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Dec 1, 2002
Michael Jackson Community
MJJCommunity.com Message Board and Fan Club Terms of Service:

Welcome to MJJCommunity.com, the largest fan club and online message board dedicated to the one and only King of Pop, the late Michael Jackson. Please take a few moments to read the following forum rules.

By becoming a member of MJJCommunity (MJJC), you agree to adhere to all rules and guidelines. Carefully read through the rules and guidelines before you begin posting on the board. We want to be sure that you and other members have a positive experience while using and contributing to MJJCommunity.

MJJC Rules and Guidelines for Posting

This thread is reserved for MJJCommunity rules and updates only. If you have any questions concerning the rules and guidelines, please post them in the Help and Information Center of the board.

MJJCommunity.com rules and guidelines are subject to change at any time. When changes are made to the rules, staff will post updates to inform MJJC members.



MJJCommunity is proud of Michael's example of constant love, understanding, and desire to heal the world.
Now that he is gone, we will continue to uphold the ideals that were most important to him and honor his legacy.

We want all members to enjoy their experience on MJJC, so please help ensure that with how you post and interact with other members and staff on the board. Respect and treat others as you wish to be respected and treated.

The following are general rules for posting on the board. Please read and adhere to the rules in each forum; there may be more specific or additional guidelines for posting in certain areas.

Any breach of these rules and/or guidelines can result in admin/moderator warnings, editing of posts, deletion of posts, infractions to your account, and temporary or permanent banning.
Posting Rules

The following posts, signatures, and/or behaviours are NOT allowed on MJJCommunity:

1. Derogatory name-calling, personal insults/attacks, the confrontational questioning of fanhood or integrity, or antagonizing or bullying remarks directed at staff, other members, or MJJCommunity as a whole

2. Mean-spirited, overly aggressive, antagonizing, hateful, sexually aggressive, vulgar, or obscene remarks and/or advances, and stalking or harassment of any kind directed at staff or other members

3. Derogatory or mocking remarks about race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, or sexual orientation

4. Threats or promotion of violence, bodily harm, or death threats toward anyone

5. Religious or faith-related debates; this is out of respect and protection of the personal beliefs of staff and members; however, discussion among believers of any religion/faith is allowed

6. Threats or promotion of violence, bodily harm, death threats, hateful attacks, or derogatory name-calling regarding the extended family and/or children of Michael Jackson.

7. Disrespecting and/or questioning the paternity of the children of Michael Jackson

8. Questioning if Michael Jackson bleached his skin to become Caucasian

9. Stating that Michael Jackson was a practising drug addict

10. Stating that Michael Jackson was better when his skin was black

11. Paparazzi photographs of or tabloid articles about the children of Michael Jackson; this includes any photographs of Michael's children that have not been publicly posted by them on social media and any photographs that have not been taken at public events

12. Distorted photographs and/or images of Michael Jackson that are derogatory in nature

13. Referring to Michael Jackson using the term “J.acko.”

14. Autopsy or postmortem (death) photos of Michael Jackson

15. Words, pictures, or links that are in violation of any laws

16. Purposefully bashing, negatively provoking, or “trolling” staff, members, or the board as a whole; doing this will result in a permanent banning of your account

17. Overly explicit language and excessive use of swear/curse words. Adult conversation can be wild and fun, but remember that we have young members here. This is a family-oriented board, so please try to keep your language at a PG-13 level and cursing at a minimum.

18. Posts that derail threads or are not relevant to discussions. Please do not derail threads. If you are not interested in or do not like a topic that is being discussed, then do not enter the thread just to bash the topic and/or insult members interested in discussing it. Do not post phrases that do not bring value to the discussion like, “Who cares,” “Not interested,” “Who gives a f---,” et cetera.

19. Solicitation, or requests to buy/sell/trade merchandise or music, Michael Jackson related or otherwise; this includes using MJJCommunity’s private messaging (PM) function for this/these purpose(s). Do not, in any shape or form, place donation threads, or projects that involve donations or solicitation for money anywhere on MJJC.

20. Requesting or posting links to illegal downloads of material that is copyrighted; they are not permitted anywhere on MJJC. This includes using MJJCommunity’s private messaging (PM) function for that purpose and can incur an instant ban of your account. Any allowed download links should be posted in the 2000 Watts multimedia forum only. However, the multimedia section is not a place for advertising content, therefore posting snippets/teasers to content fully available is not allowed. Only post valid download links to the full content. Please read the specific rules posted in that forum for additional guidance.

