Broken promise


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Oct 8, 2004
"Broken promise"

Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ
Exclusively for MJJC.


Amy is so happy to have Michael back
even though he's only an Angel now.
Can he mend the broken promises?
This is the sequel to "Imagine"


"You do live here nice? " Michael commented as
he strolled into her place.
"Thanks, I'm proud of my little hub here... Yeah..."
She rummaged a little.
"Soz about the mess though. I usually don't have anyone over.
Well, not recently then." She shrugged.
"I don't mind... It makes the place alive. It's not a interior design
kind of place, is it? " He stated smiling glancing around.
"You're right. It's creative mess as one of my friends would say."
Michael only smiled at her and then broke the news.
"I think I better go now"
"Oh, you got a place too here now? "
"Yeah, Charles is gonna wonder where I am"
He rolled his eyes.
"Would you be okay now? " He did ask caring.
"Oh yeash, Michael. Thanks for bringing me home."
"My pleasure, Ma'am" he bowed forward like gentlmen do.
It made her giggle.
"Well, give my love to Charles then."
"I will" Michael answered.
Then wiggling on his feet like some fool in love, he asked her quietly:
"Can I see you tomoz? "
"Sure, Hun" she swiftly kissed his cheek and he blushed all over.

~ Copyright 2015 ~

~ Part two ~

Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ.

He darted back home... He found Charles reading...
Wondering if he did miss him or not?
"Oh, you're home" he only reacted glaring from his book.
"Yeash" Michael only answered.
"How was your day? "
"Fine" He knew by now he could not lie and pretend as
he now saw his own swirlie colour.
"I'll go ahead with the mission on ONE condition..."
he held up his index finger.
"That is? "
"I'm seeing Amy! " Michael boldly stated and
felt he could have floated to the ceiling of happiness.
"Amy?" Charles frowned his forehead.
"That girl from the Burger Joint? "
"Yeah, that Amy" Michael's eyes gleamed like stars.
"Well, that didn't take you long, did it?
Smooth criminal."
"I need someone... They all abandoned me before."
He stated strict with a hint of hurt in his voice.
"Alright" his guide gave in.
"She saved you today, right? "
"Yeah" he hung his head down.
"They were mean and draining. She pulled me away just in time."
"You okay? "
Michael looked up at him with eyes that burnt right through him.
"I will as long as I have her. Where were you anyway? "
"I was watching your back though but Amy needed to save you."
"Okay" he only shrugged.
"Where 'you going? "
"For a nap, sleep... I'm exhausted really..." he let out a deep yawn.
"That will do you good indeed."
"Oh, she sends her love" was the only thing Michael said as
he headed for bed. Clothes on or not, he soon drifted off.

~ Copyright 2015 ~

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Oct 8, 2004
Part Three

Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ.

Darn, he had overslept and barely groomed and clothed,
he showed up at the place they agreed on.
Yep, the bench where he met her for the first time.

She neared him and the beautiful bright yellow swirlie that
emitted from her made him smile.
Now, just now okay, he realized how he appeared.
He tried to straigthened himself and fiddled with his hair that
was misbehaving somehow.
He wanted to run cause she shouldn't see him like that, right?

He was too tired to even get up, go figure.
Darting almost to the point of dancing, she plunged down on
the bench next to him.
She checked him out and an expression of 'awww, poor baby'
painted all over her face.
"So, you had a rough day already? " She fell into him.
He only nodded 'no' and it made her frown her forehead.
She swallowed her remarks though feeling his vulnerability.
"What? " She whispered.

Busted, he looked up to her. His eyes revealed so much hurt and
that for an Angel. Wasn't he supposed to heal her instead?
Maybe, he did and that is why she felt light like a feather and
he sat there like he had partied all night.

"You can tell me, Hun?" She carefully reached for his hand.
"I... I..." was the only thing he muttered.
He hung his head down and glared at her hand.
"I failed"
"How? "She glanced around.
There were people passing her looking at her now but
they walked on.
"Let's go somewhere more private, okay? "
He only nodded and slouched with her.
She found a bench more hidden from the world and
insisted he would take a seat and so he did.

"Did something happen today? " She grilled him or
was she just worried.
"I overslept..." he began.
"Well, that is not a crime, is it? "
He only shrugged.
"You made it. You weren't even late."
"Don't be so hard on yourself, hey! You saved me, remember so."
That put a smile on his face.
"Chin up and shine! Will you do this for me? "
He only nodded 'yeash'.

"Okay, we'll meet up here again same place same hour and
you can tell me all about it. Well, if you're allowed to, of course."
"Where 'you going? "

"Oh, I have a job appointment at that Burger joint, yeash"
It made her sigh.
"It's a start, okay. I'm done with feeling sorry for myself.
I gotta build a new life, hey! All cause you healed me! "
"Yeah, you go girl! I'm proud of you."

She got up, straightened her skirt, swiftly kissed him goodbye and
off she was to conquer the world.
'You stupid' his inner voice scolded him.
'if she can start anew so can you! Go and heal! "

~ Copyright 2015 ~


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Oct 8, 2004
The long awaited chapters. Soz, it took awhile :blush:


Part Four
Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ.

Okay same place and an hour later Michael was still slouched on that
bench waiting for her. Oh indeed, he had seen many different
colors of swirlies but his mind was set on her.
Currently, he was fretting over how it never lasts and why.
He has the looks check. He groomed check. Fresh clothes check.
Smile check. Was his hair out of place then?

The more he fretted the more anxious he became.
Where was she now? Was she healed and moved on?
Why couldn't he be so strong?
He tried to straighten himself and feel his 'backbone' for support.
However fear and doubt grab a strong hold on you.
He now wished she would pop up.

Meanwhile across the road, the place was buzzing.
"Amy" a colleaque called out to her.
She pointed at her watch.
"Lunch break! "
She looked at the clock hanging in the kitchen era and
something frizzled through her.
Would he still be waiting for her there?
She had been so smitten to her new job making a good impression
that she totally lost track of time.
"Okay, see you later" She pulled the apron from her waist and
stepped out of the joint using a side door.
On her way out, she had grabbed her lunch box and
now she was off to see the Wizard.

~ Copyright 2015 ~

Chapter FIVE
Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ

There he was on the spot they agreed on. He seemed lost so
she hurried to him.

"Hey Mike. I'm glad you're still here."
"Hey Babes"
He did smile at her as her yellow and vibrant swirlie tickled his soul.
"So, did you get the job, Hun? "
"Yeash, I'm sorry I'm late and I only got half an hour now. "
She plunged down next to him and unlocked her lunch box.
Her sandwiches were glaring at her so she took one and killed it
with the first strong bite.
"Oh, yeash. I got the job" she cried after she swallowed another piece
of her sandwich.
"WOW, I'm proud of you, Ames"
She could only smile as she was gobbling up her sandwiches at
a steady rate and often checked her watch though.

"How are you? " She asked out of the blue as
he remained quiet just bathing in her light.
"I'm fine" He assured her.
As long as she was 'healed' then it was 'mission accomplished'.

Soon too soon, she got up and excused her sudden leave.
He swiftly kissed her cheek and with a little wave she was gone again.
Ready to take on the world.
So, he got up with more fire too.
He had a 'mission' too to make her proud.

~ Copyright 2015 ~