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Oct 8, 2004

Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ
~ Copyright 2013, Update 2015 ~


~ Synopsis ~

Amy is alone and abandoned by her friends.​
Till one day, her Prince Charming dooms up!​
It couldn’t be him… Here all alone in an overcrowded KFC?
Nah, this is just her imagination running wild, is it?

Note: This is a FAN FICTION story
solely written to heal and
let you bathe in Michael's 'presence'.
Enjoy, Daz.


“Uproar in heaven”
Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ.

They say when your time here is up,
the Angel of death guides you to Heaven.
What was once a peaceful ‘desk top’ kind of job with
a ‘fixed’ schedule noted on charts, one prick on earth had
to destroy it and even caused havoc in heaven as
the Angels of death were swarmed by souls that
knocked on Heaven’s door way too soon and
all ‘cause the ‘soul’ with the name “Michael Jackson” was
kicked HOME too soon.

The Lord had never seen so much upheaval and uproar in awhile and
with plugged ears, he tried to silence his disciples who threatened to
go on strike cause they had no time to revise each soul and
no room to put them all in.
So, he called an urgent meeting to sooth the needs of his disciples and
to come to an agreement cause something had to be done about it.
Michael, the stubborn spirit, as they nicknamed him here also
had an invitation to this ‘riot act’ meeting where
the sparkles fizzled across the room like it was fourth of July.



Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ.

Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles.

What woke him up?
The cool sea breeze playing with his curls or
the sensation of where am I now?
He carefully opened his eyes and glanced around.
It sure was nice and quiet.
He heard the rushing of the sea.
Was that imagined?
He was sitting up in bed now just covered with
a white silky sheet and wearing only blue and
white striped pajama bottoms that felt ever so soft.
He tortured his mind how he got here in the first place.

This was not heaven though cause
he was a bolt of yellow ‘stubborn’ energy there.
He had a body now. He carefully touched his chest.
He even felt his heartbeat and a shudder took control of his body.
Was he human again? Was his wish granted?

Then the ‘riot act’ meeting came to mind and
it conjured mixed feelings in him of joy that
he was back on the earth plane but also worry as
he was kicked back to ‘save the world’ or
at least assisting the Angels of death lightening the load of
‘unannounced’ souls on their doorstep.

He heard the rushing of the sea again and
as you know curiosity killed the cat.
He jumped out of bed and strolled through the cottage which
seemed like a beach house and
in the distance he saw the rolling waves.
This was too good to be true as
he gawked at the Magical scene in front of him.
His mind did fret however, he had an important role to play!
There was no time to waste.


Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ.

Okay, first stop was to venture out and test this new body and skills.
He met some peeps strolling on the beach and
politely he said ‘hello’ and waved but they ignored him and
only strolled on chatting and chuckling about something.
He realized at least one of his skills was working.
It was the ‘invisibility’ thingy.

It once again brought a wave of mixed feelings rushing through him.
All his life, well, his previous life then,
he wanted to act like anyone else and be ‘invisible’ for just one day to
observe how ‘normal’ people enjoyed their lives and
somehow he wanted to be part of their world as
all people did was screech, faint or even crash into him cause
he was after all the ‘MJ’ everyone adored. It made him sigh.

“You’re up for it? “
It startled him the voice besides him and he glanced at the man.
“Charles” he called out.
“What ‘you doing here? “
“You called me? “
“I did” he frowned his eyebrows.
“Let it go! You know, what I mean. Let the past go, it only kills you.
You’re here now to heal others but also yourself.”
“I know” he hung his head down. “You felt my BAD vibes hey? “
“That’s why I’m here yeah. Talk about it or let it go! “
“That’s easy for you to say.”
“I know” he sighed.
“Let’s go back and just chill today. “
“I can’t. I gotta save people, right? “
“Not today, man. I’m sorry.”
He only shrugged and followed him back home.
Indeed, he already felt drained and was glad he was back at
the cabin cause he felt quite lightheaded now.


Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ.

