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Mar 3, 2020
Me again! With a new story hope you all will enjoy this one ;)

From the moment I met you, my world had changed differently before my very eyes. The first time we shared that first laugh, had our first ice cream cone, and our first sleepover, things had been getting better by the minute each and every day; and for the first time ever, I had felt alive like a free animal getting out of its cage and standing on its own two feet learning how to walk. As the years went by, I felt very safe towards you, I feel like I'm invincible; can over come any obstacle that get's in my way. Whenever I'm with you, anything is possible.

It was in the late Autumn of 1983; the air was cool, but not freezing cool, just the right temperature to still take an evening stroll around town. Michael was in his large bedroom at his Hayvenhurst Estate in Encino looking in his full body mirror making sure that his tuxedo had fit just right on him along with a red carnation that was pinned on the right breast area of his chest. Smiling his grand smile, and nodding his head in approval, he went downstairs where he saw his mother, his sister Latoya, and Janet smiling warmly at him.

"You look very handsome baby." Katherine complimented eyeing her son who had given her a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you so much Mother; are you sure I look okay?" Katherine nodded still having her motherly smile. "Would I ever lie to my son who has achieved everything over the years? of course you do there is no doubt about it. Now hurry off, you have a very special someone to pick up." Michael blushed a hint of pink after receiving a wink and a kiss on the cheek also and of course getting hugs from his sisters. "Good luck Applehead." They all said in unison; waving to him who did the same and left after seeing the limo coming up.

Michael took slow steps towards the front door of the Sanderson mansion at Pasadena. His hands were trembling and becoming somewhat sweaty as he rang the doorbell. After a good three minutes, it slowly opened up revealing to be Darlene Thompson who gave him a smile and a light hug. "Why hello there Michael, how nice of you to come; you are just in time." Wiping his feet, and coming in, he made himself feel right at home. The place hadn't changed since he, along with his family, had come here for a visit after the first time they had met. The only difference was that Darla had aged a little but still had her very kindhearted and down to Earth attitude. The boys had gotten married, moved out, and went their separate ways; Joshua now lived in Colorado where he was a college professor at the Colorado State University, He and Monica were living in a apartment for a short period of time, and with the baby on the way, they decided that it was best but still came by every now and again. Tim and Jim had been married to their loved ones since 1978 and been living in the Washington State where they were now Real Estate home agents but didn't give up their music career. Lily was now in High School and been doing very good to the point Darla received many letters telling her that she has been excelling through her classes but she was barely home which made her very worried that she had changed a little but deep down, still had her outgoing and fun-loving personality.

Graceful footsteps were heard coming down; Michael turned his head around and blushed a bright shade of crimson seeing his good friend from so many years ago, now dressed in a beautiful strapless midnight blue gown which made her hips reveal slightly, with matching stilettos, ruby red lipstick that was neatly on her lips. Her hair was all the way down with the sides slightly curly looking like she had washed, blow dried, and curled it in one time. She smiled her nice smile going over to Mike who had not taken his eyes off of him.

"How do I look?" She asked shyly. "You look beautiful April, simply beautiful indeed." He said; planting a kiss on her delicate and soft hand and stared deeply into her eyes but was interrupted when Darla cleared her throat. "Don't you think you two should be going? you don't want to be late now do you?" Michael shook his head. "No Mrs. Thompson. Oh here's a little gift for being so kind over the years." Michael gave her a flower who took it with gentle grace and hugged him. "Thank you sweetheart, now you two get going." Nodding, they both waved goodbye who saw them go into the limo and watched it drive away under the moonlight. She smiled one last smile and closed the door.

Michael stared at April who was watching the night time from her window side. He moved his two fingers over to hers and gently put his hand on top which felt warm to the touch. Looking back, she grinned blushing a deep shade of cherry red and gave him a soft kiss. Neither of them spoke through the whole ride that Gokor, Mike's driver asked them if everything was okay only to get a nod in response. "So, where are we going for dinner?" April asked just to break the uncomfortable silence only to get a :slem: from him. "You'll see" He

The limo pulled up at the nice fancy restaurant ever. Its Moroccan archways looked very presentable to say the least. Michael got out and being the gentleman that he was, opened up April's door for her and together, they walked hand in hand.

Inside, the decor was to die for. The red satin curtains were very beautiful that they felt like real silk. Candles glowed their pretty lights on each table making them shine along with a flower to help; soft sweet music played in the background making the atmosphere more serene. Michael pulled out a chair for the brunette to sit and pulled out one for himself.

"Michael, this place is so lovely; this must have cost a fortune." April said gazing into his light chocolate brown almond shaped eyes. "Don't worry, I have asked the owner for reservations and he said that it was alright." April nodded smiling. Just then, the waiter came smiling at the couple. "Welcome to the Pimento Garden, my name is Justin how may I help you?" Michael smiled. "Yes, can we get something to drink please?" "Yes may I be so kind to offer both of you red wine?" "Yes sir that would be great thank you." Walking away, they were alone again.

Michael sucked up all the air he could get; it was now time; time to tell April how he had truly felt about her from all these years. It was now or never. "April?" "Yes Michael?" She asked her voice having so much compassion and love like never before. "You know we have been very good friends for over 12 years right?" "Yeah" "And we have done just about everything together." "Uh-huh? so, what is it?" Michael bit his bottom lip as he pulled something out of his jacket pocket revealing to be a small red box. "I love you April Nightingale Thompson. Over the years I have fell deeply in love with you but I was too afraid to show my true feelings towards you. I want to spend my whole life with you; be happy and maybe raise a family too. So I'm asking you right now: Will you marry me?" April lightly gasped seeing a beautiful sapphire blue ring as she felt it being put on her finger. Tears sprung in her eyes having a shaky breath.

"Y-Yes I will I love you Michael Joseph Jackson and I'll always and forever will."

~*~The End~*~