TTTO 1 : Saved


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Oct 8, 2004
TTTO1 : “Saved”
Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ
Section: Stories

Rehearsals were in full swing…
Phew, he was so out of it…
WHY did he exactly insisted to put trust in ‘em…
He was half the man he used to be…



~ Synopsis~

What if a few LOYAL fans could have SAVED
their KING from his early DOOM?
Would they be ABLE to save him out of the EVIL grip he was in?
This is the ULTIMATE fan story of HOPE and SALVATION cause
without HOPE, we're LOST!

This story was written to keep the MJ fam, including yours truly,
'sweet' during the whole 'coping progress' and the trial in 2011 cause
I had a story running too during the 2005 trial and
it really soothed my friends so…
It's exactly the BIG 'What if' story of what would have happened if
two LOYAL fans 'saved' Michael from his early doom!

This is the BIG "WHAT IF" story that 'helped' me
HEAL the sudden LOSS...

~ Copyright 2011 ~



Staples center, Los Angeles
June 17, 2009
09:26 PM

Rehearsals were in full swing… Phew, he was so out of it…
WHY did he exactly insisted to put trust in ‘em…
He was half the man he used to be…
Passion makes you do ‘stupid’ things, right?
He wanted to make his fans proud and show his kids what
daddy did for a living.

Daddy was exactly the KING of POP and though
he was a proud dad and family man, he missed the stage.
He missed the magic… the adulation…
the L.O.V.E pouring into his soul while he danced as
his life depended on it… he loved to be one with the music but
his body didn’t always agree on it and now it was only
kept together with needy meds.

His friend and producer often nagged and
called out for a ‘time out’ as he often fainted…
Why was dancing so much more draining than before? Give up?
Never! That was an alien word for him.
He could not disappoint his kids nor his fans as
10 concerts came 50 over night… Crazy, I know!
His spirit insisted he would pull it off with enough dancing and
believing but his body protested so hard to this ‘torture’.
“Okay, that’s it for today! All take some rest now. Thank you”
he yelled at the crew and gave them the thumbs up.
He approached the star.
“Enough for today, MJ… Drink some water, okay.”
“Water” he called out like it would come running to him.

He was fine when he was ‘soaring’ on the beat of
the music ‘carrying’ his body effortlessly but once
the music stopped, he felt like he had aged 30 years in a minute as
he dragged his tired body to a seat where he plunged down…
Of course, all of the crew was worried but
no one dared to comment and scold him that
he should take it easy and not ‘kill’ himself like that…


Carolwood drive,
00:40 AM

He made it out of the venue and always met the same ‘group’ of fans…
cheering him, asking him how he was and so
giving him the needy strength for another day in ‘doom’…
Could he walk up to them and utter his cry for help?
Could he tell him he was getting too old for this?
He made a blunt mistake in trying to be still 30 instead of 50?

Well, when he was dancing, he felt like 30 and
most of the dancers stood there huffing and
puffing like dragons without fire to blow as
they couldn’t keep up with the speed or the energy he produced but
then why did he feel like 80 when the music stopped…
He smiled and waved to the ‘groupies’ as he nicknamed them before
he was ‘pushed’ into his Chrysler Voyager by a big shouldered man…

“He looks tired” One groupie remarked.
“Ah, Amy” Carol reacted. “He’s more than tired… He’s worn out…
We should do something? “
“What can we do?” Bianca suggested looking worried at her friends.
“I didn’t ask for a show… I hate to see him hurt like this”
Diana uttered and sighed.
“Yeah, he doesn’t need to proove himself anymore to us”
her friend Esther sighed too…
“ We gotta tell him that we worry about him.”
Nodding they all agreed…

Meanwhile, in the car…
The driver looked into his rearview mirror and
sighed looking at the guard sitting next to him…
‘The star’ had dosed off…
Could they really go through with this all?

The guard only smiled at his worry and
just threw the black and white checkered blanket on him that
was laying around. It made Michael stir but
feeling the soft blanket on him, he snuggled…
Pulled up his legs and drifted off to sleep…


“Stop fussing woman”

It was yet another sleepless night though as
they had to wake him when they arrived at the ‘rented mansion’.
Mumbling, he stumbled out of the car and into the house.
“Daddy is home” his daughter came crashing into him hugging him
tightly and in an instant he was awake and in good spirits again.
“Hey Peaches” he called out to her. “What ‘you doing up so late?”
“I couldn’t sleep... I’m glad you’re home, daddy…”
He rubbed her back…
“Grace didn’t tell you a bedtime story right?”
He asked releasing her and glancing into her innocent face.
She only nodded.
“Want that daddy reads you one? “
She only nodded and whirled in her ‘hello Kitty’ pajamas.
He took her hand and led her to her bedroom.
He did try to read her other stories but
she always insisted on “Peter Pan” Her story hero…
After just a chapter, she was sound asleep and with one last kiss and
a tug on her duvet… he left her there in sweet dreams of Neverland…
He wished he had someone that would read him asleep like this…
PHEW… He wished he could sleep like that in the first place…
He first went to check on his eldest and youngest son,
both already in ‘dreamland’ too…
So, he strolled to his bedroom.
He changed into his PJ’s and plunged down on his bed.
Had he screwed it all up by being a ‘star’?
Had they only ‘choked’ in his fame and fortune,
forgetting he needed that ‘tender love and care’ too or
had he being too ‘proud’ to be “babied” by a woman?
‘ARGH, Bollocks’ his mind cursed.


