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I read the new queen has adopted 2 dogs from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, the same rescue Larry was adopted from.
I think they have many castles and other houses too in the royal family , they would have place for more rescued cats and dogs.

A criminal has made a fake page using our logo, photos and some of our posts. This scammer was yesterday requesting that our followers send messages to his page/ messenger. It was also trying to impersonate Adriana. We have blocked and reported to Facebook "My backup page". Please do not engage with these scammers. Do not use their donation links as these can be changed at any moment.
Jutta Shelter has only one page! We will never send you friend requests. We do not give permission to anyone to contact our followers. We will never give permission to a third person to ask for any form of donation on our behalf. We will never give permission for any fundraisers to be set up on our behalf. Not even from people that you may know from our posts. Your safety is paramount to us.
Please spread the word about this alarming incident.
If you need to verify any form of contact or any of our donation links, please send us an email to
We are deeply concerned by this event and will do our utmost to safeguard you and our animals,
Jutta Shelter, Ioannis and Adriana

Other shelters and rescues have problems with scammers too

Friends of Arlington (TX) Animal Services (FAAS)


As the outdoor temperatures start to drop, cats will hide under car hoods for protection and warmth.
Use caution when you start your car in the cold winter months ahead. If cats are left outside, they may climb under the car hood for protection from the cold. Before you climb into your car, slap the hood or open it for a quick look around.
"The most common mistake made when a new baby is born is to leave the cats living in the house on the street. Can cats and a newborn live in the same house, in the same room or even in the same baby crib? Surely babies and cats will be best friends. If you have any doubts about this subject in your mind, you should watch this heartwarming video."

If you want you can make a comment under the video on youtube. The couple with the baby have a problem with some of their family members who think they should get rid of the cats when they got a baby.

Alley Cat Allies

We are very happy to see the city of Los Angeles launch its new Citywide Cat Program, a #TNR program that provides funding and support to spay or neuter 20,000 community cats annually. TNR programs like these in major cities take dedication, careful planning, and a holistic community approach. We look forward to seeing its impact in the city of angels!

November is National Senior Pet Month - Meet our senior kitty gang!

Older cats tend to be much calmer and well-behaved compared to young animals, which makes them a perfect companion for seniors and families with very young children. So be sure to consider older cats if you’re seeking a new best friend.
All the cats want to go home to their own family but Tom is the lucky one. Tom is actually a female cat.

Lots of pets have been abandoned or taken to shelters.Some have been killed.
Together we can make a difference, in this case for the cats in Greece.
If people there who work with the cats can get money they can help a lot more cats than if they have to do all the job with fundraising and trapping cats themselves.It´s possible to get a contribution from GCWS and another charity too.

"We thank the Greek Cat Welfare Society in the UK for their grant to neuter 50 stray female cats on Paros. This has been completed thanks to our volunteer catchers and our vets. It has helped us reach a record number this year for PAROSCAT - so far 450 neutered cats. We are very grateful to GCWS and their donors in the UK for helping our stray cat program on our little Greek island in the Cyclades."

"We thank lovely Elaine for caring and neutering the cats of Ermioni."
"Ermióni, Greece - More pussy cats neutered from this area, the Mandrakia bin cats. Always in this area, there are many new kids on the block that appear and they need nurturing to allow you to get close to them, especially for neutering. A lady close by does feed them periodically and there are many dishes left close to her premises. None of this would be possible if not for the kindness from GCWS, to whom I am hugely grateful."

"We thank Martin and team from Symi Neutering Programme for their wonderful work and for the thank you note"
"Thankfully with the help of the Greek Cat Welfare Society funding, SNIP has managed to neuter over 345 cats so this isn't occurring so much in Symi. But the work continues and all donations are gratefully received. The Winter months are when the suffering occurs due to lack of food but by continuing to neuter the cats there is less suffering particularly with hungry kittens.Donations can be made to the Greek Cat Welfare Society (UK ) who provide us with generous annual funding from the donations they receive."
3 of the lion cubs were actually found in a bag at the train station.
They were only a few weeks old.
They were taken to a zoo in Polen

And then they flew to their forever home at Wild Life sanctuary, Minnesota

Many of you know there is a war going on in Ukraine and no part is really safe from attacks.
This is another example where several people work together to rescue animals

Community Cat Coalition,O,P-R

“Feral” cats seen at your workplace?
It is astounding how many times our rescuers have heard from people who saw “feral” cats at their workplace – can you do something? Yes, YOU can!
On a busy day at work, getting ready for a large crowd in an annual, all weekend long event, *Ali and her coworkers heard kitten sounds in the warehouse. A search finally turned up a dirty cardboard box (and rat droppings
) with EIGHT newborn kittens! And a brief glimpse of a gray cat identified the probable mom scampering away.

What to do? The instinct is to gather up babies when you find them, but obviously these kittens had a mom, and more often now people are becoming aware the best chance of survival for kittens is staying with mom until old enough to wean. The kittens seemed cool to touch – but they had seen mom, should they leave them? They decided to put some warm bedding in the bare cardboard box and leave them be, hoping mom would return. But at the end of the workday, a check on the kittens found they were getting cold, not moving as much, and no sign mom had been around or eaten any of the food put out. The decision was made for one of the coworkers with animal experience to take them home to bottle feed, and work on trapping mom to reunite.

This happened on a Wednesday, during a cold snap and during a busy, hectic time at the workplace. The kittens were placed with a vet tech, and determined to be premature and underweight. There was no further sign of mom, no food disappearing, and no way to adequately place the kittens safely to try to lure her to them; the trap was baited with food AND some soiled bedding from the kittens, plus kitten sounds were played to no avail. All kittens survived for 5 days, then began to die – and rescuers know it is incredibly hard to keep newborns alive without mom (one survived). Even with mom, these babies didn’t have a great chance. But with no mom seen for 5 days, do you keep trapping?

Happily, in spite of the boss being told “not to bother trapping her as she was probably long gone from the area”, she encouraged and allowed the employees to continue trapping after other rescuers said don’t give up – she’s out there. And… she was. Exactly one week later, mom went in the trap! A mom cat who, when examined, turned out to be not only friendly – but just over 4 lbs, and the vet said this cat was so malnourished she had not been able to produce milk, that the babies would not have survived with her. She also had a recent gash to her leg and an old hip injury, possibly an old fracture. He said she was too sick to care for her kittens. Within a few weeks, with a warm room and a heated bed, lots of food and lots of love, this beautiful little cat was up to 6 lbs and choosing attention over food

All in all, there were 10-12 people involved in working to care for the kittens and trap mom. While the original intent was to TNR a feral mom cat, this “feral” girl is heading for a life of luxury. After a really rough start, she won’t have to worry about being homeless again.

This story is an excellent example of so many things –
• making sure ALL kittens are spay/neutered before adoption, so they never end up being dumped and reproducing in the wild…
• working to trap mom when you find kittens – don’t give up, don’t listen to the naysayers. She’s out there, and she needs help.
• reaching out for advice when you are not sure what to do.
• working WITH your teammates – or neighbors, others in the community - to help the cats you see.
• And one more thing to consider – when you are seeing homeless cats and think you should not spay a pregnant cat, remember this little one. As Ali said “it really is heartbreaking, and could have all been prevented”. No one likes to think of spaying a pregnant cat, but is it kinder, more humane, to have them go through these kinds of scenarios? Sadly, it is more often than not the ending for many.
A HUGE thank you to *Ali and all her coworkers, those who never gave up, those who cared. You are the inspiration we all need – you are appreciated!