Dangerous ( MJ - fan fiction)


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Dec 16, 2015
Okay so this is basically something that Iv'e written before and it's on Wattpad. This is the prologue and the first chapter. Please tell me what you think, and if you want me to continue :D



August 25th 2001

It was all a lie.

The kisses.

The hugs.

The things we did and said.

It was all a lie.

I opened my heart to the person I trusted the most. And he took it, used it and left it broken on the ground. Never in my life did I think I would be hurt the way I was. But I was stupid enough to do it. I was stupid enough to open my heart. And I thought I would never be able to do it again. Until I met him.

How do I begin to tell you this?

Well, the first thing I can tell you is that my name is Scarlett Johnson. I was a 17 year old girl who didn't think in any kind of way. At that time I was a girl who boys loved, and you could probably say that I was a boy - magnet. If we're going to use the 'modern' language. Still, the term 'boy-magnet' seemed like a positive thing. But this was, of course, before I met him.

The guy who changed my life.

The guy who both made my cry and smile

The guy this whole story is about.

The guy who was Dangerous.

Chapter 1

January 12th 1987

Scarlett's POV

" Scarlett, time to wake up"

I groan and roll over as I hear my mother yell after me.

I open my eyes and read the clock, which tells me it is 7.30 am. I groan once again before I roll out of bed, and walk straight to the bathroom. I reach the bathroom door, and am about to step inside when I hear my mum yell after me again. " Scarlett, can you bring your laundry when you come down" I furrow my eyebrows, before I answer her. My mum would always make go and get the laundry. But I guess that happens when you're oldest daughter in the family.

Our family consists of six lovly members. The ones you should know at the moment is my younger sister Ella and my younger brother Caleb. Caleb have brown hair, which is quite darker than mine, and Ella have got this flaming red hair.

I walk into the bathroom and stare at myself in the mirror. 'Why do I always look like a pig when I wake up' I ask myself as I throw some water in my face. I rub some soap in my hands, before I wash the rest of my face. I then walk quickly into my room and put on a pair of high waist shorts, which were too small eough to look slutty like. I throw on a blue tank top and a pair of white converse, before I grab my bag and go downstaris.

As I reach the end of the stairs my mum look at me with furrowed eyebrows.

She stares me up and down and I know what she's thinking.

I open my mouth to reply, but then I hear a toting sound. It is Bran - our neighbour- picking me up. I give my mum a wave before I practically run out of the house.

" Hey Scarlett" Bran says as I get into his car. I fasten my seatbelt as I notice Bran staring at me. " Hey Bran... shouldn't you start the car?" He chuckle and starts the car, before he starts driving us to school.

" You know Brianna, I've always thought your humor was priceless" I can see his emerald green eyes in the front glass, and as I see them, I start laughing. A very sarcastic laugh. " Ha ha ha ... You're so funny Bran" He chuckles and smiles to me.

Bran pulls up in front of the school. I look at the clock and read that it's 08.05 am.

" You can go, I'll just go an park my car" I take my bag and step out of the car, before I see him drive over to the parking lot. I look around and notice something I've never seen before. More like someone I've never seen before.

He is wearing a pair of black pants and a black jacket. On the sides of the pants there were a red line. On top of his jacket and pants there were a lot chains looking things, and rivets. ( BAD outfit)

I catch his eyes and our eyes lock into an intense staring. As if we were having a staring contest. His mouth forms a type of smile before he looks away and walks so swiftly inside the school.

Who the heck was that, I think to myself. I shake off the thought as Bran walks up to me.

" Are you okay" He touches my arm and I give him a smile and nod.

" Yes, I'm fine. Ready for school?"

" Of course not!" We laugh and head toward the first period.

" Ooo Scarlett! You nasty guuurl!!"

" What happened at that party anyway?" I turn to face my best friend Mila. I give her a wink before I turn to the rest of the crowd which had built up around us.

" You know. I drank a little and ... well you can guess the rest" They start to laugh and laugh with them.

Scarlett Johnson. I'm often known as the 'boy -magnet' and the party animal. To be honest with you, I have no idea where the name 'boy-magnet' came from. It just came. And it just stayed like that. But you should know one thing: I am not a slut

" You naughy little guurl" almost yell Mila. I punch her lightly in her shoulder.

" Haha .. I'm not the only one who does stuff like that" I say and give her a smile. Everyone starts laughing. And that's when I see it.

I see the same guy I saw eariler today. Our eyes connect into a new eyelock. I raise my eyebrow at him to see if he reacted to it or better, look away.

But he doesn't flinch. Not even once. He even starts to raise his own eyebrow, probably to see if I reacts the same.

His eyes bore into mine, and it gets even more intese for each seconds that pass.

I close my eyes and look away. He wins.


" Hey Scarlett, do you need a ride home?" Mila looks at me and I give her a nod.

" I just need to grab something from my locker" I say and rush toward my locker.

I unlock my code. 4-4-4-4.

I can't believe I chose that as my code. If I knew that you couldn't change your code, I would've never made a so simple one.

I open my locker and a white sheet of paper falls out.

I grab my school supplies before I bend down and pick up the sheet of paper.

I look around to see if there were anyone nearby who could have put it in my locker. I sigh and unfold the letter. I squeeze my eyes together as I try to read the tiny handwrite.

I am watching you