Carolwood drive
01:26 PM

“Dad” he knocked on his bedroom door. “Dad…”
No answer…
“What ‘you doing? “
Scolded the voice in the door opening of his room.
That made him jump as that man surely freaked him out and
he couldn’t understand why his dad put his life in his hands…

“Its 1 PM, Sir… Is dad with you or still asleep? “
“You know dad loves to sleep in…
he only needs to be at the studio at 3PM…” he replied serious.
“But it’s ONE already… He’s never gonna make it.
He hasn’t eaten yet, took a shower and I’m worried…” he stated.
“Whatever” he shrugged.
“Wake him then” he acted like he didn’t care and
slammed his door shut.

His eldest, Prince Michael, carefully entered the bedroom.
Indeed, dad was still asleep… He carefully rocked his shoulder…
“Dad” he called out. He stirred a little.
“Dad, wake up… its One PM already…”
It really startled him how dad glanced at him.
He squinted his eyes of the sunlight beaming through
the windows though the curtains were still drawn.
“Dad? Are you ill, daddy? “
Dad mumbled and then stretched.
Oh my, had he finally fallen asleep.
He looked into the caring glance of his eldest looking ever
so worried. He rubbed his eyes and still half asleep
he sat up straight…
What day were we? How late was it again?
He glanced at the window…
‘Day time’ his mind filled in… “Just give dad a minute, okay.”
“Okay, shall I get Grace or the Doc? “

“No, I’m up” he commented and wiggling he got to his feet.
He then noticed the time on his alarm clock and
his eyes spread wide open…
“Why didn’t you wake me? “ He squinted his eyes.
He felt like his head was ‘exploding’ …
Man, what had he given him last night?

He eventually made it to the bathroom and
then to the kitchen where he plunged down on a chair like
he was 80 or something…
He looked at his beautiful daughter still eating lunch…

“Hi daddy…”
“Hi pumpkin…” he whispered.
“Ah, you’re up…” she noticed as she was filling the dishwasher.
“I saved you some lunch.”
She presented him a plate full of chicken, carrots and mash…
He glanced at it with a look of ‘you don’t expect me to eat that, do you?’
“Well” she scolded as he didn’t tuck in.
“Go on eat… it’s NOT gonna kill you…”
It made him sigh as he rubbed his forehead.

“You did sleep last night or did he pump you full of meds again? “
He only sighed and looked at her with a ‘Please stop fussing, woman’
glance written all over his face.
“I’m just worried okay… Get a grip on yourself, Mike…
You see, how little Blanket eats… “
she pointed out his plate barely touched and
just shoved the plate in the fridge.
“For God sake put on a good example for them…”
He let a deep yawn and rubbed his hands through his hair.
This headache was killing him and he slouched up again.
Both kids looked really worried and wondered if
she was gonna say anything…

“Michael” she scolded.
“What?” He pouted.
“Don’t yell, please… I have a splitting headache…”
“Where ‘you going now? Sit down and eat or at least drink some juice”
she got the juice out of the fridge and plunged it down on the table.
They had quit their lunch and looked ever so vulnerable…
Why did no one tell them daddy was ill and
why was NO ONE helping him?


“What you done now”

“Are you guys finished? “ She asked grabbing for their plates.
They only nodded in turmoil…
“Okay, why don’t you let me talk some sense into dad hey…”
Paris, his daughter, looked up offended at her.
“I’ll be kind, okay… Dad needs eat… You still hungry? “
She only nodded and her bro’ only nodded ‘no’ too…
They slouched out of the kitchen too…
She plunged down on the seat next to him.

“What’s bothering you, Hun? “ She asked caring.0
“Are they pushing you too hard? You should tell them to go easy on you.
You’re scaring me and the kids.”
He just stared like right through her and
it send shivers through her spine.
“Drink at least some juice or milk if you want to take something for
that splitting headache” she suggested and
reluctantly he plunged down on that seat again.
That delicious chicken was still shouting at him ‘eat me’…
Should he listen to ‘screaming’ cooked chicken in the first place?

“Here” she plunged a full glass of Almond milk in front of him
It was dressed up with a stunning red straw…
But from the moment, it hit his stomach…
It burnt like hell and it erupted like a volcano…
He could just leap up and the whole kitchen sink got sprayed with
the stuff…
“Ah, Hun…” she cried. She had to hold him as
she yelled for the doc who strolled in without a care in the world.

“Ah, Doc… Help me here…”
“What ‘you done?” He scolded.
“He just drank some Almond milk and threw it all up again… “
she reacted panicky.
“Shouldn’t we call 911 or get him to a hospital?”
But the doc didn’t agree…
“Who’s the F* doc here hey? Let’s get him back to bed”
he yelled out and like a ‘ragdoll’ they hoisted him into bed again…


“Did we miss him “

Staples centre,
June 19,
00:48 AM

“Did we miss him?” Esther wondered as there was no sign of
Michael that evening or night…
“I asked some people over there” her friend, Diana, replied.
“They haven’t seen him come in too… I hope he’s okay though.”
“I hope he’s NOT ill today” Carol stated.
“We can’t just bust into his place right? “ Amy wondered.
They all looked in awe at her and she acted startled.
“We can’t right? I know where he lives but its guarded okay”
she looked sad.
“We’ve got to come up with a plan” Carol spoke up.
“What plan? “ Esther sounded defeated.
“I don’t even trust anyone that ‘hangs’ around him… they are all
leaches… treating our Michael like a product..”
“Indeed” Diana reacted.
“We got to do something, please girls… We’re a team…”
“We could always kidnap him” Amy suggested.
“Kidnap him?” Bianca yelled out and looked around squinty,
hoping no one had overheard them.
“I don’t want to hurt him” Amy called out.
“But Dian is right… We got to help him… They are killing him…
I hope we’re NOT too late and… fingers crossed
he’s gonna show tomorrow hey…”
“Yeah” they all sighed wishing he would show up tonight.
“You’ll see” Carol reacted and
the gleam in her eye made them all smile.

