raspy voice

The vocals on Come Together are really really great... But I think my favourite of raspy-voice Michael would be Privacy!
But can we talk about his live-vocals for In The Closet during the HIStory tour? Raspy-voice Michael at his finest!!
Xscape, especially in the contrast with his higher register and the classic MJ chorus.

Remember the Time, during the ending ad libs.

Scream for it's growl throughout.

Blood on the Dance Floor for the same.

And Blue Gangsta and A Place With No Name As Well.
Tons of tons of examples.

Check out Dirty Diana dry acapella during the chorus. Incredible.

I don't understand how Michaels voice didn't get absolutely demolished in the end after decades of using such a hard and full raspy voice. I could do it in my teen years a lot, but as an adult, my throat gets obliterated just doing it for a one song. He just came so natural to him.

I do think his voice got less "powerful" at the end. The power in his raspy voice like we can see on certain TII audio snippets, is not as good as his earlier stuff. But again, we haven't really seen him go "full out" either like in a proper studio recording hence it being a bit unfair to compare Dirty Diana to This Is It rehersals.
WBSS 08 uses some raspy vocals, but it's clear he isn't going full power on them, rather a smooth raspy sound instead.

I dream of hearing any post Vince music, rather last years of his life, vocals where he goes very hard and raspy. I am so curious to hear how it sounds like
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No way, man. Mike goes way raspier in examples llike Dirty Diana, Earth Song and Keep The Faith. Another Day has a more sonic sound to the raspier vocals, but might be from reverb
The ending of Keep the Faith is awesome! When he is singing with the choir.
I also like his raspy voice during the chorus and bridge of “Give In To Me”.
I noted a few more that stand out to me:
-The ending of Stranger In Moscow ( The “we’re talking danger” and “I’m living lonely” part)
-The bridge of “Leave Me Alone”
- Bad chorus
And ofcourse the songs already mentioned in this thread like Earth Song’s “what about us” section and Dirty Diana.
Definitely the chorus of Bad, it has to be my absolute favorite example of it, it sounds specially awesome when you hear it in it's original speed/pitch, like in the live performances.
IMO it sounds like it fits right in with MJ's live vocals from two years into the future (1988) even though it was recorded way earlier than that.
The raspy sections in we’ve had enough really get me, ”why is mother had to die” instantly crushed me beneath a ten ton boulder. Incredible delivery.

Why you wanna trip on me and she drives me wild are other raspy favorites
All this ..all this in spades. (Finally you and me film , agree on something good )🤗
Well, Whatever i say, Guess i will say with a raspy voice :LOL: Comprehend ?