My Michael Jackson Merchandise Collection


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Sep 14, 2003
I became a fan in the 1980's when I was a child. Back then I had to save my pocket money and I was only allowed to buy things like books, magazines and the albums.

Then when I became a teenager I had a bit more money I started being able to afford more things but it was really only when I joined MJNI and was able to buy things from them through the magazine and later at events that I started really collecting.

My collection is mainly books, magazines, music and random bits and pieces. Most of my money between 1999 and 2009 was spent travelling to see Michael. The main theme of my collection is really my fan journey as many things I have are connected to places and events I saw Michael at or things I experienced in real time when it was released.

Moonwalker on VHS video.
I remember reading the local newspaper and seeing it in the cinema listings. I tried to get my parents to take me to see it in the cinema but they wouldn't. This was at the time when VHS video was the big thing, and my parents thought it was pointless going to the cinema to see it once when it would be released on video in a few months and I could watch it anytime I wanted.

I had to wait until it was released on video and eventually bought it new in the music shop

Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, History & Blood On The Dancefloor cassettes.
All of these were bought new when each album was released & this is how I listened to Michaels music until History era.

Official Calendars 1994, 1998, 1999 and 2009 Thriller 25. I bought these new at my local mall each year. The Thriller 25 I bought in London in 2008 as part of the promo merchandise

Visionary The Video Singles Boxset. I bought this when it was released in 2006.There are 20 DVD singles, with the video & song. They were released week by week from February to June. There was also a small sticker in the box.

At the time these were released I was working down the street from a branch of HMV. After the first week, I set up a reservation for the rest of the DVD's with HMV. Each week they would text me when the next DVD went onsale and they kept it for me behind the counter. I would go in each week on my lunch break to buy it.

My Dublin History Concert Ticket 19 July 1997. I met fans from MJNI UK fan club, before the concert & found the world of the fan community

MJNI Fan party with ticket prices & my ticket. Tickets were only available through the fanclub, you filled in the order form and sent a cheque or postal order in the post & your ticket was then posted back to you

This is how we got merchandise in the time before Ebay, fanclubs advertised it in their magazines, you filled in the order form and sent it by post with a cheque or postal order , this is the merchandise page from King Magazine Issue 20 December 1998

Blood On The Dancefloor promo plastic bag and postcard. I have no idea where I picked these up, most likely from MJNI UK fanclub at one of their events or from their magazine

MSG Concerts September 2001
My tickets, the official tshirt and the official program.

On Friday September 7 I was in Tower B Block 210 - red lower part of the photo
On Monday September 10 I was in Tower C Block 220 red top part of the photo
The stage is black

Santa Maria Court Rules & my court ID sticker from Friday 1 April 2005, I was in seat number 29