost a small version of her. She is becoming rather found of him. After they have a few more rounds, they pause. Then William proposes that they

do a mini sort of play by asking. “Have you ever seen The Nutcracker?” “Yes, I have.” “I think it is a nice play.” “I enjoyed it myself.” “Why don't you be Clara and i be the Nutcracker prince?” Kate can't help but laugh. “Okay.” William grins.

Then he breaks into his first lines; “Clara, i am the Nutcracker prince. I have come to save you from the rat king." Just then, Donna comes up to join them, just in time to hear Kate say her lines; "Why, Nutcracker, sir, I would love for you to rescue me from the horrible rat king." She dramatically places

the back of her hand to her forehead, while making a helpless damsel expression. The grandma laughs and pretends to be the evil rat king; "I will catch all of you." William and Kate laugh. William quickly takes Kate by the hand. “Come on Clara, we have to get away from her!" So they skate away as

fast as they can, while Donna chases them, as fast as she can. They laugh and skate, laugh and skate while the chase is on around the rink. Donna finally catches up with William and hugs him and pretends that she has finally caught him. They all laugh again.

Now Donna and Kate realize that it's time for them to leave and go back home or to whatever it is they're doing. Donna says."Well, it's time for Will and myself to leave, but will we see you soon dear?" Will chimes in."Yeah, i want to see you again...!" Kate is sort of stunned at this, and it warms her heart.

She answers."Yes... you will see me again." Will hugs her waist. Donna forms a warm smile on her face. She asks. "When and where can we meet?" Kate replies. "Well, i do go shopping around here". Donna replies. "Oh, yes at that mall just

near by." "Yes. I can meet you guys there. I seem to go there all the time of late." "Sure thing. It's a date." Will asks. "What time?" Donna and Kate are surprised at how smart he is. They laugh. Then Kate replies. "At 2pm. In the kids and candy section." William replies. "Okay." He smiles.

End of Chapter 5

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Chapter 6

There is low r and b music playing in background. They are all at Tim's house, sitting in black couches around a coffee table by a cozy fire place. Michael is the first to speak. “I called this meeting cuz i'm looking for a new add on ambassador for magic and goodness

through out the world. I'm always looking for new recruits for places like never land, my good will charities, shows and so forth, you guys know that”. Linda and Tim answer. “Yes Mr. Jackson." "Of cores, Mr Jackson sir”. Michael continues. “I can sense that Kate would make a good recruit,

of cores we'd have to train her and everything, but she shows good potential”. Linda comments. “Well, i met her in ladies wear, before you told me about her. I liked her already. I'd be happy to help you recruit her Michael”. “Thanks, and Tim i know that i'm the one who told you about

her”. Tim replies. “Yes, that's right”. “Good, i need you both to slowly introduce her to things. Not right away, but gradually. There is one more person who i'll ask to help me. Then, i want all three of you to make her feel as at home and welcome as possible”.


Kate is waiting in the kids and candy section. Tim isn't there today, but some other person is. Kate wanders through just looking at toys. After five minutes go by Donna

and William show up. “Kate...!” Will runs up to her and hugs her by the waist. “Hey you.” Kate says cheerfully, as she hugs him back. Donna smiles. “Hi”. “Hello.” Then

Donna says to Will . “Okay, ready to shop for some chocolates?” Will nods and goes to look for some. Donna explains. “I had promised him he could get some chocolates. He

loves them.” “I just got some chocolates not too long ago.” “Oh, lovely.” They both just sort of stand around idly, while William picks out his chocolates. After he has

finished picking his choice, Donna pays for them and then they head towards where ever she leads them. They are already in the lower level of the store. Donna takes

them towards the home section. She explains. “I'm going to shop for new shower curtains. I kinda want something spring oriented. I know that we are still in the middle

of Christmas, but can it hurt to plan ahead for the next season?” “Nope, not at all.” “I want something light and airy.” So, they enter the bath section and Donna begins to

search through shower curtains. Kate sort of stays next to her, as if she were her grand mother. Donna senses this and treats Kate like her grand daughter by asking.

“What do you think? Should i go with the light pink or a light yellow for my bath curtains?” “I think the yellow one looks nicer. It gives you that light airy feel you want.”