She was ‘the brain’ of the group, if she had something in mind
she would NOT let go… They had been friends for years now…
Amy was studying ‘hair and makeup’…
Bianca was the ‘admin wizard’…
Carol was the nurse, well almost she was in her 2nd year of
‘training’… Diana and Esther were the youngest as
they were just going to High school… All living in the neighborhood,
they met up every night now just to get a ‘glimpse’ of
their ‘beloved’ star…



Staples center…
June 19…
09: 26 PM…

The CEO ‘funding’ this adventure, had called yesterday and
scolded on the phone to get him in shape as that was what
they were ‘paying’ the Doc for…
Every day without rehearsals were Million $$$ loosing days…
So pumped up and hyped up...
The star was ‘present’ at the urgent meeting…
Well, indeed, his ‘presence’ was there but
his thoughts were miles away and often
the producer looked worried at him as it looked like
he could faint any given moment…
He did mumble he would ‘snap’ out of it and
he was excited about the adventure… The high-tech of it all…
He thanked the crew for all their hard work and
then they left leaving him there in his ‘doom’…

“Hi, Kenny” he whispered.
“You okay? “
He only shrugged at first and sighed. He looked around and
it was just Ortega and him…
“I don’t feel well today” he revealed and hung his head down.
“Don’t know what’s wrong with me.”
“Hey, you’re just tired… Why don’t you take some rest, hey…
I’ll have your back.”
“Thanks, Kenny. Can I just watch the rehearsals from the seats?
I don’t feel like dancing today… I feel cold…” He shivered.
“Why don’t you go home, Mike? One day, is not gonna kill them…”
He looked up at him…

“No…” he sighed.
“What am I gonna do at home? Stare at the ceiling?
I’m already freaking everyone out at home…”
“You should take care of yourself…"
He looked him straight in the eye so seriously,
that the producer thought he was gonna scold him.

“We care… You’re asking too much from this 50 year old body…
Get some rest, drink some water, have a decent meal and
tomorrow will be brighter” he assured him but
the worn out man on the chair didn’t share his opinion as
he just slouched to the seats where the rehearsals were about to start.

“Thanks Kenny, I know you love me. We shouldn’t let the dancers wait.”
They did wave to him being so privileged to live this ‘ultimate’ dream of
every dancer, singer, artist… NO ONE was…
okay IS better than The King of POP…
If they would only know how he was suffering in his ‘doom’ right now but
he wouldn’t show it though…
It’s called something stupid like PRIDE… UGh...



The rehearsals were in full swing…
Every dancer was giving them all with the ‘master’ watching but
was he really there… It looked like he was dozing off and
trying so hard to stay awake… One dancer noticed it and
between ‘takes’, the producer and
one dancer went ‘checking’ up on him…

“Michael?” He called out.
“Yeah” he startled awake.
“You’re doing a wonderful job.”
He gave the dancer a ‘thumbs up’ but why
0were they looking so worried at him…

“What is taking him so long? “ Mr. Ortega protested as
he glanced at his watch.
“You sure, you don’t want to go home or should I get the Doc?”
“Doc, why? “ He asked distracted and boy was everything so ‘fuzzy’…
he rubbed in his eyes to make it go away.
“Shouldn’t we better call 911 or I’ll even take you to UCLA! “
Kenny insisted.

“NO, Please don’t tell anyone… I don’t want any fuss… I’m just tired… “
he pouted rubbing his eye with his left hand and he let out a deep yawn.
“That’s it! “ He stated.
“I’m taking you home” he pointed his finger at him.
“You need to be in bed…”
“Whatever” he sighed. He got up and lost his balance.
His friend could just catch him before he hit the ground or
the edge of any seat.
“Hey” he called out.
It shocked him how skinny he was when he held him.
He easily swatted him into his ‘protective’ arms…
He wasn’t heavy at all… Of course, he alarmed the whole crew when
he came down the ‘tribune’ carrying the ‘star’ in his arms…
He had closed his eyes… Had he fallen asleep or had he fainted?

“What happened? “ The CEO yelled.
He had just come out of his ‘lunch break’ and
was appalled that NO ONE was ‘working’…
Ah, he should have known this was gonna be ‘a waste of time’…
A lost case…
“He’s ill… I’m taking him home… It’s MY production.”
“It’s my F*** $$$ you’re wasting. Is the Doc here? ”
“I haven’t seen him since noon…”
the dancer aiding Mr. Ortega claimed.
The producer didn’t comment though as he was worried about MJ…



Carolwood Drive,
June 19… 03:26 PM

“Ah, we made it…” She sighed a little out of breath of the trip.
“Hey Carol”
“Hey… Ames” she heaved a little as she glanced at the gate.
“So, this is where they ‘keep’ him, hey? “
“Yep” she looked disappointed.
“This is the place…”

They both had a ‘free day’ today as
they were both doing an ‘internship’ and that
meant NO FREE weekends but
two free days in the week compensated for that…

“What you have in mind? “
“I feel Michael is ill…
I just wanna know how ‘accessible’ this place is,
in case we have to ‘save’ him…”
“Save him? “
“Yeah, Ames… I keep having these weird nightmares about
Michael being ‘murdered’… They freak me out…”
“OMJ, Carol… You’re scaring me now… What can we do? “
“SHHHH…” she hushed her as a car shrieked to a stop and
her friend dragged her into the bushes nearby.
The gate opened and then she dragged her in…
They again hid in the nearest bushes inside the little courtyard…
Boy, this wasn’t Neverland though…
There was only an ‘automated’ gate…
What a place was this, hey?

