Why the general disinterest for the Victory tour around here?


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Aug 3, 2011
Nite Line;4299595 said:
I’m very much interested in the release of Victory Tour. In my opinion, it features the best performance of Human Nature and Beat It, especially performance of the later song, which I never liked during Michael’s solo tours.

I guess Victory Tour doesn’t feature as much dancing as Michael’s solo tours and a lot of MJ fans prefer dancing over singing, so perhaps that’s why there isn’t much demand for the Victory Tour.

But I prefer singing over dancing, so I am very much interested in Victory Tour.

Another reason might be because of the lack of HQ concert material. We only have 1 decent quality show from this tour. Mj wasnt dancing as much on victory so he could sing better. Bad tour first leg still has some of his best vocals imo. MJ clearly wasnt satisfied with the tour.