“Yes. You're right.” So, she puts back the pink bath set and focuses on the yellow.
William is looking at towels. He finally comes across one that he likes. It's a Lion King

towel, which has a nice warm colour scheme. It depicts a sun set with a big picture of Simba. He begs. “Can i have this one please??” Donna replies. “Okay, go ahead.” He

replies.“Yes!” They both put their items in the shopping cart.
Then Donna asks Kate. “Do like arts and crafts?” “Yeah, i love arts and crafts.” This is

good news because down the road Donna plans to involve Kate in doing this. In the meantime, she invites her to shop for decor. “Let's go to the home decor section and

buy some Christmas statues for the house”. “Okay”. So, all three go to there. The shelves are stalked with all kinds of beautiful silver, gold, greens, and reds

that decorate the figurines of Father Christmas, angels, ballerinas, soldiers and much more. Donna asks. “Doesn't it give you a sense of wonder and magic when you see pretty things like this?” “Yes.”

They spend their time looking at dolls, statues and figurines. Donna and Kate gravitate more to the Father Christmas figurines. They admire the rich velvety robe he's wearing

and how majestic he looks. Donna asks her would-be grand daughter. “What do you say? Want to get a few of these?” Kate

excitedly answers.“Yes.”
Will shows them two pretty bell ornaments. “What about these?” “And those”. “Sure”.

So, Kate and Donna decide together which ones to pick. They discuss among themselves how many father Christmas figurines they want. “I'll get two each for my

home. What about you?” Kate replies. “I'll do the same.”

They place them in the cart. Then, off they go to pay for the items.

(to those of you who are used to seeing nothing on the next page, the story continues in next thread--->)

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Chapter 6 contd...

At the check out Donna allows Kate to go first. As soon as the cashier is ready to ring in the second Father Christmas Figurine, Donna halts Kate from ringing that one

through. “I'd like to treat you to that one dear.” Kate smiles and goes a little pink. “Oh, thank you.”

After Kate has paid for her item, Donna is next. As the cashier rings her items through, Will wants to give Kate something too, so he asks. “Granny can you give Kate

one of my bells?” “Sure sweetheart.” William blushes and so does Kate. Donna is happy to see this. She pays for the items. Everything gets bagged and then they all head out.

As Donna and Will start to get inside their car, they notice that Kate doesn't have one. “Oh, did you not drive here dear?” “No, i walked.” “Oh, well where do you live?” “I just

live about three blocks away from here. It takes me almost twenty minutes to walk here but, i love the exercise.” “Well, how about i drive you?” “Okay, that would be

nice.” “Yeah get in.” Kate gets into the front seat while Will is in his safety seat. Donna starts to load her shopping goods in the back beside Will. Afterwards, she then goes into her drivers seat and off they go.

As they drive along Donna happily says. “You know something Kate, this means you live near us.” “Really??” “Yes. We live just two blocks further down”. Kate's heart is filled with joy. “Oh, this is wonderful!” “Isn't it?” William is overjoyed. “Yeeay! That means you

can come visit us!” Kate laughs. “I guess that means i can.” Five minutes go by, and they finally approach her place. Kate tells them. “This is it. This is where i live.” “Okay.” Donna stops near the house. Donna turns to face her. “Alright sweetheart, well i hope

you had a good time with us?” “Oh i did.” “Oh what the heck, give me a hug”. They stretch over from their seat as best as they can and hug. Next, she hugs William. As Kate gets out of the car Donna parents her. “Stay safe, okay. Tell your folks we said hi.” “I

will”. As Kate is finally out of the car, Will shouts. “Goodbye Kate. Remember to visit me, at granny's !” She responds with a soft chuckle. “I will”. As she turns to walk up to the door, her heart is filled with such joy and warmth.

She goes inside the house and shuts the door behind her. She heaves a big sigh of happiness. Everything seems to be wonderful. There is only one little thing missing. If only her Christmas family would show up.

End of Chapter 6

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Chapter 7

It is now three days away from Christmas. Kate has spent the time going to family dinners and parties. She never really had the chance to wear her fancy new dress, these occasions are much too casual for that. Now, she can't help but sit by the window in

her living room and think about Linda, Tim and that man at the tree. Oh, and let's not forget about Donna and William. She had a wonderful experience when she went to the park. Wow, that street really isn't letting her down. It now seems to be apart of her, like

she can't quiet get along without it. Woe... what's this strange wave of a magical feeling that's coming over her? That mall and the street it's on is really leading her to some important answers. Oh golly, Christmas just wouldn't be the same if she didn't just pay one

last visit. She plans the very next day to go there.