The house doomed in front of them…
Ames wanted to investigate but her friend held her back as
were they really prepared to see what happened next…


“The BODY”

Indeed, it did them both ‘gawk’ what they saw next…
WHY did the man get out a body… A BODY… out of the car?
In horror, they glanced at each other for a second, both trying to
‘process’ these scenes… That was the producer right?
OMJ, Please don’t tell me that was Michael
he was carrying inside like a ragdoll…
They however didn’t have time to catch their breath as
another car shrieked to a stop and a man jumped out of it like
he had forgotten to turn off the oven…
“What ‘you doing, Ortega? “ He scolded.
“What does it look like ***** ? “ He scolded back.
“You enjoyed your lunch and dessert, did ye’ ?”
“Who told you to take him home? I’m the Doc here…
WHY didn’t you call? “

“I see you’re the Doc…” he claimed and then
both men disappeared into the house continuing their quarrel over
who would ‘care’ over the STAR…

“We’re dreaming this right? “ Ames reacted.
“I’m afraid NOT…” she swallowed and sighed.
“We gotta tell the others. Time for Plan B… Let’s get outta here…”
“We’re gonna leave him there…” she replied horrified.
“What can we do? “ She answered.
“What ‘you doing here? “ They finally ‘encountered’ a security block…
Well, he could have been a ‘bag boy’ in K-Mart too…
“Wrong house, Sowwy, Man” Carol only stated and
she dragged Amy with her.

This was ‘bloody’ serious indeed…
Urgent team meeting tonite okay…
As Carol ‘hated’ those “premonitions” but
she had them for a ‘reason’ right…


Staples center,
June 23…
11: 40 PM…

So, the following days NO Michael in sight…
The rehearsals were going through though and
they had just ‘hired’ a lookalike so that at least
the dancers could ‘practice’ till they got the STAR back in shape…
Please in a few days, okay…

The ‘rescue’ team of 5 fans had their meeting at Carol’s home and
they got all their ‘assignment’ … Worried they got HOME…
Would their ‘daring’ plan work?

There he was, waving and smiling to them as he got into the car…
He was glad to be back and the ‘rehearsals’ were cool…
He thanked them all for their patience and care and assured them…
THIS show was gonna ‘blow’ their minds, for sure…
It left a BAD taste though as the dancers and even
the producer ‘worried’ about the ‘shape’ he was in…
Hyped up by meds… Not a good choice indeed but then again…
They say “The show MUST go on”…

In awe, they looked at each other…
Was that the same Michael as a few days ago or was it a lookalike?
I mean, he has some pretty good ones that
you don’t even spot the difference if he doesn’t talk or seen ‘up close’ …
They were ‘baffled’ as they stared at each other…
WHAT NOW? What about their DARING plan?
Could they be sure, they were NOT gonna ‘save’ a “stand in” instead
of the REAL thang? ARGH, What a dilemma to face

“Take him out”

So, instead of going home defeated and worrying if
it was really Michael they spotted… They decided to ‘investigate’…
NOT ready for what they were NOT supposed to hear though…
The ‘plotters’ thought they were not overheard and so
they ‘nagged’ about the STAR…

“You got enough on tape?”
“Yeah” he sighed.
“It would be a cool documentary. Something that
the fans would treasure…”
“Good” the other man only reacted.
“How ‘you mean good, Randall? “
“Don’t say my name…” he scolded.
“The walls have ears…” His look shifted around.
“You’re NOT gonna hurt him, are you? “
“Me? NO, I’m NOT gonna lay a finger on him… You’ll see…
Don’t worry, I’m NOT gonna harm your rep…”
“Come on, What’s going on? “
“Nothing” the man squinty looked around.
Had he ‘revealed’ too much already?
Ah, well… If he ‘babbled’ about it, they could always take him out too, hey… Easy peasy…

“I’m the producer, for God’s sake? WHY did you hire a Lookalike? Where is MJ? Is he okay? “

“What’s in it for you? We’ll split the earnings 60/40 with
the sale of the ‘tribute’ vid… How many hours of
rehearsals did you tape? “
“Over 2 hours already… But HOLD ON… Tribute? “
“Yeah, tribute” the man giggled.
“You gonna make the BESTELLER with it… Mark my words…”
“You can’t do this, can you? He’s my friend… WHY? “
“Don’t worry, Man… The plan is in full swing already and if
you babble about ONE thing I revealed here, then…”
and he made the ‘slicing throat’ gesture…
They all stood there ‘gagging’… This was TOO MUCH…
Were they too late already?
They surely had a ‘guardian angel’ of how
they got outta there without being ‘noticed’ and how
they got home ‘save’…
Time for plan B, right…


“The daring plan”

Staples Center,
June 23th
01:17 AM

They parted ways for the night really worrying about Michael and
one, yeash you guessed it…
ONE returned in the hope to catch the producer to talk about
her “daring plan” … It was a ‘risk’ she had to take…

“Hey” he called out as he bumped into her.
She first looked up startled at him… This was too good to be true, right.
“Are you okay, Miss? “ He asked caring.
“Eh, yeah, Mr. Ortega… You have a minute? “
“Sure, Miss.”
“Oh, I’m Carol” she introduced herself and reached out her hand.
He wholeheartedly shook it.
“Hello Carol.”
“Its… I… don’t…” she hesitated.
He reached out his hand and laid it on her shoulder.
“What’s bothering you, Hun? “
“Its Michael” she babbled out and terror filled her eyes.
“I know” he sighed. “I worry about him too… Have a good night, Carol.”
“NO WAIT” she stopped him and signaled with her hand.
“What? Michael is gonna be okay… He’s home…
Come back tomorrow. We have rehearsals scheduled for
tomorrow at 3 PM.”
“NO…” she protested.