Yesterday, he had quite a nice chat with Charles and his friend or
should I say ‘his guide’ decided to move in so that
he wouldn’t need to fight his inner demons all on his own.
He thanked him for it and was eager to begin his quest with
a friend by his side.

Today, they would cruise a local park just to get the flavor of
how to spot ‘peeps in need’ .
Just like a first day at work.
Awkward, exciting but draining so he needed ‘back up’ as
a trip to the hospital was NOT possible cause
of the ‘invisibility’ thingy and the only thing left to do was
go back ‘home’ if he should ‘abort’ this mission.

Well, if you at least tried and don’t succeed,
you can never fail though. Only when you didn’t try, you fail!

Anyway, they were both enjoying a day at the park sitting on a bench
observing people.
Charles kept commenting on what they did and
he gave quite a few good pointers at
how to spot ‘auras’ and the meaning of their colors.
“See, that one over there? “
“Yeah, yellowish color”
“Yep, that’s a healthy soul. No need for our intervention!
I know, you like to help peeps but our energy is better
spend on peeps that need it, right? “
He only nodded.

“Can you also read why she’s yellow? “
He frowned his eyebrows as he turned his head.
Was that part of the deal too? Reading people?
Getting inside their heads and read and see their thoughts?

“I know what ‘you thinking? She doesn’t mind that you know.
That’s why she’s yellow, like she’s almost sending out signals of
look how happy I am. Try to focus on her before she hits off again.”
He saw images pop in front of his mind that startled him but
also made him smile.
“She’s expecting an miracle” He blabbed out and it made him smile.
“Good, you earned a experience point! “
He always loved to soak up knowledge like that and
he felt blessed to have a friend like Charles.
It didn’t quite look like a first day at work,
more like a day at the park just goofing around and
enjoying themselves.
I know, they have an important task but
why not have fun while you work hey.


Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ.

Next day, it was time for him to “WOW” Charles with
all he learnt yesterday.
They chose a fast food restaurant now as it was rainy and
miserable outside and though they couldn’t catch a cold.
It was pointless to just sit in the pouring rain in the park where
only the odd runner would pass them.
Chances of healing there would be second to none.

So, the restaurant was quite a challenge or
should it be ‘casted into the lion’s den’ for the day.
I’m not over dramatic!
You know what kind of souls pop in fast food restaurants, do you?

I’m sure, you won’t find much ‘yellow’ glows in there.
They were just soaking up the sphere and all its customers.
He felt quite dizzy of all the colors swarming by him and
all the horrible images that clouded his brain.
Charles kept asking him if he was okay and he insisted he was.
He didn’t wanna fail this first ‘field’ day, could he?
“I didn’t know, there was so much turmoil in the world”
he only gasped.
“I know, that’s the frustrating part of it.
We can’t save them all “ he sighed.
“Then why can we save some? “
“They give out waves, signals for help? “
“Oh, like I did? “
“Yep, like you did. This energy wave has a different frequency and
so we pick up to it.”
“Phew, I never knew you needed all those skills to heal people though.”
“Oh, don’t let me discourage you though. They are taught with
time and experience. Just like life experiences make you wiser.”
“I see”Michael only sighed and someone irked his spirit.

She was a beautiful girl with
beautiful brown hair flowing around her face.
He wondered what she did here in this
forsaken place amongst all these tortured souls.
Then, he got a glimpse of her aura.
It shocked him, it was a murky gray one and
her eyes seemed dull.
He tried to focus to read her but
she was gone in a jiffy lost in the maze of all those
other energies polluting the air.
He was left stranded drained by the remains of
her murky cloud swirling all over the place.
He glanced at Charles and he only smiled and
nodded to ‘go on’ and investigate.


Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ.

He squeezed his body through the crowd and
people in the cue moved away,
some without thought like you just ‘replaced’ them and
others shrugged against him.
They didn’t see him but they felt his energy mass though and
that kind of startled them.

