Has anyone actually watched LN?


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Jan 21, 2022
Wow I love that you read the transcript instead of watching it. That's kind of brilliant. Had you studied their court transcripts prior to this? I guess I'm curious if just through reading their dialogue if you could tell something was off, or if you came in with a good amount of prior knowledge about their cases.

Either way, it's great that you took that approach bc the filming and editing absolutely is meant to sway people.
All of the above, I was pretty familiar with the cases AND I could also tell something was off. The entire Grand Canyon BS is a dead giveaway, it’s clear Wade went on that trip and the entire family lined up and lied to overdramatize it into something that never happened. The families in general seemed to be on a script, it was all like a movie with dialogue that was totally unnatural and, at times, hokey. I remember getting to one part where Wade’s sister in law claimed she had “dreamed Wade had been molested the night before he told us about it for the first time at a food truck” and I honestly burst out laughing, I mean come on who believes that crap.

Wade and James were a bit better, but it was also clear they were lying about a lot. The stuff around the 2005 trial was obvious. Grand Canyon, train station, the ring stuff was ridiculous, and there was a part where James said MJ masturbated him numerous times in his sleep and he never woke up.

It’s cleverly done, but I knew they were lying.


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Jul 25, 2007
to answer the thread titles question:

yeah, i've seen the 4 hours version.. must stay the story-line was a little too long for my taste. The movie is shocking.. but some of the story was not necessary. The writers of this movie should have saved some of the stuff for "deleted scenes" on bonus disc. Also the actors weren't so good.

1/10 stars.