It is now the next day. Kate is at the mall. She just has to see Linda again and Tim if possible. It's most likely that the kid's and candy section is very busy. She is going to try and see Tim first. She makes her way there. The Christmas carols are playing loud

and bright. She arrives. Sure enough it's busy. The good news is, Tim is working there today. She stops to stare at him for a few seconds. There he is putting toys and candies in a gift bag and making them look extra special. Then she leaves to go try her luck

at women's wear. As she travels there, a beautiful song starts to play; Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? In the lane, snow bells glistening. A beautiful sight. We're happy tonight. Walking into winter wonderland.

Gone away is the blue bird. Here to stay is a new bird. He sings a love song, while we stroll along. Walking in a winter wonderland. In the meadow we can build a snowman. We'll pretend that he is Parson Brown. He'll say “Are you married?” we'll say “No man, but

you can do the job when you're in town.” Later on we'll conspire, as we dream by the fire. To face unafraid, the plans that we made, walking in a winter wonderland.

She is finally at the top of the escalator. There's an isle right beside the women's section, which leads to other departments. She gets off the escalator and crosses the isle right into women's wear. She sees Linda, who spots her as well. “Hey honey!” “Hi Linda!”

She quickens her pace towards Linda who has her arms stretched out to give her a hug. Kate goes behind the counter and hugs her. Linda asks. “Are you enjoying your Christmas dear?” “Yes, i am.” “That's great.” Linda is in her thirties and has very pale orange hair.

She often wears it in an up do. She has bangs and some of her hair falls to the side of her face. She asks. “So, are you here to do some last minute Christmas shopping or are you just looking around?” “Well, i

really thought i'd just stop by and see you one more time before Christmas.” “Well, it's not too busy right now,” she heaves a sigh of relief “I get a bit of a break.” “Oh,” Kate laughs “That's nice.” “Look, tell you what. It can get rather stressful and hot trying to do

your shopping when it's so busy. So, give me your coat while i still have the opportunity to take it from you.” “Oh, really?? Okay, thanks.” “No problem.” Linda take her coat and hat. She folds them up and puts them away behind the counter. “There and now

your free to shop.” “Thanks.” Kate walks around and decides to check out accessories. As she does this, the women's wear slowly starts to get busy again as customers walk in. She walks around as usual, exploring everything she could find.

A man hurries into the women's section. He is in a black trench coat, with a red scarf. You could see flecks of snow on his shoulder. He has on dark rimmed glasses. His hair is brown, sort of long at the front and the rest is all sort of slicked back. He searches

around. He finally spots Kate. As he approaches her , he is sure to remove his black leather gloves. He says in a British accent. “Excuse me love, but could you help me with something? I'm in a bit of a dilemma. I thought of everybody in town to do my

Christmas shopping for, but i forgot about poor dear mamma, and now i'm in a jam. I don't know what to get her for Christmas. Could you help me?” She could feel the cold of winter evaporate from his coat. “Oh, well i'd love to help you sir, but i don't work here.”

He is disappointed that she does not work here. “Oh, that's completely rubbish, of cores you do.” “Well, I..I..” “Look, i know you probably have more important things to do. But i really need your help. Please it's important.” “I..I'm terribly sorry, but i don't work

here.” He pulls her by the hand and drags her along. “Please it's important. Now,” Kate halts him right there. “Excuse me...! Sir, could you let go of my hand!” “Look i'm in a horrible mess right now.” She pulls her hand away. “ I don't work here. Alright??” “Look, miss

please. It's for my mamma.” He pulls her again. “Right then, now if you'll come this way.” “Excuse me! Sir?” “I could really use YOUR help.” “I don't care!” “I'm trying to explain something to you,” “I don't care.” “about my mom.” “I don't care.” “Now if you'll

just come this way,” “ Let go of me.” “i'll ask you what your opinion is.” “Let go of me!” “Right then.” She finally pulls her hand away. "Are you crazy!?” Then they both pause. Kate feels her blood rushing to her head. She is surprised. She has never

been driven nuts like this before. The man knows he's being a pain and gives a gentleman like look of apology. She puts a hand to her forehead where the pressure might be. Then she asks. “Who are you and what do you want?” “I'm sorry to be a bother like this, but

it's just that i really think you are, just the person i need to help me with this.” “Okay, so you say it's for your mother?” “Yes. It is.” He clasps his hands together appreciatively. She heaves a short sigh. “Okay fine. This way, i'll lead you to jewellery.” “Oh thank

you, thank you so much.”