“What no?” He answered kinda offended.
Why was this fan stalling him?
He was tired too and tomorrow was a busy shooting day…
Ah please, he didn’t have to get security out here hey or
had they gone home already too…

“I’m sorry, Mr. Ortega. I don’t mean to scare you but
we’re really worried about Michael…
We as in Amy, Bianca, Diana, Esther and me…
I had these premonitions that they are gonna… “
her voice lowered to a whisper
“…kill… him.”

Then he realized, she must have heard the ‘freaky’ convo inside.
How was that possible?
“Premonitions? “ He repeated and rubbed his chin.
He looked around.
“Not the right place to talk about them but I’m intrigued.
Could you come to my car? We could discuss this there in…”
his eyes squinted around.
“…in safety…”
“Sure, Mr. Ortega.”
“Its Kenny” he insisted.
“if I can call you Carol, right?”
He pointed his finger at her trying to remember her name.
“Yes, Sir… Oh, Kenny…” she smiled as she followed him to his car.



Staples Center,
June 24th ,
11:40 PM

Those days of rest and getting his head straight had done wonders or
was it the meds he was under or just the mere excitement of
‘yes, we can pull this off they’ve given me a 2nd chance’…

The rehearsals had come to an end for the night and
the producer wished everyone a restful night as
tomorrow something special was planned…
Though Michael was tired and drained,
he felt elated of the illusion promised for tomorrow.
He loved that kind of stuff.

“So, MJ… Get a good night sleep and
we’ll see each other tomorrow for the magic” he waved his hands.
It made Michael giggle…
“Thanks Kenny. We’ll blow their minds hey.”
“Yeah, I love you, Michael”
“I love you more, Kenny.”
He let go of him but held his hands.
“I got a little surprise for you now though” he began.
Michael eyes lit up…

“You do? You’re too kind, Kenny.”
“Let’s go” he laid his arm around him and
Michael walked with him to his car.
He frowned his eyebrows…
“Are you gonna take me home? “ He asked innocently.
“Yeash, get in.”
Michael obeyed him… The rocking of the car made him sleepy and
he gawked.
“You need your stuff to sleep? “
“You got my stuff?” He replied.
“I’m the producer, of course I have your stuff… Now, cuddle up.”
He gave him the tablet and in matter of minutes the star had dosed off…
He carefully covered him in a blanket…
Okay, the daring plan in progress…


“The rescue team”

Place unknown…
20 minutes later…

He parked the car and once glanced at him
so beautifully asleep wrapped in a red blanket. It made him sigh…
He rang the doorbell of a house with just a door and window in front…
The woman who he talked too yesterday or
should that be earlier today… He lost track of time,
opened the door and smiled.

“Good evening Sir” she said polite.
“He’s asleep in the car.”
He squinty looked around in fear of getting caught.
He should have been HOME… Well, at Carolwood Drive that is…
“You live alone do you? “ He remarked hearing giggling and chatting.
“Yep, the ‘rescue’ team is here…”

He only nodded and carefully carried him indoors.
He wasn’t heavy at all…
She led the way and he plunged him down in a bed.
The room seemed cozy…
“Okay” he sighed.

“I’ve given him his sleep medication…”
he showed her the box and she only nodded.
“You gotta give him this too…” He showed another box.
“Don’t forget that, okay.”
“No, we won’t. We’ll take good care of him, Mr. Ortega.”
“I hope so” he sighed as he rubbed his hands through his hair.
“I’m still responsible for him though. They are gonna freak out.
He should have been home by now.”
“Yeah” she smiled at his sleeping body.
“I can assure you, he’s in the best hands.”
“Yeah” he sighed
“Take care of my friend.”
“Why don’t you meet the team?” Carol suggested as
she closed the bedroom door.
“Sure, I would love to.”

They introduced them all and each one presented him a piece of
the ‘recovery plan’. He was impressed of how
well this was planned and they looked really young though for
being so smart…
Then again… ‘My fans are really smart’ Michael once quoted…
He did give Carol his cell phone number in case he needed them.
He wished them good luck and off he was… Okay, let’s do this… heehee…


“Where am I “

-Carol’s home-
June 25…
12:26 PM

He was awoken by a soft voice… Not one his brain knew…
He squinted his eyes and saw two beautiful girls on his bedside…
Had he woken up in heaven today?
“Where am I? “ his mind wondered as
he inhaled the new environment.
“Hey Michael… I’m Dian…” she introduced herself.
“This is my friend, Esther.”
“Hey” she only waved abashed.
“Did you sleep well? “

He rubbed his eyes and to his astonishment he slept like a baby as
they say… WOW, How did they manage that?
By the way, WHO were they and WHERE was he?
He sat up straight taking in the room…
Diana sensed his unease and filled in:
“Mr. Ortega brought you here yesterday. He was so…
Well, we were so worried about you…”
“Kenny? “ He wondered and looked around.
“He’s a real sweet guy.”
“Would you like some breakfast or lunch, Michael? “
the dark haired girl asked.
It then dawned on him…
Did he sleep here tonite? UGH, SLEEP!!! OMJ…

He carefully pulled on his sheets and
it instantly hit him that yep, he indeed sleep here and
the ‘stench’ made him gag… What a bummer…
Now, his ‘dark’ secret would come true and
damn he was NOT proud of it…

“Are you okay?”
Terrified, he looked at her…
She then noticed, well rather ‘smelled’ what was wrong and
it melted her heart…
“Ah, sweetie… We should have woken you sooner, hey…
but you were so peaceful asleep…”
“I’m sorry…” he excused himself.
“Where is Grace and the doc? “
He looked around not even moving an inch…
“We’ll take care of you” She almost ripped the duvet from
his body but he grabbed it and yelled…
“I’m still Michael Jackson” he pouted.
“Okay, get up in your own time. We’re here to help you, that’s all…
If you need us, we’ll be in the living room…
Just yell, scream, holler whatever… At your service, boss”
Diana said and made a bow.
“How you mean help me? How late is it? “
“its 12:36”
“Okay, enough time to get ready for the rehearsals?”
Esther frowned her eyebrows and he looked at her glance.

