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Thread: How can it be confimed that Bill Bray slept in MJs room/suite during the Bad tour?

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    Default Can it be confimed that Bill Bray slept in MJs room/suite during the Bad tour?

    Months ago I mentioned that I have read in a german article from a fanpage about MJs visit in Switzerland 1988 about his visit of the Chaplin Family together with his former personal Bodyguard Bill Bray! In this article it is reported that Bill Bray said there that he used to sleep in MJs room during the Bad tour to take better of him!

    (I maybe try to find the article later).

    The time MJ was in Swizerland was only a few days before the abuse should have started in paris!
    When it can be in anyway confirmed that Bill Bray slept in the room /suite when MJ should have abused James, it did never happen because in James and his Family descriptions of the abbuse James was always alone with MJ in the room and Bill Bray was nowhere!
    But who can today confirm that Bill Bray selept in Michaels room with him?
    Bill Bray is dead!
    Can maybe his family confirm this because he told it them?
    The outher bodyguards who took care of MJ during the Bad tour?
    Former hotel personal who for examle cleaned the room and can remember Bill Brays bed?
    Did other former bodyguard of MJ ever mention that they also used to sleep in MJs room?
    How can it be comfirmed?

    I know it is possible that person who told this in the article can have invented this!
    But it is a small hope that this is true and that it can be confirmed from some people!

    I remember also from the Martin Bahir part in vegas that it semed to be not possible that sombody could enter Michaels room without the knoglage of the bodyguards!
    I saw videos where two of them stood directly besides the door to his suite!
    So the question is where were ALL of MJs bodyguards he had during the badtour when MJ was in his suite and what do they know about James sleepovers there?
    In James and Stefanie S. Descriptions in LN the bodyguards were nowhere!!!
    But this can not be the cast when they had to take care over the most famous person of the world!
    Then they all had to be very close to him at antime without any break!

    What do they know about where the safechucks were sleeping during the tour?
    When they were really close friends to Michael they would sleep in the same hotel.
    But when they were not close friends and James was mostly there becuse he was booked to perform with MJ on stage they would have slept in a other hotel woth James cause MJ said in the Glenda Tapes that he never slept in the same hotel with his tour staff!

    Can MJs bodyguards from the Bad Tour be found and are they able to expose the Safechucks as liears and vindicate MJ from James accusations?
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    Default Re: How can it be confimed that Bill Bray slept in MJs room/suite during the Bad tour?

    Valentino mentions bill bray here...


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