To Infinity and Beyond BRAND NEW Fan Fiction


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Oct 8, 2004
"To Infinity and Beyond"
Written by Daz for MJJCommunity


~ Part ONE ~​

Susie is her name… Dreaming about her Prince charming is her game though she’s only 5. Where does one life end and begins? What If Susie is right about who she really is? Would anyone believe her or just pin it down as fantasy? Welcome to the ‘Brand new’ Fan fiction on MJJCommunity.

It was a lovely sunny day with a light breeze that played with your hair when Mrs. Dayle head out to fetch her little girl. She was a cheeky ‘full of life’ darn little firebug as it seems though lately her mum worried about her. I guess that is what you do when you love someone, right? You worry either way even if they seem fine! Her dad, Mr. Dayle, told her to stop fretting about this and be blessed to have her in the first place. Some girls happen to like playing rough, climbing in trees, refusing to wear a dress, stamp out of the room if something is bothering her while other girls just screech. Her dad insisted she was fine but you know moms, hey!

She spotted her in the distance hanging out of the tree in the playground while other ‘girls’ neatly sat on the bench with their pretty dress all pressed waiting for Mummy. It’s not that she didn’t love her daughter but she somehow envied that little pretty girl she always dreamed off when she was a child herself and look what she got ‘half a boy’ really! She already had a boy who always fretted at her for being too fussy.

“Susie, get out of that tree! “ the playground guardian snapped at her and almost tore her down.
“Hey! “ she protested as reluctantly she touched the ground again cleaning off her jeans caked with ‘greenish’ debris. As she looked up, she saw her mom and did rush up to her. Mom gripped her in her loving embrace. Letting her go, she asked how her day had been. The only word she only uttered was ‘BORING! ‘ What a word for a 5 year old, hey!

Mom took her hand and both left the playground. It didn’t take Susie long to let go of her mom though to continue to be just a kid balancing her body on the edge of the sidewalk and tiptoeing on the tiles like a Hollywood Star that she claimed she was. It is exactly this that got ‘her knickers in a twist’ lately though her dad just shoved it off as ‘pure fantasy’ and ‘remember you were a kid before too’ stuff but the details of the stories she told everyone accompanied by the weird drawings of a family seriously started to worry her and her teacher.

So, she skipped home with her mom drowned in thoughts. The moment, she got home she raced to her room and pulled out her drawings of today. They were neatly hung up by the other ones already present on her wall. They looked more like a shrine of ‘lost loves’ than a wall of a 5 year old.

The front door slammed shut and heels were heard stomping on the stairs. Her son was home indeed. At the awkward age of 14, mom had learnt the hard way to give him some breathing space when he came home from the ‘jungle’ called High school and so she remained in the kitchen fixing diner instead.

“Hey Sis” he called out as he wondered in her room. The music was blaring out and making his feet move to the beat while he glanced at the new added pictures. “Well, you’re getting pretty good at this!” He agreed nodding his head.
“Hey Michael” she hugged him and he took her in his arms. He loved his little sis to bits really but don’t tell anyone as it’s not ‘so cool’ at his age to show ‘affection’ for a girl her age but then again she didn’t quite act like a 5 year old anyway. “What have you learnt today? “
“England expects that every man will do his duty.”He began as he revealed his History book. Intrigued she glanced at it.
“Wow” she exclaimed as she pointed at a picture. “What does it say underneath? “
"Preparing to engage the enemy force on October 21, Nelson divided his 27 ships into two divisions and signaled a famous message from the flagship Victory: “England expects that every man will do his duty." He carefully read it and then she uttered she wished she could read really.
“You’re only 5, Suus! “ He hushed her. “Just enjoy the breeze for now! “

It made her sigh. To brighten her face a little, he showed a magazine he got from the store. “I thought you might love this! “
Shivers ran down her spine as she gawked at the cover presenting a handsome man though he was only wearing a blue silk shirt while waving to the roaring crowd. “Thank you” she only answered.
“You’re welcome! “ He gazed at the drawings again and thought out loud. “I wonder if they really exist? I would love to meet them. They seem nice! “
“Of course, they are real. They are my kids, remember? ” She fretted at him and hid the magazine in her drawer.
“Well, we need to find them then, right? “

She couldn’t answer him as they were ‘busted’ by mom ‘checking’ up on them.
“Now, don’t set her off, Michael! “
“I’m not! “ He snapped back. “…But you gotta admit the details are eerie! “

Mom glanced at the new drawings and it did hit her stomach. The drawings never looked like typical ‘stick figures’ that kids draw. Hers were detailed and drawn like a fine artist that drew it off a model. One can admire the skill and the talent but also worry about the impact it takes on such a young life as you are not ‘supposed’ to draw like that, right?
“Diner is ready! “ She only sighed as she turned her heels and head for the kitchen again to check if the chicken wasn’t setting fire to the kitchen somehow.

To be continued…
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