There she was, ordering her meal.
He heard Charles ‘guiding’ him on his first quest.
He was not supposed to get to close to her or
his energy bolt would get damaged by her destructive one.
Touching her to get her attention was not advisable too
for the same reasons and hugging her was out of the question
cause that meant that her destructive energy would annihilate
his healing one.
‘Getting himself killed’ was not the reason why
he was here in the first place.
Anyway, he had to attract her attention in another way so
he just stayed put in the hope she would bump into him
noticing him or not.
He need to trigger a reaction in her, right?

She whirled around and indeed bumped into him.
“Sorry” she called out and looked up at him.
Her eyes gleamed and in this instant he saw a smile on her face and
a tiny glint of yellow glow trying to force itself a way through
the dark but it only took a few seconds before
the murky energy turned black now swallowing
the yellow glint again.
She literally hung her head down and turned around trying to
go the other way.

It was in that moment, he saw her turmoil.
She was one of them.
One of the ‘mourning’ fans trying to stuff the hole in her soul with
a fatty burger and fries hoping it would somehow ‘stick’ and
cover up her wounded soul.
He was caught up in it for a moment and then felt the touch of
a hand on his shoulder.
With tears in his eyes, he looked at his friend.
“Work your magic, Mike” he only spoke.


Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ.

He got to her table and the more she stuffed herself,
the darker she became.
He already felt the suffocating mist whirl around his own body.
He need to withstand it to drag her back into the light, right?

He sat on the edge of the table just inches away,
feeling all her turmoil that made him nauseous somehow.
He tried to focus and send healing energy to her
the way Charles had taught him.
It was like fighting a two headed dragon.
His soul got flamed and scorched and just when
he was about to retrieve out of this battle,
she finally looked up and a tiny smile grew on her face.

“Hi” she only said shy.
“Hi back” He only said and could now drain her with love once
she locked her eyes in his.
She grabbed for another chip but couldn’t resist this
penetrating glance. He looked like through her,
peering into her soul. It made her cough and
he broke off his contact peering at the table again.
She cleared her throat with her soda and glanced at
the handsome fellow again. He sure reminded her of someone but
she couldn’t pinpoint it right now.
Could she be brave enough to ask his name?

She was indeed in need of a friend cause all her friends
scolded her that she needed to ‘get over his loss’.
Hurt, she had withdrawn to eating junk on her own, huh.


Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ.

Something wonderful but strange was happening to her as
she felt a warm glow covering her body and
she felt nourished though she only had eaten half of her burger and
just a handful of fries. Her burger was screaming to be eaten yet
she didn’t feel any remorse and so ignored its screams.
She sipped on her soda and pondered over the guy at the end of
her bunk seat. It really couldn’t be him as
much as her heart wanted it to be. He was gone.
Just ripped from her like a toy broken and dumped
in the nearest dustbin, left to die and wither.

She dared to look again and
it made her shriek a little that he was gone.
Had she dreamt him? A fata Morgana!
‘Okay, that does it! ‘ her mind screamed.
‘No fast food for you any more, Missy
if you start seeing things that aren’t there.’

“You’re looking for me? “
He asked daring and there he sat next to her.
How did that happen?
She let out a shriek almost jumping out of her body.
Amy also had nearby whales look at her in horror.
She slapped her hand in front of her mouth.
She quickly sipped from her soda and then
glanced at his beautiful face.

He had the most radiant smile and yet her heart knew who he was,
her mind kept fretting that it couldn’t be him. No way possible!
People don’t return from the death or
was the whole hoax thingy indeed true.
Nah, don’t stretch it and show some respect, okay!
“Do I know you? “ She boldly asked.
He only nodded and smiled at her.

“I’m Michael. Please to meet you! “
“Hi” she only managed to utter as
she peered into those almond eyes.
What the hell was he doing here? Oh, was he here all alone too?
She scanned the place for any ‘guard type’ of guy.
“Mind if I join you? “
The girl only nodded 'Yeash' captivated by his peaceful aura.


Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ.

“You come here often? “
She only nodded in shame and hung her head down.
“Hey, don’t be sad. ‘you waiting on a friend? “
Amy only nodded ‘No’ like she had lost her voice somehow.
Teary eyed, she looked up at him.

“There is no need to cry. Can I be your friend? I’m all alone too.”
It made her look up.
That must be the most ‘lame’ pick up line any guy ever offered her.
Quite offended she looked at him. She noticed it startled him.

“I didn’t mean to pry, I’m sorry. Friends? “
He reached out his hand to her.
She gawked at it like it was covered in jewels but
it was just a ‘human’ hand though. She noticed his long fingers and
the red blotches under his fingernails.
His hand wasn’t just white or black.
It was kind of vale with blotches of red and blue
and she could clearly see his veins throbbing in his hand.
Was he really alive or was Amy flipping out the way
she studied his hand before he withdrew it.
No word was spoken.
Then yet again, what could he say?

‘I’m back, did you miss me? ‘ Nah, I don’t think so.
“I didn’t mean to bother you or upset you. If you need me?
I’ll be waiting…”
He looked out of the window.
“… there on that bench. Enjoy your lunch, Miss! “
He got up and left.

Amy was too stunned to yell ‘wait’ or whatever
she could say to make him stay.
She glanced at the half eaten burger, the cheese had already
coagulated into a yellow mess killing the lettuce with it.
It made her sigh.
Did she just have a daydream or a nightmare?
She did dare to look outside and
who was there on the bench as promised?

her heart screamed but her mind only fretted,
She definitely was losing her mind now too.
His name was just ‘Michael’ , okay!


Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ.

Amy ditched her lunch after she slurped the soda empty.
She went to check out her looks in the mirror of the restroom and
headed out to meet her ‘handsome stranger’.
Butterflies were swarming in her belly and
she tried to calm them down.

Amy plunged down next to him. He first didn’t react nor
notice her as he was staring into the crowd.
“I need you, Michael! “ She only uttered.
He chuckled as he looked at her.

“How do you know it’s me, then?
I could be Jack the Ripper for all that matters.”
Amy giggled too and then glanced at him.
“Your eyes, your hands.”
“Oh” he looked at them and frowned his eyebrows.
“Not my looks, my curls, my clothes? “
He asked like she hurt his pride now.
“Any look alike can have that but nobody has your eyes nor your hands”
The girl told them as he was still studying them like
he first laid eyes on them.

“That’s why you’re special” she only reacted at first.
“See, I could never fool anyone of you. I’ve tried disguises but
you always manage to see right through them.”
“Can I… I hug… you? “
She stuttered blushing from ear to ear.
He only nodded.
she closed her eyes and for the first time in years
felt SAVE and LOVED.


Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ.

While hugging her, he saw more dark swirlies dooming up and
passing them. She let go of him feeling his unease.
The last thing, she wanted to be was a ‘sleazy’ thingy to him.
Her eye fell on her watch and it made her screech:
“Is that the time? OMJ, I have to dash. Will I… I see you tomorrow? “
“Sure, same time same place” he only spoke.
“Okay” He was left there in his inner turmoil.
He didn’t even notice someone sitting right beside him till he spoke and
it kind of made him jump.
“You okay? “
“Yeah” he replied but the look in his eyes told a different story.

“I didn’t realize I was so loved”
Michael spoke after quite a few moments of silence.
“You never do” his friend only answered.
“Shall we call it a day and try again tomoz? “
Michael jerked his head to his friend.
“Just like that? Leave all those souls in turmoil? “
“Well, you’re not gonna help them by sulking on this bench here, are you? “
How dare he scold him like this, HUH.
He got up and strolled on.


Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ.

They eventually drifted back ‘home’ or
where he supposed to live now as indeed he felt drained.
Was it worry of how he was gonna help them or
was the mere fact he realized there were so many of them?
Could he heal them all?

Was that plan or did he had to select the ‘happy few’ like
with the 'in store' signing. Nah, that would be cruel and
yet he never agreed on selecting fans. They are all dear to him, all!

