Rank the unreleased songs


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Nov 3, 2022
Honestly the best unreleased MJ tracks imo are:

1) Chicago 1945 (2021 Mix)
2) Streetwalker (1987 Mix)
3) Hot Street (1982)
4) Streetwalker (1988 Mix)
5) Price of Fame (1986)
6) Throwing You Life Away (Brad/Steve Mix)
7) Cheater (1987)
8) Do You Know Where Your Children (1987 Mix)
9) Nite-Line (1981)
10) Carousel (1982 Mix)

Honorable Mentions:

Loving You (1985)
Free (1987)
Sunset Driver (1982 Ver)
This Is It (I Never Heard) (2009 Mix)
Al Capone (1985-86)

I wanna heard yours
This was really hard for me to think of lol

1 - Throwing Your Life Away
2 - Ghost Of Another Lover
3 - A Place With No Name (Demo)
4 - Hollywood Tonight (Neff-U Mix)
5 - Hollywood Tonight (Demo)
6 - Xscape (2001)
7 - Al Capone
8 - Hot Street
9 - The Way You Love Me (Demo)
10 - Days In Gloucestershire

Honorable Mentions:
I Am A Loser
Fly Away
Behind The Mask (Remix and Demo)
Someone Put Your Hand Out (Demo)
Slave To The Rhythm (Original)
Behind The Mask is top.
Hot Street is the list Thriller cut
Chicago 1945
Who Do You Know
Hold My Hand
Price of Fame
1) Days In Gloucestershire
2) Throwing Your Life Away
3) Chicago 1945
4) Slave To The Rhyhm (Timbaland's Version)
5) Hollywood Tonight (Original Version)

DiG is the absolute gem for me. So Simple yet so Beautiful...
mine are easy for me

2.Chicago 1945
3.Al Capone
4.A place with no name
5.Hollywood Tonight
Revised list:

1) Chicago 1945 (2021 Mix) - Sounds like a 40s song but in the 80s
2) Streetwalker (1987 Mix) - Groovy
3) Hot Street (1982) - Better than Baby Be Mine imho
4) Streetwalker (1988 Mix) - Groovy, but not as groovy as 87 and more aggressive
5) Price of Fame (1986) - Lyrics are amazing, the synth is amazing but somethings missing
6) A Place With No Name (1998) - Sounds like an Dangerous era song, which I love
7) Throwing You Life Away (Brad/Steve Mix) - like PoF but not as convincing in the chorus
8) Cheater (1987) - An aggressive song but mixed with Blues elements imo
9) Do You Know Where Your Children (1987 Mix) - sounds so 80s which I love
10) Nite-Line (1981) - Similar to Hot Street but lacking
11) Carousel (1982 Mix) - Very relaxing and I'd very much take this over TGIM

Honorable Mentions:

Loving You (1985) - very Mid 80s but not as strong as others
Free (1987) - better than Liberian Girl change my mind
Sunset Driver (1982 Ver) - sounds like Off The Wall era but it isn't
This Is It (I Never Heard) (2009 Mix) - The demo lacks what the official release sounds like
Al Capone (1985-86) - "Mom can we get Smooth Criminal? We Have it son." Smooth Criminal at home:
Got The Hots (1982) - Its just a bit to much imo

I left off some notable ones: reasoning

She Was Loving Me - I don't get the hype over the song, It just sounds meh to me
Hollywood Tonight (1999 & 2010) - Same as She Was Loving Me
Slave To The Rhythm (1990 & 2014) - Its just meh to me
Behind the Mask (1981 & 2010) - 2010 Ver is just meh and the 1982 version would be top 5 if it was finished
Fly Away (1986)- Free is just better imo
Who Do You Know (1982) - Too slow for me
Days In Gloucestershire (2004) - Never hooked on it
My top 5….wish they were released in great sound.

Throwing Your Life Away
Do You Know Where Your Children Are (2010 mix version)
People Of The World
What More Can I Give (solo version)
Behind The Mask (in better sound as T40 version sounds very poor)
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