Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT - They Don't Really Care About Us | Dance Tribute


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Nov 15, 2019
Quick back-story on this one: 2009 was a pretty rough year for me on all sides, particularly when Michael passed away. His televised burial was on July 7th; my birthday, and I to this day haven't watched it. Seeing the This Is It movie in theaters was pretty exciting since at that point every time I would watch Michael would be when he would come on T.V or on the internet; never a theatrical experience. I enjoyed doing the choreography that I knew from my seat. The ending in particular was pretty hard to watch and because of that I didn't buy the DVD until 2013. When I bought it, I started learning the new choreography that the dancers had to learn, and the brief scene where Michael is teaching the routine to the dancers was super cool because it felt like I was there and he was teaching the routine to me as well. So doing this piece gives me that feeling of dancing with Michael and the other dancers, I feel like I could've been one of the dancers Michael picked out of the audition since the choreography is right up my alley lol.

I appreciate anyone who watches!