Thriller 3D Update


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Jul 20, 2010
barok232;4233029 said:
Trimming that would save you what? 3 minutes?

It is meant to be a short film, there has to be contrasts, pauses, build-up until the climax etc. When you have seen a film several times it is logical that you may feel weary of some parts and need to skip to the action. But you have forgotten how it feels when watching it for the first time, which again is normal

There is a central idea around Ghosts and the plot is to see all those events happening eg skeleton dance, mayor dance etc. But all these scenes can’t pop up out of nowhere, there has to be proper preparation

That was just an example of a cut that could be made without affecting the 'plot'. I wasn't giving you an exhaustive list of the cuts I'd make.

For me story will always win out in film, even though it's the films packed with effects and little story that everyone queues round the block to see these days. Ghosts' story does not justify 40 minutes of telling.

It's fun for sure. I just think it would have so much more impact if it was sleaker, meaner, sharper.