21. Posting links on threads or in signatures to promote or link to competing Michael Jackson forums or websites. Do not promote other Michael Jackson fan clubs, fan sites, forums, multimedia websites, podcasts, et cetera, through the threads, signatures, and/or profiles or by any other means on MJJC. You may post links to personal blogs or social media accounts like YouTube. If you are unsure whether a link is permitted or not, please feel free to post in the Help and Information Center or private message (PM) a staff member. MJJC staff will decide whether or not a link is permitted.

22. Posting articles without citing sources; please include a source link in your post when posting news articles or information on the board; neglecting to do so can result in your post being deleted. Do not link to stories that are on other Michael Jackson message boards. Please find the original source for the story. Do not post links in a discussion thread without a description.

Board Moderation

Please know that MJJCommunity staff are here to serve you and bring about the best experience possible for you as MJJC members. But, as in all communities, there will be times when we have to take appropriate actions to protect MJJCommunity’s integrity for all members. We encourage you to have varied opinions and views on all topics discussed. Please express them respectfully.

Please be advised of and adhere to all of the following:

MJJC staff has the final say: MJJC staff reserves the right to remove, edit, move, or close any thread or post and take appropriate actions to ensure MJJCommunity forums are not disrupted and abused in any way. If you disagree with or have questions about an action that staff has taken, it is okay to have a civil discussion with a staff member through private messaging (PM) about that action. After all, staff members are human, too and sometimes make mistakes. We encourage you to come forward and make your opinions known. However, any arguing or taking such conversations publicly to the open forum may result in disciplinary action. Respect the decisions of staff members.

Warnings, Infractions, and Bans: If any member incurs 20 infraction points in regard to disrespecting others or disregarding board rules, they will incur a 3-day instant ban. The ban period increases for any member who continues to receive multiple bans. We also reserve the right to permanently ban anyone who disrupts this board (at our discretion) in order to protect our members and the integrity of MJJC.

Do not question staff about other members: Please do not discuss the banning of members on the board or ask staff why a member was banned. That information is personal and confidential.

Do not argue about MJJC policies or “call out” any moderator action publicly in posts or in chat (this includes the chatbox or chat room.) Please send a private message (PM) to any MJJC staff member with any questions or concerns.

Ignoring warnings and thread notes: Do not ignore warnings or moderator notes posted in threads or chats. If you ignore warnings or notes placed in threads by staff (for example, “No more arguing and name-calling”), and the behaviour continues, disciplinary action will be taken against those who have ignored the warning/note. If you disagree with a staff decision, you may private message (PM) that staff member to discuss it civilly. However, arguing with staff or publicly discussing actions and/or policies is not permitted. If you really feel you have been treated unfairly and cannot resolve your issue with a moderator, then please email the contact@mjjcommunity.com

Public revolts and insults: Public revolts or insults against staff are not permitted. If you do not want to comply with the rules of MJJCommunity, then this board may not be the Michael Jackson fan venue that you’re looking for. Follow the proper protocol above and your complaint will be reviewed by MJJC staff.

Rules for posting in the Chat Box and Chat Room:

To ensure you and other members have a positive experience in the MJJC Chat Box and Chat Room, please be sure to read the Rules and Guidelines below before posting in either chat. General board posting and moderation rules also apply in chat.

•Do not argue with staff in chat. Please comply with any requests.
•Do not ask why your post was deleted in chat. Private message (PM) staff instead.
•Do not start lengthy topical discussions in chat. Take it to the forums!
•Do not complain publicly against the board in chat. PM staff to resolve any issues.
•Do not personally insult or attack MJJC, staff, or members in chat.
•Do not post or request illegal material or any download links in the chat.
•Do not spam, solicit, or promote other MJ fan boards in chat.
•Do not use inappropriate language or have inappropriate discussions in chat. Keep it PG-13.

Any misuse of the chatbox or abuse of the rules and you will lose access.

Posting Guidelines

You are welcome to challenge others' points of view and opinions but do so respectfully. A critical conversation is expected when you disagree but please do not be rude and please do not personally attack or insult staff or members individually, or the board collectively.

Of course, you don't have to like or respect everyone or everything that is discussed, as well as those who have caused Michael, his children or you any pain by their actions. But there are better ways to voice opinions or disapproval without being excessively hateful or mean-spirited.

We encourage all of you to find positive and constructive ways to express your thoughts and feelings, even though those particular thoughts and feelings may not always be quite so positive. As always, constructive criticism is always welcome.

Read and Search.

