Is Mariah Carey in a Jacksons video?


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Feb 14, 2021
I just noticed one of the dancer girls in Art of Madness video reminds me much of Mariah Carey. (At approx. 1:41.)
(At some point one reminded me of Witney Houston, but I don't "see it" anymore.)

Chances are it will be some totally random look-alike, and biased by video photography, but... what makes me think that may be her is:
  • *2300 Jackson Street* was released in 1989 on Epic, which was already linked to Columbia and Sony in that time:
  • Mariah had already met Mottola and Columbia:
  • The way she stands with her head and mouth looks typical from Mariah I think, at on the Mariah Carey (s/t) album cover, or as in this
  • And I thought: no, she didn't have her hair on her front like that in that era, but actually she did (this picture is date from 1989)
    (Though, she may have change the back.)

Further at approx. 2:00 I think she still looks like her in some images, but in some not as much... still not sure if yes or no.
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So I asked some Mariah's fan community... Most of them laughed like "Mariah dancing? That's mpossible LOL." ... One said it is Mariah in the video and that the others were haters.
Not much progress, I'm still no convinced it is or it's not her...