“We’re still Thursday afternoon are we?
I need to be at the rehearsals at 3… They’ll kill me if I skip anymore..”
he babbled and got up.
Both fans tried not to gawk at the awful BIG stain on
the front of his pajama bottoms. Indeed, how embarrassing…

“What?” He called out.
“where am I exactly? “
“At Carol’s “ Esther finally spoke.
He looked seriously at her…
“Carol’s?” He repeated.
“Will you drive me to the rehearsals or
will Kenny come and pick me up? “
Esther only shrugged.
“Shall I run you bath? “
“That would be kind of you, thanks babe.”


“Too HOT”

They both crashed in when they heard the shriek from
the bathroom… Michael was submerged in the wonderful
smelling foamy water but his body didn’t agree with
this ‘soothing’ treatment though…

“Is the water too hot, Michael?” Esther wondered
“I’m so sorry, let me cool it down for you…”
She neared Michael who had a pain stricken face but
didn’t jump out of the HOT water yet…
“No” he waved his hands but how could he stand that
searing pain in his groin… Ah, that stupid pride hey…
“Promise…me… some…thing” he said biting the pain away.
“You’re in pain? Show us… Show me, we won’t laugh…
I’ve seen it before… I have bro’s okay…” Dian assured him.

He hoisted him out of the bathtub revealing himself…
OMJ, the ‘manhood’ thread at MJJC was NOT overrated nor
was it ‘photo shopped’… They couldn’t help but
gawk the first seconds but then Diana reacted…

“Ah, Hun… That must hurt terribly… Why didn’t you tell us? “
She asked inspecting the hurt. They looked like ‘burn marks’ …
“Yeah, Carol must have some ointment here…”
she opened the cabinet and rummaged it.
“Here you have it” she showed the tube.
She handed it to Dian who handed it to MJ… He didn’t take it.
He was only baring the flaming pain in his manhood…
“I’ll leave you to it” Esther said and walked out.
She thought it must be so embarrassing for him so
all she could do was leave him in peace…

“What?” Dian reacted. “You want me to rub it in, do you? “
Michael blushed and only nodded. It made her smile…
“Let me get you out of the bathtub…”
“Promise…” he pouted.
“Cross my heart and hope to die…” she assured him.
He glanced at her so vulnerable.
“Your secret is save with me, Hun… Now, you want the pain to STOP”
He looked at the ‘place’ of the searing pain and only nodded.
He for sure squirmed in and out of her touch but
she did it oh so gently that it made him smile and
insist to continue the ‘torture’…


“Not today”

Carol’s home
03:26 PM

“How is he?” Was the first thing Carol asked as
she came home from another tough but exciting day at the ward.
Diana and Esther had the ‘luxury’ to say with
him all day as ‘summer break’ was in session…

“We had some fun this morning” she giggled.
“Fun? Oh, I got the medical file from Kenny…
He confiscated it today… WOW” she only said at first
“We saved him in the nick of time…
You should see what they have given him all…
some meds are needy but some are way out of line…”
“They are? “
“Where is he? Is he up? “
“Yeah, we’re watching TV”
“Okay, has he eaten already?”
“Yeah, he even made us French toast…
I didn’t knew Michael could cook though…” she giggled.

She came into the living room and her heart jumped of joy as
she heard him chuckle and then laugh out loud with
the silly stuff they were watching…
“Oh” he leaped up.
“You must be Carol, right? “
“Yes, Michael… Welcome”

“Thanks Hun for letting me stay…”
He hugged her and she was kind of startled by his sudden affection.
“You’re welcome.”
He suddenly noticed how late it was…

“Argh” he shrieked. “Can you drive, Carol? “
“Yes, dear… WHY? “
“I need to go to the rehearsals… I’m late… ARGH,
I’m so screwed right now” he panicked.
“Hey, calm down…” she motioned with her hands.
“I’ve met Mr. Ortega and he has given you the day off…
So chill, okay.”

“Day off? “ He frowned his eyebrows.
“Really? I’m NOT in trouble? Man, they were really pissed off though…”
“Trust me, Hun… Just relax, chill… DO whatever you wanna do today…
NO rehearsals…
Maybe you can show me how to make French toast? “
She winked at her friends.
“You want some too? “ He asked excited and ran to the kitchen.

“Phew” Diana sighed “That was a good save.”
“Yeah, for now” Carol replied.
“Can we really tell him we’re saving him? “
“Are you coming?”
He yelled while they heard the rattle of pots and pans.
“Not today… he seems happy” Esther spoke.



Staples Center
June 25,
03:47 PM

The doc and the producer were entangled in the biggest row ever
screaming their worry and disgust at each other…

“What’s going on? “ The CEO asked. He frowned his eyebrows.
Why was no one working again?
“Okay, where the hell is MJ? Is he showing up late again? “
“He’s not coming in… I gave him the day off”
the producer replied boldly.
“Who gave you the right to keep messing up my schedule”
the CEO heaved his voice.
“I care about my friend” Kenny spoke up.
“Care? He’s got a duty, a responsibility… You’re the producer…
You should get this show on the road instead of
‘babying’ your friend… This is contract breach, you know”
he scolded him.

