Dangerous - Roger Sanchez Remixes


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Jun 21, 2012
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Since my urge to collect all official remixes started with the Dangerous album, i'm really intrigued by those unreleased ones from cancelled singles who never even made it on promo-only releases etc.

Does anyone have more info on this DAT with House Remixes by Roger Sanchez?


Michael Jackson ‎– "Dangerous" Remixes (Roger Sanchez)

1 Dangerous (Roger's Funky Jeep Mix) 6:15
2 Dangerous (Funky Jeep Radio) 4:40
3 Dangerous (Bad Boy Beats) 3:27
4 Dangerous (Jeep Instrumental) 6:15
5 Dangerous (Roger's Dangerous Club) 6:54
6 Dangerous (Club Radio Mix) 4:03
7 Dangerous (Roger's Rough Dub) 6:57
8 Dangerous (Roger's Tribal Treatment) 4:53
9 Dangerous (Subterranian Dub 1) 7:05
10 Dangerous (Subterranian Dub 2) 5:39

The "not for sale" on the "cover" looks a bit as if someone was trying to fake it,
because if Roger made this tape for Sony, there would have been no point in writing that on the cover.
But since Dangerous was meant to be released as a single, this should be real anyway.

Apart from the already released "Roger's Dangerous Club", "Roger's Dangerous Edit" and "Roger's Rough Dub"...
Did anyone come across the files of this yet?


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