Heal the World for Children- Hospital Visit, you can help!


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Jul 25, 2011
Hello my friends,

I don't know if you remember that a group of fans set up a charity right after Michael's death, Heal the World for Children. We organized a Children's festival in LA on his birthday (see the website for pictures), and now we are organizing hospital visits to give children gifts and smiles on November 20, declared by UN the International Children's Day (Michael's dream).

This is our website. Hospital visits in multiple cities across the world are planned. I am organizing the NYC visit to Beth Israel hospital and trying to collect toys. If you want to donate toys please email the website address. You can also donate money through paypal, and please mention for NYC visit in the title. Or you can buy t-shirts with the logo, also to help our cause.


We can together keep Michael's dream alive, and I know he will be smiling down to us. I miss him so much, this charity keeps me going, it's everything I have left.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

You can join our FB group too.