Underrated MJ tracks by fans


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Nov 30, 2021
Well it are usually the songs that were not single releases. I sometimes don’t understand the concept of making an album because usually more than half of the songs are gonna get snowed in because of the singles. I would think all these songs are special for an artists because he spend dozens of hours writing, discussing and recording them. Some artists then bring their new songs live on tour and that is how it should be.

If I was an artist that was eying chart success I wouldn’t even bother with albums. I’d release 4 singles a year and maybe later on collect them on compilations. Because pop stars seem to be making 3 or 4 big tracks filled up with some filler songs and I don’t understand that, it is being happy about mediocrity.
If I didn’t care about chart success I would make a very personal album or something thematic with a concept that connects with me so I would enjoy performing it life until I hit my next album.

Anyway this was off topic though it applies to MJ as well from dangerous onwards, lots of songs on his last 3 albums were completely neglected once recorded.