Jeffrey Spear (Bad Logo Designer) Releases Discarded Album Logos


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Oct 10, 2017
On May 10, the Source Type website published a short article about the design concept for Michael Jackson's "Bad" album. In the article they do not comment on anything new, since it hardly has text, they simply say that it was a highly anticipated album and that Michael threw himself into it because he had to improve himself after "Thriller", but to write it they contacted Jeffrey Spear (the graphic designer who created the mythical Bad logo written with red spray) and has given them no less than 8 logo sketches from his archive that were part of the process until the final logo design that we all know.

According to the article, to do it he used an airbrush and a photocopier, deforming it little by little until he obtained the final one.

He left here the images of the sketches: