What's your Short Film Headcanon? [Open for Everyone to Participate!]


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Jan 7, 2020
:hellooo: Hi everyone! So this isn't a story but it is fiction writing to an extent.

I've always had a lot of fun thinking about how some of the songs could be connected, how different characters from different short films can interact, or fun beginnings or endings to the stories in Michael's content.

For example, I like to think that Chicago's character is phone calling the Who Is It guy to finally explain to him where his wife has been. :fear: And maybe, just maybe, the Who Is It guy turns into the Blue Gangsta because of this betrayal! :scream:

Or, how after Ghosts ends, a new mayor is elected and they decide that better relations with Maestro is needed. They decide to have a town beautification project for Someplace Else (with the input from the ghosts and Maestro, of course). Soon enough, they start having town block parties together and the ghosts host little classes like gardening or etiquette to the people of the town. :rofl:

It'd be so fun to hear from other people whatever connection they may have made! :clap: