Jam before Teddy Riley

Re: scratching

Yeah wonderful, those don't sound anything like Jam though.
Why would it? They're different songs and different people scratching different records. It's still scratching and you asked what the sound was. It's possible that the scratch on Viva Las Vegas is a stock sound in a synthesizer and not a person doing it. Same for Jam. I'm looking at the credits on the Dangerous album right now and there's nobody credited for scratching. I have Herbie Hancock's album and a person is credited (Grand Mixer DST).
interesting finding. lol.

Britney Spears song 'Cinderella' also comes to my mind right now, regarding Jam and other MJ samples. but rather subtle during the whole song.
Chris I agree with you, it sounds like the exact scratch sound in Jam. I know tons of records use the scratch effects but they're all different. The ZZ top track has the direct identical sound as Jam does. If you listen VERY carefully you can just make out Teddy's voice under the scratch sound saying "Jam" - so it's a direct sample.

Has it been credited?!

Thank you! Honestly, you have confirmed exactly what I was hearing too!
anyone else here who's thinking Teddy has recycled elements from Boy George's "Don't Take My Mind On A Trip" for the MJ song "Dangerous"?

Don't Take My Mind On A Trip

anyone else here who's thinking Teddy has recycled elements from Boy George's "Don't Take My Mind On A Trip" for the MJ song "Dangerous"?
I forgot how the album version went and I own the album. :laughing: I have the maxi single too and mostly listened to the remixes. The radio used to play one of the remixes too. So I hardly ever heard the album mix. Listening to it now, it sounds like it could be on Guy's 1st album. Just replace Boy George with Aaron Hall. I don't really hear Dangerous in it though unless you're talking about the orchestra stabs and that's kinda common in New Jack Swing. What I do notice is that Dangerous has more bass in the mix than Boy George's song. Don't Take My Mind On A Trip sounds thin, or at least this album version does. Maybe that's why I didn't listen to it. :D Remixes often have more bass.
Of course I'd be happy to, but it was in 2014, so I unfortunately do not really remember it clearly. I do have notes that I took at the seminar somewhere, I'll see if I can find them.

But just to illustrate how different it is from the Teddy version(s): Brad introduced it by asking us what we think the next track was. I don't think anyone guessed correctly.
I know Iā€™m some years late but did the track happen to have a fast tempo or have an old school funk breakbeat feel? Bruce Swedien had described the song as being an experiment with older high energy drum and rhythm tracks.
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i'm kind of scared i would not have been a fan if M did not work with Teddy šŸ˜± :ROFLMAO: