#AreYouScaredYet MJJC Halloween story


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Oct 8, 2004
Hello and welcome to the #HalloweenStory exclusively for #MJJCommunity.



It was a dark and misty evening, the perfect setting to get in that 'Halloween' mood as the wind swirled around chilling you to the bone. On evenings like this, you ought to be home in bed or planted firmly behind the heating but Madeline was late. She couldn't somehow decide what to wear for her Halloween party she was invited to or did she spent too much effort looking the part. She even needed to still catch a bus to the event and one could just hope she could get a ride but then again it was Halloween night so you ought to dress up and look scary!

Out of breath already, she reached the bus shelter and was glad someone was still awaiting the damn thing as her Mum had nagged that she would miss the bus and the party altogether if she didn't leave by now.
At first, it startled her a bit. Was that a Zombie sitting there? A real life one?

Nah, don't be silly, girl! It is Halloween afterall and maybe he's going to that party too so chill and say hello. She glanced at her tattered dress and realized she would eventually see lots of zombie dressed people tonight as what is Halloween all about hey!
"Hey! " she only uttered as she spotted him there. Wow, where did he get that costume! He would surely win 1st prize so far for her effort but then the bus came and she jumped on it but he remained seated.

"Please wait? " She kindly asked the bus driver and he only nodded as he spotted the zombie like creature too. "Nice costume! "
"Hey!" She cried and it seemed to startle him awake. "You going to the Halloween party too?"
He once looked around him as was she talking to him? He didn't even know how he got here in the first place!
In the distance, they heard growling and shuffling and just the typical Halloween noises she presumed but still it made the hairs in her neck rise as the bus driver was getting impatient too. He had a schedule to keep!

So, without a further word said she hauled him up that bus and he really did walk and act like a zombie but then again he was acting his part, was he?
"Two tickets and return"
"Cool outfits! " The busdriver remarked and your boyfriend over there is really playing the part. "
"Yeah" she chuckled "He's silly sometimes."

She plunged next to him but he was awfully quiet so she guessed he must be the boy from next door put in a costume and whisked outdoors by Mum who wanted that he was out on this special evening instead of glaring at his screen.
"So, you must be Gregory, hey! I like your costume! "

He only nodded again and Madeline didn't think this through as she knew how shy he was and Mad thought it was such a brave thing to do for him. The ride was quiet somehow and the bus driver kept peeking at them as he could spot the youngsters both dressed in Zombie attire in his rear view mirror and when he seemed busted, he only smiled and turned his eyes on the road again.

You should have seen his eyes, nice and bulging out of their sockets. Supreme class in make up this! They were glaring out of the window like he hadn't been out for ages and my heart shattered a little as indeed Greg was always stuck in his room glaring at his computer screen. I had once visited him and wow what a huge screen he has. He was very protective towards it too!
As we neared the party the excitement flourished inside of the zombie girl and she just loved how he stayed in his act the whole time maybe that was his way of being brave on his first outing in months. They say the monsters come out and play at this time of the year but also the shy come alive as it seems the costume make them feel shielded and protected somehow.

Madeline hollered "We're here" as she saw the venue with the banner #AreYouScaredYet and once again she dragged him with her. He stumbled off the bus and the bus driver yelled 'have a great time' before he closed the door and sped off again collecting other party goers.

The only thing he could remember was the stench of dirt in his mouth as he glanced around at the partygoers. You had zombies, gobblins and werewolves. No wonder, she hadn't shrieked at him as what a glorious night was this! Halloween, his fave season!
Everyone praised him with his act and costume and that make up was so scary real. Soon, other zombies he met took on his walk and demeanor.

Soon, it became all too much for him as no one saw the danger or how lost he felt among the partying crowd. He had lost the girl somehow who met up with her friends and abandoned him there in his fate. A scary growl escaped his mouth and some looked up terrified and other just laughed and mimicked his growl. Somehow, he wasn't having fun! This was serious. How did he get here? Yeah by bus lol but how come was he walking around here? He had to find her again as his mind was buzzing with questions so he stumbled around like he had too much to drink and people around him were just oblivious of the current turmoil he was facing now.

He was getting tired after awhile as she seemed to have gone now that he needed her and defeated he plunged down on a vacant chair among the noise that was supposed to be music and the blinking disco lights giving him a headache. He suddenly realized he was hungry and in the corner of his eye he noticed something scrumptious if only he wasn't that exhausted he would go and grab it. He kept an eye on it though till he couldn't resist it anymore and then waggled towards the table stacked with Halloween treats gobbling up all he could take but then he felt funny and all the yummyness came back as disgusting puke right next to the table. The stench was horrifying and now all he heard were screams and shrieks. He first thought it was because of him and he almost excused himself and volunteered to clean up his mess but then he remembered something...

Like a light bulb being clicked on but he'd rather not see what he just witnessed now. Other people just like him, were having a buffet yeah and it weren't the yucky things displayed on the table though. They were attacking the party goers. FFS who eats people now though he had to suppress the wonderful glow that took master of him when he saw the warm glorious blood of one of the unfortunate youngsters bleeding to death with what looked like a piece bitten out of her head. It made him drool and cringe in at the same time as he studied his hand like he had just noticed it for the first time. It was all grey white and bony. Gross, he wasn't that skinny was he?

All around him were screams and shrieks that drowned out the music now as it seemed they were crashing the party. How rude!
He was about to leave as in the corner of his eye, he saw a girl... Yep, that girl running for her life and she was chased by guys and girls of his nature. Then, he did the bravest thing ever!

He stood his ground and they bumped into them. Growling and shrieking at the one that got away. What a bummer! What a beautiful waste of a brain or did he wanted her for himself? He grabbed her and took her in a choke hold ready to bit her head off. Of course, she shrieked and wriggled in his grip but he needed to save themselves from this weird situation so they backed off as other screeching teens were running past them and he felt quite a remorse that he could only save one but at least he would try to save her! As soon as they were out of sight, he let go of her and took a bow to her as gentleman do and she stood there just gawking and uttering the same words over and over again.

"You saved me? But, you're one of them! "
He took a bow again and then she snatched him so she would be in his grip again. "Thank you" she spoke quietly and they left through some back door. He was still a baffled at what he had done and what exactly happened but her words broke up his raging thoughts as she declared she was gonna keep him.

"I'm gonna call you Michael and you're staying with me. I don't care what anyone says. You're not like them! You saved me!"
He only smiled and felt quite wobbly all of a sudden.

"One thing, we need to do though" she remarked. "Stay here! Stay! " She motioned with her hands and he obeyed her as where to should he run. He needed her! Her absence seemed to last longer than he expected and he almost went back in to find out what she was doing there. He felt more and more drained by the minute whizzing by and then when all seemed somehow lost, she popped in front of him.

"Drink before you pass out! " She ordered him offering him a glass of red warm liquid. Where did she get it? But there was no time to fuss about it as she nearly had to pour it down his throat.

So, thirstly he drank from the glass. His naughty glance at her told her he was enjoying this beverage and she only smiled at him.
"Okay, are you feeling better? "
He nodded 'yeah'.
"Okay, Let's go home" He saw she was carrying another jug.
"That will have to do till tomorrow. If you're hungry, just tell me and you can have some of this! "
He only nodded 'yes' and they strolled home through the darkness of the night.
What a night to remember!

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