Is anyone going to see Janet's new movie?

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No, not gonna see it but then I don't go to the movies often anyway, unless it's something special. Never saw the first one. Just not interested. Nothing against Janet, it's just not my type of movie (relationship/marriage/dating drama stuff). I wish her success (although I too am perplexed by her interviews regarding Michael).
Nope...I have decided to start spending my hard earned cash wisely. But I just saw Alice in Wonderland tonight.

I will not spend a dime on anything Janet does ever again.

A friend sent me a twitter earlier during the Oprah show. She said it looks like Janet is hard at work auditioning for the defense team. I can't say I disagree with her.

She will be strutting her stuff to the witness stand and help Murray get off with a slap on the wrist.
Ok I will say this once and ONLY Once. This is a thread about Janet's new movie NOT what she said on Oprah or any other interview. I myself have had to bite my tongue on that one in an effort of NOT becoming disrespectful. In VERY recent times we must all do if this were a discussion about her interview it'd be another story, and even then any disrespectful remark will NOT be tolerated. Just keep this mantra: Think before you post.

Simply put...This is a movie about Janet's new film and whether or not you'll see it, your review of it, etc.





I myself am making up my mind as to whether or not I actually want to see it or not. It's pretty much a coin toss at this point. I enjoyed the first one so I may see it, because I happen to like Tyler Perry.
I'am this weekend and reading some of the reviews from people that already seen it... Well I CAN NOT WAIT!!! lol

Yep and at location I was at It sold out...
not In to tyler perry much,Janet got me In that theater solely.
seeing her brought emotion,I was Indeed moved:
God Bless you ((((Janet))))
Saw it today and loved it. The theater was sold out. Her performance and Jill Scott's were the best in my opinion. It was a good follow-up to the original.
..........Will i'm just going to see it because i liked part 1 and i had to edit what i said don't want the thread to be close
I will never support anything Janet Jackson does. No, I won't see her movie. My heart belongs only to Michael. Please don't close this thread but delete my post if this is out of line. I have been thinking all day about another famous sister who lost her brother tragically...Caroline Kennedy. I have never heard her speak a word about the private life of John F. Kennedy Jr. and I bet she never will.
This thread has 2 moderator warnings to keep the topic only related to whether or not do you plan to go and see Janet's new movie. Unfortunately all the other discussion about Janet's interview etc continues in combination with attacking other members.

Therefore the thread is closed.
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