Fashion In Music


Pete Murphy of Bauhaus
En Vouge! Six words to say about this band- "Free Your Miiiiinnd .You Tube now." haha
LOVED Lucy Pearl...not only because no-one was actually called ...Lucy Pearl, such a cool name for a band , but 'she' was composed of a member from Tony, Toni, Toné! , ......and member of A Tribe Called Quest, ...annnnd because it had the wonderful Dawn Robinson from En Vougue in.
Who can forget TLC with their message after message. 😆 🥰
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in 1992 Kris Kross wore their clothes backwards!That was their thing ! Method Man aka Wu tang Clan ! because of his grills..and back in the day , he was often seen with a toothbrush in his mouth that is in the video C>R>E><A>M> (cash rules everything around me ) and.... the whole style of Wu tang , Back then ..because I never saw nothing like it.

I can go on.
i really love this thread thanx for tagging me @zinniabooklover .
Naughty by Nature. the beanie hats!! , one strapped dungarees and treach wore his lock, the padlock round his neck for very good reason, iconic.

The great Outkast again - i think they are a great example of this thread !

Busta Rhymes ....first to use a fish eye lens.
now I'm looking at Boo - Yaa T.R.I.B.E ... another lot I'd forgotten about
I'm gonna quit soon but this has been awesome! I'd forgotten all about Wu Tang Clan. I need to go and remind myself ...
@zinniabooklover I know it has been a blast, Enter the Wu tang - 36 chambers . the cover art is brilliant because they are all masked - when they came out i was like - what is ...this .
Method man solo album , Tical. his debut studio album in 1994.