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They go to a glass show case. Kate begins her presentation. “If i were to get my mom a gift, nothing says she's special like a nice pair of diamond earrings and a nice necklace to match." She shows him a display with a pair of studs that are made of gold and in

cased in them is a diamond. To match is a simple gold chain with a diamond suspended from it.
He is pleased with her choice. “Oh yes, this is just what she needs”.

“I could show you some other options with the same idea”.
“No this set is perfect, this will match her beautifully." Then he turns to her and says with deep appreciation. "Thank you ever so much for your help. Now, to get a real sales associate

here.” “Well i'll leave you alone while you wait. Or...wait a second. No, why'd you have to bother me like that anyway?” “Oh, silly me. I forgot to explain. I sense that you're sweet and clever and you'd know just what to show me. And, i must admit that i like you.” Oh, wow, that is rather charming. She still inquires. “Well, how could you tell something like that so quickly?” “I'm

pretty good at reading people. I took one look at you, and you have this gentle manner about yourself. You also give off very good energy.” Kate nods. That's very interesting.

He chuckles. “So, what is your name?” “It's Kate.” “Kate, mines is Charels.” She smiles as she shakes his hand. She is getting to like him a lot and replies. “Nice to meet you.” “Nice to meet you as well. Are you going to be here

again Kate?” “Oh, yeah I'm here like all the time. Why, it's practically where i live now.” He chuckles, and is charmed by her cute sense of humor. “Oh, i see. You like it here do you?” “Oh yeah.” They both laugh together. He then asks. “So, can i be bold enough

to ask you when exactly i might see you here again?” Kate now starts to go a little red and feel herself get very warm. “Umm, well maybe after the holidays. I'm

here on the weekends so...maybe three weeks into January.” “Know what? How about the first week of February? The holidays can be very taxing in terms of parties and food.” “Yeah, i'll need to settle down.”

“Alright then, it's a date. The first Saturday on February.” She replies in a dreamy tone. “Yeah, i guess i have myself a date, the first Saturday of February.” Linda can see them flirting from a far. She finds

the mysterious customer handsome and is happy for Kate. She did not want to spoil it for her. She can now see that it's okay for her to help the client. She goes over to them and just casually asks. “Is

everything okay here?” Charles turns from Kate to face her and replies. “Oh, yes i need to purchase this diamond jewellery set for my mother.” Linda replies. “Sure, did you need me to wrap it up?” “Oh,

yes thank you. That would be lovely.” As they both converse, Kate gives them some privacy and walks away. Her heart is swelling in her chest right now. Wow, what a stranger she just met. The way he just

started off so incredibly annoying and strange... to being so, polite and charming. Come to think of it, he was very polite and sort of charming the whole way.

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deleted chapter

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I apologize for this. but this need to be a different story, if possible.

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if you guys look at chapter one you will see a nicer story and very interesting too, is in the making.

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Chapter 8


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hey there everyone. I know i took a while, but you know how it is, one can only post a fn fic when one has opportunity. Anyways, with out further delay..here is the next part.:listeningtomusic

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Chapt. 8 contd...

End of chapter 8

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Well, this is a very long story, it is nice, but the whole situation in it sounds senseless and absurd. Probably was better if MJ was not mentioned at all in this story, you could think of some fictional pop-star, because first it is more about a married woman's affair and her boyfriend and second with MJ as one of the characters it is hard to believe in it all. What concerns the style of writing - I like it, you did a great job. I wonder what will be a happy end and for whom.

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thank you Magic Girl for your honest and sincere in put. :). Umm i was planning to make this controversial. I'm taking my time with each part because i want everything to sound just right. I'm glad i did this long enough for a fan to tell me their real feelings on this.

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Interesting plot. Hmm.

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