Disgusting auction coming up in las vegas


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Apr 19, 2019
A Las Vegas Auction house called “Memorabilia Expert” is currently selling some Jackson Family items.

Within the items, some Michael Jackson personal items such as jackets, photos, shoes, hats, the usual stuff we can find in auctions.

But it gets very disturbing when the collection which is apparently from Joe Jackson, who lived in Las Vegas, and allegedly “transfer the assets to” Marsha Stewart, a cousin of the Michael Jackson.

The collection includes dental prosthetic from Joe Jackson’s mouth, a wig from Michael Jackson and … hope you are sat… the I.V. which was still in Michael’s bedroom when he past.

Now, we are not experts (funny that) but few red lights are raising: The document transferring the Joe Jackson’s assets to Marsha… well, I could provide a better fake if you know what I mean! Secondly, all items in the Bed room concerning Michael Jackson’s death was taken and sealed by the police as evidence. And as far as we know, those items are still sealed away.

and finally, the two individual, owners of “Memorabilia Expert”, Victor Moreno and Kieta (clearly a stage name) don’t look the part. I would change pavement if I cross them in the street to be honest!

Now, we do not know if Marsha Stewart has legally the rights to sell those items or why she does sell them but we are hoping the Michael Jackson Estate will step in to stop this disgraceful auction.

Feel free to contact them on:

Memorabilia Expert
1801 S. Rainbow Blvd. #110
Las Vegas, NV 89146

Main: 702-659-7976
text; 702-296-6905
toll: 888-308-9714



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Aug 27, 2009
NatureCriminal7896;4305440 said:
It's very real but it's coming from them. click on the auction website and see.

I meant this sentence in the article:

''The document transferring Joe Jackson’s assets to Marsha… well, I could provide a better fake if you know what I mean!''

That sentence implies that the ownership transfer document is fake and that the seller may be committing fraud. That could be read as libel.