New All-Star Tribute album?

The article doesn't say anything about unreleased music, and it's an independent project apparently.
So far it does not sound very interesting to me, as there won't be any new vocals by MJ as it seems.
"In 2022, as the world started recovering from the pandemic, Paddy Dunning decided that the world needed a new injection of positivity - one that we hope Jackson would have loved to have been able to deliver himself. At that juncture, Dunning decided to invited Neff-U and Rodney Jerkins back to Grouse Lodge to record with k-pop artists and make a tribute album to Michael."
I'm glad Neff-U will be back for this project, imo he's one of the best producers to have worked for the Estate.
So far it does not sound very interesting to me, as there won't be any new vocals by MJ as it seems.
I'm interested as long as it uses the same instrumentals MJ had intended for the songs, if it doesn't have that there will be nothing there that can be called "MJ's work" anymore.
Just to recap everything so far and to speculate a bit:

-MJ tribute album featuring 10 never-released songs written by MJ.

-Name of the album will be "From Heaven".

-Will include producers that worked with MJ in the final years of his life such as Neff-U, Rodney Jerkins and I'm thinking that this project will include most, if not all songs that were written in the last years of MJ's life. It could include songs that we already know of, songs that we've never heard before or both.

-Is set to come out in June, maybe on the anniversary of MJ's death?

I'm thinking this will include brand new musical production rather than re-using old songs MJ had made before since is involved on the project and in the last 10 years he's been dead set on never releasing the songs he made with MJ. Unless if he changed his mind once again lol.
If there’s no MJ vocals on the songs then it’s not really a project to be excited about lol
I mean, I still don't think this is an estate project, or that it's using unreleased songs, but if it is I can't wait to see people defend them releasing an MJ album without him on it, lol!
Unsure if I preferred an AI album with MJs voice produced by them instead of Bruno Mars and Korean artist singing MJs songs. :D
As long as they use material that MJ worked in his final days and as long as we get the original demos alongside I'm gonna be very very pleased.
I doubt they'll include the original demos, is involved and he said that he won't release his songs since MJ also had an input on the production so I think that this will include remixes with lyrics written by MJ only.
I don't know why people feel so negative towards this project though, we're getting new songs written by MJ that would otherwise never see the light of day in the vault. At least we're not having to wait 8+ years to get new content. Sure, it's not THAT interesting if it has no MJ vocals but it's still something worth checking out, especially if it's bringing back collaborators MJ had worked with.
I feel this album is going to be full of emotions since it's a tribute project done by people whose lives were changed by Michael. Even for the ones involved with the project who never met MJ like Bruno, this album will most likely be something important and very exciting to do. As for us, the fans, having this album released (likely) on the anniversary of MJ's death, will be a nice love letter from some of the last people to had worked with Michael before he died. And hey, even if there will be no MJ vocals, he still contributed to these those songs since they are written by him! I will definitely check on this once it releases and if it has (hopefully) MJ vocals, then it might become my new most favorite posthumous project we've got so far!
I am SO excited.

Yes, it’s a bummer that other artists need to be brought in to finish these songs, but I largely prefer doing so on a tribute album than just handing them off to be used on a miscellaneous Bruno Mars project. Plus, the press release and mkgenie’s comments heavily implies that the material is mostly taken from MJ’s final years, which means in all likelihood we would’ve never gotten the material anyways since it’s likely hugely unfinished.

And having Neff-U, Rodney Jerkins, AND on board!? Come on now. That’s amazing.

I honestly think this is the most exciting and promising start to a project in years. If this is what it takes to finally hear how MJ’s artistry was holding up in his final years, so be it.
So which songs could end up in this album?
Notable unfinished Tracks: You Were There, Adore You, Jungle, Willing and Waiting, Shut Up and Dance, Monster, D.I.E, Just Remember, I'm Still The King, I'm Dreamin, Broken Chair, I'm Innocent.
Although I don't really know which of them have written lyrics.
Where are you guys seeing that it is unreleased music? The article doesn't mention that at all and states it's an independent project.
Where are you guys seeing that it is unreleased music? The article doesn't mention that at all and states it's an independent project.
mkgenie is the only person to outright use the phrase “unreleased music,” but the article alludes to it by pointing out that a bunch of songs went “unrecorded” at Grouse Lodge. Seems superfluous to acknowledge as much if it was just a covers album.
If this is actually an estate project I'll just register my disinterest now. Not really sure what the appeal of hearing (most likely) total remixes of unfinished MJ tracks with other people singing over them is supposed to be. 🤷‍♂️.