Songs that sound like Michael Jackson songs


Feb 28, 2023
CONTEXT: Yesterday, I revisited the album "Wolf" by Bill Wolfer after not listening it for months. I discovered this album upon learning that Michael provided backing vocals for two songs on the album ("Papa Was a Rolling Stone" and "So Shy"). After my dying curiosity forced me to listen to the entire album, the album has now become one of my favorite albums ever and I desire to own it physically in some form or another.

Anyways, here was a song from that album I forgot about...

I don't know, but this song reminds me HEAVILY of Beat It. It even has a guitar solo!

What other songs have you heard that remind you of MJ songs/sound like specific MJ songs? (Songs that directly sample/interpolate MJ don't count.)
  • Sensitivity by Ralph Tresvant: His voice reminds me of MJ.
  • Poison by Bell Biv DeVoe: Reminds me of Dangerous (song).
  • Happy Song by Boney M: Reminds me of the Pepsi Generation commercial. There's also a boy wearing the Beat It jacket.
The beginning of Andy's song ...( andy andy andy because would believe he wrote everything of theirs past and present .:cautious::mad::cautious:..,) ...sounds like the start of dangerous. To me , anyway.
And you know what i agree with @JimmyWuzHere about Tresvant. I like the song too. (Surprisingly because usually never listen to this stuff)
Dunno i liked it
Michael sort of slowed down to me :LOL:
Don't get me started on this ones voice ...i loved this
this one is even more lowkey...

the very beginning of this gives off the same vibes as the beginning of Chicago 1945 (at 0:23 below). for several minutes just now i've been listening to them back to back. also, to me who's a big billy joel fan, even the lyrics and general vibes of Chicago 1945 are kind of reminiscent of what Billy Joel would write. kind of. i would imagine this would be a collab between them or they'd sing a duet like Baby Grand (also from Billy Joel's album "The Bridge")
another Billy Joel soundalike song...

starting at 0:09 in that song, the piano reminds me of a slowed down version of "that's what you get for being polite" by the jacksons!
this. the chorus of Lovely Way also sounds like the chorus for "arthur's theme" by christopher cross (a little)

for lovely way chorus: 0:48
for arthur's theme chorus: 0:43
There was this dude called Alphonso or something who had an album in 1982 that looked like Thriller, down to the cover photograph. Apparently the songs on it even sounded like MJ circa Off the Wall and Triumph. Dude was a bit Blacker, taller and had a big ass afro, even though this was Jheri curl era.
Finger on the Trigger (Love is in Control), Donna Summer - has a real Jacksonesque sound and Melody. Its Donna singing - but the beats and harmony sound very MJ like. I think Quincy Jones was producer. Donna was trying all sorts of stuff after Disco faded. She hit paydirt with "She works hard for the money" in the next year.
The song by jennifer lopez '' gonna be alright'' the background singer sounds like mj so much i thought it was him singing when i first heard the song