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Mar 3, 2020
A short story about the death of a father of 3 children but it more affects the 2nd born.


I stood gazing at his lifeless body that was on the hospital bed. Tears slowly fell down my cheeks dripping on his arms as I put my hand on his forehead. It was cold; stone-cold that it grew on me; gliding it in his hair twirling his locks.

"Why did you have to leave us?" I asked myself with more tears coming down as I tried my best to stay strong. "Why did you have to leave us like this?" I asked again my voice louder this time. "You promised that you would be here forever making sure that we do well in school, helping us with our homework, and more importantly, keep us out of trouble and be here whenever we were down and depressed" I couldn't take it anymore as I fell on the floor and sobbed endlessly.

My two brothers came inside the room seeing me in my misery, the eldest one came up to me and hugged me very tightly as I leaned in from his warmth still crying as he tried to calm me down. "It's okay we'll make it even if it takes all of us to do it together." He said trying hard not to cry but I could glimpse a tear slowly coming down as he quickly wiped it off.

"Come on Grandma is waiting for us." He said with the little one running near behind him as I looked back at him; getting up, I kissed his forehead. "I love you, daddy," I said and I left.