Slash Explains What It Was Like To Work With Michael Jackson

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Jul 25, 2011
Slash Explains How It Was Like To Work With Michael Jackson

Enes K.July 27, 2021

Slash Explains How It Was Like To Work With Michael Jackson - Rock Celebrities

The lead guitarist of Guns NÂ’ Roses, Slash, had a recent conversation with Matt Allen of Kerrang! and responded to many anticipated questions from his history with GNÂ’R to his experience working with Michael Jackson.

During the 40 years of his music career, Slash has worked with many legends like Lenny Kravitz, David Bowie, Hollywood Rose, Kings of Chaos, and the late pop icon Michael Jackson. According to his recent conversation, Slash got a phone call from MJÂ’s manager one day, who said that Michael has been trying to get in touch with him for a while now.

Slash’s first appearance was on the single ‘Give In To Me’ which was the debut single of ‘Dangerous.’ Jackson was very happy with his work and they worked together multiple times throughout the years. The GN’R guitarist also played Jackson’s latest studio album ‘Invincible’ which was released in 2001, and they shared the same stage on the ‘Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Special‘ concert for the last time ever.
In his latest interview, Slash was asked whether it was hard to work with a legend like Michael Jackson and the details of their collaboration. Slash shared the story mentioned above and stated that it was fun to work with him because he was such a professional musician.

Here is what Slash said in the interview:
“Initially, it was a phone call from my manager where he said, ​’Michael is trying to get in touch with you,’ and I was like, ‘Wow.’ So I called him back and he wanted me to play on ‘Dangerous.’ We made a date and I went down to the Record Plant in Hollywood and he was there with Brooke Shields. That was very surreal.
These were two people that IÂ’d sort of grown up with, in a way. So we hung out for two minutes and they went off to dinner and left me with this song. I did my thing, he really dug it and afterward, he kept asking me if IÂ’d be into doing this or doing that.

I’d do some shows here and there and it was fun because he was such a pro, and he was such a ****ing talent from on high. That was the main thing: he was so amazingly musically fluid. Such a treat to be around.”:coolv1:
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