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Honestly, other than “Chicago 1945,” I can’t imagine the estate releasing anything here. It’s all scratch vocals, instrumentals, or demos, none of which they seem to have a vested interest in.

Not that that matters, but I don’t think the worry here is whether or not we’ll ever get these songs officially released, because they almost certainly wouldn’t have been (at least under Branca and McClain).
The seminars are way more than the leaked songs, yeah. The stories are many ways more important than the leaks. Tbh Brad probably wants more people to enjoy the music, it's just the legal snafu of Copyright.

Like I said, if Branca endorsed this, there'd be way more leeway. But he's rich and greedy. Now some of the fans are poor (in music and common sense) and greedy.

Expansion would certainly be fair though. Like if the seminars could be live streamed on Zoom or posted to YouTube, that'd be great. Or if the songs could just be released a few months after the fact. If stuff like that happened, stuff like this, not saying it should, but wouldn't happen.
Guys...there is no unreleased music that we haven't already heard. Unseen clips, some full multitracks & some really exclusive things but Tomboy & etc are rumors

As has been stated previously, the Estate won’t release everything in the vaults based in large part on the choices Michael himself made during his life.

If we released demos by themselves, they would not show Michael in his best light, and would not be commercially successful because they are, by definition, unfinished. While releasing unfinished work may be appreciated by the fans, it would not be the way to introduce Michael to new fans who should hear Michael at his best. That is certainly how Michael decided what to release and we believe that is what he would want us to do. And even among the fans, we see disagreement on whether unreleased material should be finished to make them commercially viable or not.

Michael had several philosophies that we use as guides. One of those is, “The quality goes in before the name goes on.” Just because something exists doesn’t mean it should be made public – and sharing with the fans is the same as making it public.

Just because something has been leaked by a fan doesn’t mean that it is something which should have an official release. The fact that it is leaked means that Michael didn’t intend for it to be shared by whomever he may have trusted with it in the first place.

-Straight from the Estate FAQs.
The main account that shared stuff on youtube is gone, that was pretty quick!

How does this work? If SONY and some other credible sources file reports with youtube they just remove the account without investigation? In this case obviously that would be correct. But just curious how it works!

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The main account that shared stuff on youtube is gone, that was pretty quick!

How does this work? If SONY and some other credible sources file reports with youtube they just remove the account without investigation? In this case obviously that would be correct. But just curious how it works!

The strike's from "INTHESTUDOWITHMJ"
Well there you go, that's how you quall a release.

Meanwhile there's barely anything to even show for this. Pretty underwhelming overall, actually. Just was not worth it at all.
When will Branca release a tik-tok video condemning the action and threatening future similar ill deeds with MASSIVE punishment?
I find it crazy that the estate should step forward and tell people, “Don’t steal.” I don’t think the estate should have any involvement in this whatsoever.
The main account that shared stuff on youtube is gone, that was pretty quick!

How does this work? If SONY and some other credible sources file reports with youtube they just remove the account without investigation? In this case obviously that would be correct. But just curious how it works!


Follow up, account has been deleted now also, game over! There is no explanation anymore, the account has been totally wiped.


One of the very likely outcomes is that Brad will stop doing the seminars much sooner than later and we will lose all access to his knowledge of Michael, his stories, his deep love for Michael, and all of the context he provides on Michael's genius and humanity.
Part of me hopes you're wrong... it's implied he wants to keep them going, but for how long, well we'll see. But I hope he won't stop them anytime soon.
I don't think people realize that the songs and videos are just a part of what Brad shares. But they are shared with the context of Michael, how beautiful and kind of a person he was, what an absolute genius he was, what made him so inordinately special. Brad owns this material because he earned access to it by working with and being trusted by Michael for 20 years. Brad goes deep into his memory bank in these seminars. He cries in these seminars. It is real human shit. This isn't a space for fan exploitation.

But I am learning a lot of fans don't care about Michael's humanity and so it doesn't matter what happens so long as they get their fix. They see Michael as public property and anyone who worked with him, who chooses not to upload things for free on YouTube, as a barrier to what they are convinced belongs to them by default of liking his music. And through this, they miss the point entirely.

Btw, none of this is directed at you @Beano Wild. Please know that.
(I will digress pretty hard later on in my post, but in my opinion they're things that need to be said. Though I do apologize in advance for derailing the thread a bit.)

Bolded that paragraph because I feel this so hard. I absolutely have my qualms with the estate for example (lack of transparency and honesty, especially; ranted about this elsewhere), but at the same time, I simply see so much entitlement every single day. Too many people just want "content" and then whenever something does release, they're not happy because "it's been leaked before/I hate these specific songs/it sounds bad/etc.", what have you. Like I know tastes are subjective, and I'm not saying people can't dislike something (sure you can, it does not by itself offend me, even when I disagree), but more often than not, they don't phrase it as if it's an opinion. I don't like that. (And, like I've said earlier, complaining that a leaked song gets an official release is just the lowest of low, especially.)

And the people who claim it's "unfair", somehow, that Brad charges for these seminars are part of that entitlement, in my opinion. A lot of effort has gone into them and, from what I understand from your posts as well as those from others, they essentially last almost an entire day, for hours on end. That's quite an amount of time! I think it's only fair that Brad charges for them, he's essentially getting paid for his work. But people just want free stuff, and that's just not how the world works, especially when it comes to non-essential matters such as this. And then at the same time complaining that the estate "releases nothing"... Like, there are options, and too many people just refuse to explore them. Like yes, it costs money, that's life! And it's actually fair that it does.

To not even get me started on the fact that too many "fans" like to attack Michael as a person, for some reason, occasionally outright claiming that he was a "narcissist" etc. or sometimes even believing the allegations, or even when they don't, claim that "he asked for it" (🤢) and that he should've essentially changed his entire personality to fit their own personal "ideal". Like, I'm sorry, but if you think that, you don't truly love and respect the man. You can love and respect someone despite not entirely understanding certain aspects of their personality. I have many people I know personally that I love dearly, but who have made choices in their lives I don't always understand, either; but I usually let them be, because at the end of the day, it's not my life. Plus, right now there are actual child molesters in showbiz still walking free, and the reason they get away with it is exactly because they usually have good PR. We should focus on them instead, rather than go for the red herrings, especially when you already know they're innocent to begin with.

I know I won't be making friends with some of the things I said, but honestly so be it.
The leak isnt as bad as first reported,so it seems.
None of the tracks that many wants was on the laptop/harddrive that was stolen.
I've seen the contents of Brad's laptop, and it's genuinely sad to see everything unceremoniously dropped like this. Alot of this stuff deserved its own fanfare and released in anniversaries, just for it to end up like this.

It's amazing to have these files, but not in this way. Not in this fucking way.
These leaks are insubstantial and not at all event ending. The Estate has already written off Chicago 1945. (TBH "Chicago" is actually better.)

I truly still hope Brad gets his laptop back.
Unfortunately, it seems like they are leaking Brad's personal info, and still leaking his property by creating multiple accounts. And "fans" on Twitter are spreading all of it like wild fire. Whoever stole this stuff is even tweeting taunting messages toward Brad.

What an unbelievably childish, selfish, and entitled fanbase this is. This whole thing makes me sick to my stomach. Such an unbelievable lack of respect or integrity.