Realistic MJ Portraits


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Dec 30, 2021
Hey guys. I don't know if promotion is against the rules or not, but im taking the chance (moderator feel free to take down if it is)

Basically guys, im a professional pencil artist. I can pretty much draw anything and i also specialize in realism (realistically drawn portraits)Im also a huge Michael Jackson fan. Hes the reason i started to dance and appreciate it as a form of art. Anyway, i recently thought about producing high quality professionally drawn portraits of Michael Jackson for fun. Then a thought came to me, that this would be a great way of giving my service to other Michael Jackson fans that would love to own artwork of him too. Truly, Id love to give them away for free if i could, but do to the nature of the world and reality, i do have to get paid. These portraits take anywhere from 11 to 16 hours and i truly put my all into it. If youre interested in having a piece done you can email me at

What you can expect and how business would follow

1. Youd email me at and request for a portrait. It can be any Michael jackson from any era, you can choose your own pic of him if youd like 😀 (Thriller era is my personal favorite)

2. Id immediately begin drawing it, and when done, placing it in an 11 by 14 frame thats perfectly proportionate and fair size, and taking a picture of it and showing you as proof of its legitimate production

3. Id accept your payment through paypal (we can discuss the price when you email me) and then ship the framed portrait of Michael out same day of purchase.

4. And thats pretty much it! 😊

Once again. I apologize if promoting this type of thing is against the rules. This is just something im doing, and i wanted to give others who are just as passionate for their love of MJ the gift of having and appreciating art of him. Even if i wasnt selling the art, i would STILL be doing it anyway, but by selling these pieces i can give to other MJ fans and receive fair compensation as well. I have been drawing for over 16 years, its very time consuming and takes alot of patience to produce a truly excellent piece, but i love doing it so i continue. 😁

This is however a temporary venture, and do to the time consuming and mentally taxing nature of this work, i cap at a certain point. I wouldnt be able to produce one for everyone, but definitely a select few that have a genuine interest.

Have a blessed day MJ fans!! #heehee #yeet