Read the forum descriptions before you post so you know where to post. Make your thread titles as descriptive as possible. Tag all new threads that you create with keywords so they are easily found in our search engine. Also, please make sure you search the forum before creating a new thread topic. MJJC has been around for a very long time and it is possible your topic has already been created/discussed.

Michael Jackson News and Discussion Forum.

Since the Michael Mania sub-forum has been merged with the Michael Jackson News sub-forum, there has been a title change and therefore this section of the site is for both news AND discussion. News articles, official announcements and current events constitute "news", whilst other more general topics about Michael Jackson the man, or his body of work, constitute "discussion".

Please be aware that any new threads posted in the Michael Jackson News and Discussion forum are automatically posted to MJJC social media accounts, so think very carefully about whether what you are posting is appropriate and/or worthy for this section and for social media.

We cannot stress this enough: please make sure to search and check to see if your topic has already been created. We do not wish to have MJJC social media flooded with the same news stories and discussion topics over and over again, or with topics that we might consider to be "fluff" topics, with very little substance, intellectual value, or professionalism attached to them.

Report Spam and Offensive Posts.

Please report spam and offensive posts or material ASAP to help us keep MJJC a safe and respectable environment. It is impossible for staff to see every instance, so your help in this matter is much appreciated. There is a report button below every post. Your reports remain anonymous.

Cascio Tracks.

Cascio track discussion/debates on authenticity is only allowed in the "Michael - The Great Album Debate" thread in the Trials and Tribulations forum. Please do not derail other threads with that discussion.

Personal Information

Sharing personal information on the public forum, or via PM, is strictly prohibited. This includes information such as addresses, phone numbers, full names, e-mail addresses, etc. This is to protect your personal data and details of your identity, which would be held on MJJC servers, had it been shared in this way. Any information disclosed by yourselves, such as first names and locations, is at your own discretion and is your sole responsibility. MJJC will not be held accountable or responsible for repercussions if personal security rules are not adhered to.

Member Accounts

Each member is allowed one account. Registering multiple accounts is not allowed. This is to hold each member accountable and protect members and staff from any deception on the board.

We do not permit requests for accounts to be deleted and/or cancelled.

There are two member account statuses on the board:

New Member

Once a new member registers, posts are in moderation and must be approved by staff. This is to protect the board from spammers/trolls. Your account will be automatically upgraded to proud member status at midnight GMT time after your 10th post has been approved.

Proud Member

Proud members can post freely in all areas of the forum without needing pre-approval and have access to all features and options on the board.


Members are allowed one banner/picture no larger than 600px width, 300px height.

You can check the size of your signature pixels by right-clicking the picture and selecting properties. If your signature is over the limit, staff will send you one request to resize the picture(s). If the request is ignored, your signature will be removed. Keep signature messages and images in line with MJJC rules and posting guidelines. For example, we do not allow promotional material of any kind - links to other sites and social media platforms are not allowed in signatures.

Account Assistance

If you are unable to log into your account you can request assistance by emailing contact@mjjcommuity.com and we will be more than happy to assist you. In your email, please include your user name and the problem you are having. The more information you can provide, the faster and easier it will be to resolve your issue.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions, Requests

If you have any requests, suggestions, or questions about your account, options, features or technical aspects of the board, please post them in the Help and Information Center on the board so that they can be addressed and taken care of in a timely manner by the Owner or Administrators. Staff may not see your concerns, issues, or questions if you post them in the discussion threads.

MJJCommunity Site Disclaimer

MJJCOMMUNITY.COM reserves the right to monitor all postings and to remove any which it considers in its absolute discretion to be offensive or otherwise in breach of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS:

You hereby represent and warrant that you have all necessary rights in and to all postings/uploads you provide and all material they contain; that your postings/uploads shall not infringe any proprietary or other rights of third parties; that your postings/uploads shall not contain any viruses or other contaminating or destructive devices or features; that your postings/uploads shall not contain any defamatory, indecent, offensive, tortuous, or otherwise unlawful material or content; and that your postings/uploads shall not be used to carry out or solicit any unlawful activity and/or be used to make commercial solicitations. You hereby authorize MJJCommunity.com to use and/or authorize others to use all or part of your postings/uploads in any manner, format, or medium that MJJCommunity.com or such other parties see fit. You shall have no claim or other recourse against MJJCommunity.com for infringement of any proprietary right in postings/uploads. MJJCommunity.com has the absolute right to the moderation queue and/or ban members when rules are violated.

All messages express the views of the author(s); the Owner and Administrators of MJJC will not be held responsible for the content of any message posted.
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