“Well? “ He heard the booming voice next to him.
What the hell was he doing in his bedroom? HIS bedroom!
“What? “ He squinted his eyes.
“We’re almost noon and
you’re gonna miss the app you made at the Burger Joint. “
“I don’t know if I can go through with it” Michael spoke defeated.
“What is with the negative thinking all of a sudden?
Of course, you can people rely on you.”
“I know” He snapped.
“That’s just the thing. I’m sick and tired of peeps wanting stuff from
me. Just leave me alone, okay.”
“It was your idea! Remember that? “
Michael sighed and slouched out of bed.
He screeched under the once hot and cold shower.
Okay, ready for duty!

Charlie didn’t say much along the way feeling his negative vibes
piercing through his own soul and
that was not a pleasant feeling after all.
They were late but she still sat there on her table,
eating something. It wasn’t a Happy meal though.
In silence, he neared her and smiled she was having a salad instead.
Happy thoughts lifted his spirit.


Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ.

“Hey” she called out looking up cause she felt his vibe.
“What’s wrong? “ She whispered.
He only shrugged and she crawled nearer to him but
he hadn’t noticed it as a whole bunch of
those black swirlies came in and polluted the whole damn Burger joint.
He felt like suffocating as he coughed.
She kind of sensed something too and as she looked up,
she saw WHY?

HUH, it were her ‘so called’ friends that ditched her.
They were chatting and smiling but their inner light was
engulfed in a dark swirly torturing it.
She saw it made him cringe in and it felt like the owner had
put the heating on hell. She looked at her salad, done.
She slurped from her shake, done.

“Okay, let’s go before they kill your light”
she commented, grabbed him by the arm and
dragged him out of the Burger Joint.
Was he here alone? How careless? How cruel?

He held his hand to his chest and let out a deep sigh.
“Thanks, babe” he sighed.
She grabbed his arm again and dragged him to the ‘sulking’ bench.
“Take a seat!”
She demanded him and he plunged down on the white bench.

“Do… you… know them? “ He asked still out of breath.
“Yeah” she smirked.
“They call themselves ‘fans’ too, HUH.
They sure forgotten what your message is though.”
It made him smile and with a twinkle in his eye,
he innocently asked her:
“So, what is my message then? “
“Bring L.O.V.E! Care for the children, the planet.
Oh and for one another too.”
“Can’t be? “ He shook his head violently like
he just had the biggest revelation revealed to him.
“What can’t be, Hun? “
He looked up to her in horror.
“What? “ she shrugged.
“Don’t be so Innocent, Michael, duh! “
“They had those black swirlies around them but not like yours.”
He thought out loud touching the dimple in his chin.
“Black swirlies? I have a black swirly around me? “
She stretched and bend her body in every possible way but
nope not a black swirly visible to the naked eye.
“You see me? “
“Of course, I do! “
“Nah! “ He nodded his head in turmoil.
“What? Can I help, Please Michael! You’re killing me with this.”
Innocently, he looked up to her and
his ‘puppy doe’ eyes melted her heart to the core.
Could he reveal his mission to her? Could he trust her?

“Thanks for saving me but I gotta go now”
He only spoke and got up. He felt quite light headed.
What was wrong with him anyway?
“Sit down! “ She scolded him again.
“You’re gonna hurt yourself! “
“Thanks” was all he sighed as he seemed worn out.
This was freaking her out, okay!


Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ.

He sat there on the bench tired as hell and still puzzled why?
This was not mentioned at the meeting though, how cruel!

“Feeling better? “ She asked after a moment of silence.
He only nodded slowly getting his breath back.
She could read the turmoil in his eyes.
“We’re not all BAD, Michael” she began.
“What I say next might break your heart but
it’s the damned truth these days.
I never knew how cruel grief could be too.”
Michael didn’t answer and only glared at her.
The numbness in his legs and hands were slowly fading away.

“Grief is cruel thing as I said. A lot of fans are stuck in the grief circle of
anger. I’m sorry, you can’t help them.
I’ve tried too but the only thing you gain is getting your own light drained.”
He only nodded and remained quiet.
“Can I ask you a bold question? “
She glanced at him and bopped her legs like an exciting child.
“What? “

“You’re an Angel, right?”
She touched him and she reached right through his shoulder like
he was made out of a swirling white cloud instead of flesh and blood.
He first looked around and then
secretly nodded ‘yes’ while he blushed.

Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ.

“WOW, Am I the ONLY one that can see you?
Are you here all on your own?
Do Angels exactly have someone that protects them?
They nearly killed you there, Michael! “
She fired all these questions at him but he remained quiet.

A woman with a toddler on a wobbly bike cruised by.
Without a word, he leaped up and he grabbed the little kid by
its collar when the bike lost its balance.
The kid was of course startled but
it gave him courage to get his bike in check and
to believe that he really learnt to cycle.
He looked up to his mum and she’s called out to him: Good boy!
Pleased Michael stood there and his heart filled with joy.

“Michael! “ she called out like she was scolding him.
“What? “
He asked all innocently still glancing at the miracle of life
disappearing from his sight now.

“You haven’t heard a word I said, haven’t you? “
“What were you saying, Babe? I’m listening.”
“ARGHHH! “ She fretted and trotted off.
“Wait! I’m sorry” he tailed her.


Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ.

“I’m supposed to save you! “ He babbled out.
“Well, good luck with that”
She scolded him standing there with her hands on her hips like
a first grade school teacher would do.
“Please let me explain? “

She only nodded as his puppy doe eyes melted her heart and
it was exactly impossible to stay cross at him for long.
“I’m an Angel indeed. You see me cause you need me.
Remember the ‘black swirlies? “
“The suffocating ones? “ she asked.
“No… Ehmm… yours” he whispered.
“I know, I’m NOT really allowed to tell you this but
otherwise you won’t trust me, right? “

“I don’t want you getting into trouble cause of me”
she held her hands in STOP sign and her face scrunched up a bit.
Now, that was the last thing she intended to do, right?

“I know what Angels do, okay” she shrugged.
“So, stick to your oath and hold my hand, Please? “
She reached out her hand and he took it.
His human reflection still had the big hands with
his long fingers and that only made her smile.


Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ.

So hand in hand, they strolled through the park.
He often ‘encountered’ other black swirlies but
they passed by so quickly that he couldn’t intervene yet.
Anyway, it felt good to stroll in the park without
wearing a disguise or even having someone hovering over him.
Was it a good thing to hold on to her?

He didn’t care really now as he saw how his touch
melted away all her fears and worries.
How did he spot it?
A beautiful yellowish cloud swirled around her now.
I guess, she even felt the change in her glow as
she suddenly babbled out:
“Thanks Michael for holding my hand.
If you need to heal others then go, I understand.”

He hesitated to let her go now.
Was his love so strong that he healed her in matter of a few hours?
Was he ready to let her go?
“I love you” he whispered in her ear.
It made her giggle.
“I love you most” she replied.

Michael only sighed as they strolled further into the park.
“It’s tough letting go, right? “
He glanced startled at her like she was feeling him,
reading his thoughts where he was fending off his desire to kiss her.


Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ.

He only nodded and blushed.
She came closer and took the bold chance to
kiss him on his cheek. He bowed his head in shame and
turned red in his face.
She with drawled too and let go of his hand.
He remained there like she had pulled out his plug.

“Sorry” she only reacted.
He fiddled with hands still with his head bowed to the ground
ever so shy to look up to her.

“I understand, Michael. I really do! Go on! “
she pushed him like a mum would encourage her first grader
to set a daring foot in his new school, all creepy new.
Her heart melted the way he stood there so vulnerable so
she hugged him tight.
“Okay” he only stated and stood straight up with his chin held high.

“If I do my duty here would you….” He hesitated.
“Of course, I’ll be there, sweetie. Where shall we meet then?
You can tell me all about it then. Well, if you’re allowed to, that is! “

“This is too public. I see people eying you.”
“I don’t mind but it’s your choice, Hun.”
“Come on, I’ll take you Home” he finally said and took her hand.

~ Copyright 2013 ~
~ Edited 2015 ~