Say Goodnight to Michael

Sweet dreams Michael ? I think of you every day and miss the feeling I had, knowing I shared the same planet as you.
Good night, Michael and.........Merry Christmas!!! I love you so, soooo very much.
It's almost 2020 here where I live and I can barely stop myself from crying. I'm about to start a new decade without you but I really do hope and pray that your name will be cleared once and for all this year. Good night, Applehead, I love you so much
Good night Michael. You are always on my mind and in my heart. You are still missed so much every day.
My sweet prince, I've dreamt about you recently and I find myself thinking about you every day. Good night, Applehead, I'm sure you're somewhre out there smiling down on us!
Hey, Mike! I've recently undergone nose surgery. I just couldn't breathe through my nose and I had to do it. You've been through this and I know that out there somewhere you understand what that means. I miss you so much every day and there are so many days in which I rely on your music only to help me push through whatever challenges lay ahead. I really hope you're happy, wherever you are. Good night, Peter Pan! Love you lots
Good night, Applehead! Today I listened to "Heal the World". We're living dark times and this song is as topical as always, if not more than ever before. You were such a visionary and your music and light continue to shine on.
I dreamed about you tonight, Mike. You were visiting me and my fiance and since people started figuring out who you are, you agreed to do a small fan meetup to exchange a few words with those who were eager to meet you. And I remember us walking down the street and you saying: "I wouldn't be seen as a weirdo now as everybody's wearing masks now." I thought that was funny, but I realized how painfully spot-on your remark was. I am beyond ecstatic to have talked to you and hug you. I love you and I hope to see you more often in my dreams. Good night, Applehead!
Goodnight Michael
Time flies and i miss the good old days...
Love you ?
Hey, Applehead! It's not that I haven't been thinking about you recently. The lockdowns has taken its toll on us all and now, with the protests, I've suffered a great deal. I'm not from the US but it's heartbreaking watching the news and witnessing everything that's happening in your home country. They truly don't care about us, you were right all along. Eventually, things will get better, I can feel that, but something must be done to stop this abuse. Please pray for us!
Hey, Applehead! Yesterday was a difficult day to go through. With the corona and all, I was not even aware what the date was until later in the evening. Then I realized why I had been feeling down throughout the day. You're missed so much and I can't believe it's eleven years since it happened... Wherever you are, I hope you're happy and finally at peace. I know you didn't want to leave so soon, but I also know that things happen for a reason, although it's a cruel one sometimes. Love you forever.
Happy Birthday, Applehead! It's been a hard day today and also heartwarming in so many respects. You're missed and we love so much that words can't possibly convey it. I hope you're happy, wherever you may be.
Hey, Michael, wanna know something really funny? Your birthday always meant so very much to me, but it has has gained an extra layer of importance over the last twelve years. You would think I would have paid proper attention to it while you were around,,,,but being smart isn’t something i’m known for.

As I wrote to you so very long ago, even earlier than 2008, mind you, in that one letter that I’m not even sure if it reached you, I am so deeply sorry for the way in which the world treated you. Little did I know then, the number and intensity of tribulations that were to follow. But irrespective of how unkind the world may be, no matter how mercilessly time may pass us by, what matters most is obtaining the crown of salvation at the end of our earthly journeys.

Now, all these decades and heartaches later, I just hope that at least some of the love and generosity of spirit that you put out into the world came back to you and did so in the ways most significant for you.

Happy birthday and good night, you beautiful king, you! ❤️
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