Hello from Hungary :)


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Apr 2, 2018
Hello everyone,

I'm not exactly a newbie as I've been lurking here for a while :blush:, I guess it's time to introduce myself.
I'm a fan since childhood (after hearing Bad for the first time), had the chance to see him in concerts. His music helped me through tough times and gave me a lot of joy and positivity, even made a lot of friends thanks to him.

I was a member at the old MJJF, including during the trial period, read all the summaries of the trial proceedings and court transcripts. I can't thank enough the hard work of the members who shared all this information with the community, because it's knowledge that made that awful time bearable. It's nice to see some familiar usernames here and there, still spreading their wisdom.
Tough times seems to be coming again, so I felt lurking won't be enough anymore. Happy to be here.

BTW my fave albums varies among History, Dangerous or Bad - depending on my mood. ;)
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