“Where is he? “ The doc asked and grabbed him by his shirt.
He crinkled it and pushed him to the wall…
“Hey” he protested trying to wriggle out of his grip.
“I know, he’s with you… I saw you give him a ride…
Where did you hide him? WHERE? “
He insisted as he took a better grip on his shirt almost
forcing him into the wall…
“He’s… save…” he only revealed.
“SAVE… I’m his Doctor. I’m supposed to keep him save…
He banged the producers head to the wall.



Carol’s home
04:20 PM

“I was like UGH… don’t act so stupid…”
Michael was babbling sitting at the kitchen table.
They enjoyed his stories and suddenly the doorbell rang…
They kinda jumped and looked at each other…
Had Amy forgotten her key or what?

Carol got up and not really trusting the situation,
she peeked through the front window…
OMJ, her heart skipped a beat as he rang the doorbell again…
Her brain shifted into gear and she stormed into the kitchen.
They were chuckling at the joke Michael just told and
he was surprised as she grabbed his arm and
dragged him from the table.

“Hey Hun, what’s wrong? “
“Its… Hide…” she only heaved out of breath.
The man was still ringing that damn bell and now
he was knocking and screaming to let him in…
Did he recognize that voice?

“Just hide… I will sort it out…”
“You got a stalker… A Jack the ripper”
Michael chuckled not realizing their fear but before
he knew it, he was pushed into the cellar and
they even locked the door…

“Hey” he protested as he fiddled at the locked door.
If they were in danger? WHY was he locked into the cellar?
How sweet of them to protect him though…
He pressed his ear to the door and heard the racket going on and
getting louder and louder…
They had to let him in and he stormed straight into the kitchen…

“Where is he? “ He only demanded.
“I know he’s here…”

“I don’t know who you are talking about?
If you don’t leave we’ll call 911 okay.”
“I better call them…This is outrageous… This is kidnapping…”
he claimed.
“Michael” he called out.
“Isn’t it Mr. Jackson to you? “ Diana corrected.
“You think you’re so smart hey…
You’re the ones getting him into trouble…”
“Us? “ Carol spoke and touched her heart.
“It’s YOU, pumping him full of meds… You’re killing him…”

Then suddenly, the man in the cellar heard a loud bang and
everything went quiet…
What happened? Had they taken down the culprit?
He knocked on the door and fiddled with the handle.
“Are you okay? Let me out… Please… Are you hurt? ”

Someone turned the key and the door slowly opened…
It should have been hilarious…
One man down and one scorned woman still
holding the frying pan with a bump in it but
he was worried as he hurried to the man.
He kneeled beside him and yep, he was out…

“Why did you do that? “
“I thought he was gonna hurt Carol and he’s killing you…”
“Me? He’s NOT… I’m still HERE, see…” He presented himself.
He checked his pulse and the man was coming out of his swoon.
“I NEVER taught you to hurt anyone… It’s so kind of you to protect me
but I’m NOT in danger, Hun… ”
“Fine” Esther scolded.
She dropped the pan into the kitchen sink. It made a loud noise.
“NO… Don’t even… even have to thank us.
Just get yourself killed, stupid.”
She trotted off slamming the kitchen door behind her.
Michael looked wondering what had gotten into her and
then he saw the ‘struck’ man trying to get up.

“Hey” He helped him to the chair…
The Doc rubbed the back of his head… Sore, painful… AOUCH…

“What happened? “ He asked dazed.
“You fell” he winked at the girls.
“Yeah, sorry…. Slippery tiles… Happens to me all the time”
Diana claimed.
It made Carol sigh…
As much as she wanted to ‘protect’ Michael taking out
the ‘culprit’ won’t justify it…
“What now? “ She asked Michael.
“Are you okay? ‘Want some water? “
He asked caring and guilt seeped into the girls.
Ah, Michael the ever sweet gentleman hey…



Michael glanced worried at the Doc. Man, that was a nasty fall hey…
“We’re NOT letting you go though” Carol claimed.
Michael looked up and frowned his eyebrows.
He never had a fan ‘scold’ him like that though.
“We should get him home… He’s NOT feeling well, I can see.
Are you okay?”

The doc only nodded ‘no’ as he had a throbbing and
searing headache as he rubbed his head.
“Ah, Michael… Wake up, okay… He’s messing with you…”
“NO… Do NOT hit him again… Haven’t I taught you
that violence isn’t the solution? Sit down and we’ll talk it out…
WHY ‘you think I’m in danger? He’s my Doc… He’s caring for me…”
‘Phew, the man I’m planned to take out is saving my butt here’
rushed through the Doc’s mind.
How things can turn around hey…
One day the enemy, a moment later the ally…

“You did sleep good last night? “ Diana began as
she looked at her friend reluctant to even sit on the same table as
Dr. Death… UGH…
“I did… Don’t know how you guys did it but
it has been quite long since I slept that good…
So, I should say thank you…”
“Okay” Carol said and revealed some papers.
“This is our worry”
Michael saw the list and appalled he snapped it out of her hands.
“That’s private… how did you get it? “
“Kenny” she only said.
“Kenny?” He repeated and frowned his eyebrows.
WHY was everyone messing with him? Trying to help him?
“Let me explain, okay? “
“Go ahead…” he rolled his eyes looking quite serious at her.
It made her swallow…

“See since I’m a nurse…” she killed the Doc with her glance.
“I know there are outrageous meds on here…
Meds that will harm your health… Docs don’t care about
your health… They only keep you ill… its stupid though as
when they cure you, they are out of a job, you know…”
“Outrageous? I’m trying… Trying to ditch some of it though…”
he revealed and sighed.
“It just doesn’t go over one night of ice hey…
The Doc claimed I’ll get withdrawal symptoms, right? “
The Doc only nodded.

