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Thread: The "Fridays for future" movement and how LN maybe did impeded to use MJ and his art for it to get m


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    Default The "Fridays for future" movement and how LN maybe did impeded to use MJ and his art for it to get m

    ... more powerful

    I thought its time to have a thread about 'Fridays of future' movement in an MJ forum and here we are and can talk about it.

    I don't know if someone of you ever thought about the movement in connection with Michael.
    I thought a lot about this in the last weeks by watching the Fridays for future movement grow and realizing that something here did take place in what Miichael was always so strontly convinced in but got often loughed at:
    The children will be the key to change the world.
    Tom Messerau said lately in his interview to Leaving neverland that Michael was very special and could feel and see things nobody else could do.
    Fridays of future shows that this was one of those things and that he was compleatly right with this.
    A movement like this started by adults whould have never one so far with so much support impact and success and maybe would never taken place.
    It had to come from and created by children to be strong and unnassaible enough, althouth when they try to do their best to bring Gretha Tunberg down to stop it.

    Michael once had the power in his personna and art and worldwide fame to make a deep impact on people and unite them to change the word but not then support he needed against to many powerful enemys and resistance.
    The days of future movement now has this imense support which MJ was missing.
    I am not part of the movement so I can only speculate that some young MJ Fans are part of it who had thought not only once to use Michael in any kind of way for it.
    It would be so right and powerful!
    But Leaving Neverland made it absoluly impossible!
    Thanks to greedy Robson, Safecheck, Greed and all the others.
    But Michael surely is smiling down on the people of this movement and "the children of light" will absolutly have his and gods back!
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