*Thinking About You*


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Mar 3, 2020
Michael thinks and daydreams about his girlfriend while she is away at Culinary School in New York.

Takes Place in the Fall of 1978.

~*Thinking About You~*

The leaves on the trees blew and flew gracefully in the fresh fall air landing daintily on the tall green grass that surrounded his lean body figure. The afternoon sun blazed down on his large Afro which shined brightly brown and washed all over him like a hot bath that soothed him instantly. Sighing was then heard to no one in particular as he just laid lazily on top of the big hill that was not too far from the Hayvenhurst Estate; a bee buzzed passed but he was too much in his daydreaming to take notice.

4 days ago, his childhood friend and one true love, April Thompson, had gotten a transfer to move to Manhattan, New York to be in Culinary School plus be in college at the same time; it had always been her dream to cook in front of different chefs from across the world and it would also bring her in full confidence to know that she was able to put her mind to work right away.

Since then, he just couldn’t stop thinking about her. They had became real close since meeting each-other for the very first time in 7 years and practically did almost everything together; as the days, weeks, months, and years went by, so did their love for one another. That part had brought a smile on his face when they even shared their first kiss that would forever stay in his mind. He sighed a deep sad sigh; he wished that she was here right now to comfort him in his time of need. She was his savior, his voice of reason, and also supporter that helped him along the way in every which way she could and he appreciated everything.

Out of the women who used him to their advantage, she was very hardworking, independent, and never expected for anything to be given to her on a silver platter; instead, she made her own way never complaining despite feeling pain inside fighting to be and stay strong possible.

Just the thought of her brought tears to his light chocolate brown doe-like eyes who then got up and wiped them off with a determined smile.

“I love you April, Good Luck.” He muttered and started the way back home.