“We just worry, you know” Diana said.
“We care for you, that’s all Michael. We never want to hurt you or
invade your privacy…”
“I know, babe. I’m fine! ”
“You’re NOT” Carol scolded him.
“YOU stop taking this crap today…
yesterday you survived without it, did yé? “
“I did” he thought out loud and touched the dimple in his chin.
“Then WHY is he given YOU all this stuff? I see overdoses every day…
I don’t want to see you in the ER like that… “

“Do I really need all that stuff, Doc? “
Offended, he looked at him at why
he questioned his ‘authority’ and claimed he did…

“What does she know? She’s ONLY a student…
I bet you’re NOT qualified yet, are you? “
“You practice without a license is that not a felony? “
She stabbed him back.
He went quiet and swallowed.
“How ‘you mean? You treated my kids… “
The Doc fell silent and was he now ‘faking’ his swoon or
was he really going out like a blown out candle…



“We should get him to a hospital” Michael called out worried as
he kneeled over his Doc.
“Hello guys” a new voice called out.
“In here Ames”
“Hey Michael” she called out as
she found him on his knees bending over a person,
that looked like his Doc…

“What happened here? “ She asked.
Michael didn’t acknowledge her presence.
He was so damn worried about him as
nothing he tried to do to revive him helped…
“Shouldn’t be better call 911? “ Dian suggested.
“Yeah” Michael sighed and got up. He only smiled at the new face.
“I hope he’s gonna be okay.”
“We’re sorry, okay” Carol excused herself.
“Esther kind of reacts impulsive. She… well,
we all want to help you…”
Michael only nodded as Diana was on the phone with 911.
They were there in a flash.
Surprised to find Mr. Jackson worrying over his Doc that
fainted in a suburban house with 3 girlies…
Michael did want to jump in the back of the ambu but
Carol snatched him by the arm and
demanded it would not be save to join him…
Reluctant, the ambulance took off in his full speed with
the Doc still in swoon…

“Please take me home, Carol? “
He asked and glanced at her with his puppy doe eyes.
“Sure Hun, your kids will be worried by now hey.”
He only nodded.



Carolwood drive
06:54 PM

“Daddy” she called out as she flung into his arms and
startled he received her.
“Hey, you missed me that BAD?”
She only nodded as she squeezed him tight.
“I got some fans to introduce to you hey…
They cared for me last night. So, be nice to them okay”
he began as he released her.

“Hello, I’m Paris” she said kind.
“Hello Paris. I’m Diana and this is my friend Carol.”
“Hey Paris.”
“Hello Diana and Carol” she politely said.
Then she turned towards daddy.

“Dad? Have you eaten already? Kai made you something.
It’s in the fridge.”
“Thanks pumpkin. Where is everyone?” He looked around.
“Kai is gone home and Grace is in the living room.
I’m glad you’re okay.”
She squeezed her arm around his waist again.
“Where is Prince? “ He walked through the house and
there in the living room he found his other kids watching TV.
“Dad? Is it you? Glad you’re home. We were so worried.“
“Yeah, Prince… Ah” He gave him a loving hug.
“Daddy, you’re home” the youngest babbled and
gave him a tight hug too that he of course gladly received.
“Feels good to be home again” he sighed.


“Thank you”
“ Oh, let me introduce yourself to these ladies… Diana and Carol”
They said there hello’s and like
well mannered kids plunged into the sofa again and
continued watching the cartoons showing on TV.

“I’ll give you a tour of the house” Michael said excited.
“Okay, Michael” They both smiled at each other.
What a chance of a lifetime hey…

“Will you stay with me tonite? “ He asked kind of blushing.
“Us? You want us to stay? “
“Yeah” he answered ever so silently.
“You see, I have trouble sleeping and I need to sleep or
else I can’t perform or rehearse for my shows…
I slept like a baby last night so…”
They were speechless and trying not to gawk
they only nodded ‘yeah’.
“Here we have…” He opened a door.
“A bathroom to freshen up and down the hall the guestrooms,
let me show them, okay…
Please settle in anything you like to drink or eat, just pop into
the kitchen. My casa is your casa.” He held his hand to his heart.
“That’s ever so sweet of you, Michael”
“You’re welcome. Thank you for saving me.”
He held his hands like he was praying.

The Doc?
Oh, he had sustained a brain concussion but
was send home the following day with taking some time off
from work as he had to avoid the ‘bright’ day for awhile or
the headaches would stay that worse…

Of course, he straight went back to MJ but
there he got ‘fired’ by the man himself…
Scolding him for ‘playing’ with his life…
Michael claimed that Carol was more ‘qualified’ to look for him as
he once again slept like a baby and he was so chuffed about it…
Carol’s plan was to ‘continue’ with only 1 sleep aid and
then gradually ‘tone’ it down until he would sleep without any…

He felt ‘pampered’ by them and
his other ‘crew’ members seemed a little ‘jealous’ that
he let those two fans in to ‘control’ him but
they were the ones ‘saving’ him slowly one day at a time…
The scheme? What scheme?
If MJ was rehearsing like a 30 year old?
Their scheme to ‘take the talent out’ would be
really ‘ridiculous’ now, right?

Michael showed up for the rehearsals…
even excusing himself for being late and
they already saw a ‘different’ MJ…
Passionate, driven, boosting in energy…
What was his secret? Couldn’t have been the Doc as he was out…
Oh, it were those girlies… almost ‘glued’ to his body…
frowning their eyebrows and ‘fretting’ about
every comment someone made…
He was ‘pampered’ indeed by them and
he was so forever grateful that they saved him…
“Ah, my loving fans” crossed his mind.

To be continued...

~ Copyright 2011~

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