TTTO 2: The light of the world


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Oct 8, 2004
"The light of the world"
The ‘sequel’ to “Saved”
Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ


You think Michael is "Saved" now, do you?
Nah, life isn’t that easy when your name is MJ though.
Please join me on the new quest of 2 fans to save
Michael out of the 'evil grip' of Hollywood.



This is the BIG "WHAT IF" story that 'helped' me HEAL the sudden LOSS.
Thanks, Daz.



A man with dark sunglasses and a classy suit stormed into the room.
They were watching rehearsals on a HUGE flat screen TV and
Michael was ‘fussing’ over some moves that weren’t perfect to the tee
though the girls thought it was an awesome performance already but
they only smiled at Michael’s comments.
He was so entangled into it, he didn’t even notice him and
that made him boil even more.

“Michael” he screamed.
Michael glanced around and only coldblooded said hello.
“Did you get my message, Doc? “

“YOU… “
he tried to contain his anger before the girls.
“You can’t do this? I need this job…” He scolded him.
“Let me show you something…”
Michael only said calm and one of the girls jumped up.
“I’ll be okay… Just enjoy the rehearsals… I won’t be long…”

Reluctantly, she sat down again and her friend only sighed too.
It took like forever for him to come back and
like two ‘good’ behaved girls, they were still watching the rehearsals.

“How did it go? “
She saw on the look of his face that it went well.
“I wanted to have the pleasure of ‘firing’ him but it seems the ‘idiot’
forgot to sign the contract… No contract is NO job…”
Michael shrugged and plunged back into the sofa.



“Good morning Kai”
he said cheered up and nosed into the fridge.
“Good morning Michael”
she acted surprised to see him so ‘upbeat’.
“Are those girls staying today? “
“Ehh, yeah” he answered when he swallowed his almond milk.
“Why? Weren’t they nice to you? “
“Oh, yeah… I just need to know for how many I should cook? “
“Okay, Hun” Michael got up.
“ You know where they are? "
She only shrugged getting some veggies out of the fridge.

He strolled into the living room.
“How are my two ladies today? “
“I got a proposition to make to you Carol” he spoke seriously.
“Yeash, Michael” she answered polite.
“Would you take over my Doc’s tasks?
I know you’re not legally qualified yet but I’m sure you’ll
do a more perfect job than the one I gave the booth…”
“It’ll be my pleasure, Michael”
“We’ll do the paperwork later that is id you can stay? “
“Yep, I can. I’m officially on holiday.”
“Oh” Michael reacted and kind of hung his head down.
“Hey, don’t worry sweetie… I would love to care for you.”
“Would you? “ He asked innocently.

“I don’t mean to mess up your life.”
“Nah” she swatted her hand in the air.
“You my dear never… So, what’s on the schedule today? “
“Rehearsals at 3PM” he only answered.


“Michael? You’re back? “
Ortega cried and hugged him like he hadn’t seen him in ages.
“Hey” he reacted “Yeah, thanks Kenny…”
“For you, my friend anything… “
He glanced at the girls ‘tagging’ along.
“I see you brought your own ‘back up’ this time."
Michael glanced behind him.
“Yeah” he smiled.
“ This is Carol and Diana, my life savers.”
They said their ‘polite’ hello and didn’t move away
an inch from Michael.

“So, got anything exciting planned for today? “
“Yeah, we got the ‘Dirty Diana’ act remember? “
“Oh yeah” Michael reacted full of excitement.

He then noticed the girls were like ‘glued’ to him.
“Ehh, would you mind sitting on those chairs in the tribune…
You will have a front row seat of how the Magic is created… “
“Of course, Michael… Rock the place”
Carol cried out and it made Michael chuckle.
This was indeed too good to be true seeing the ‘master’
weaving his magic like this ‘behind the scenes’.

It was a dream come true and even Michael often glanced at them
to see if they were still okay and not bored.
The crew and Mr. Ortega already saw a ‘different’ MJ.
Passionate, driven, boosting in energy!
What was his secret?
Couldn’t have been the Doc as he was out.
Oh, yeah… It were those girlies on the seats. Bless them!



During a 10 minute break, Michael dashed up to the seats
with a juice in each hand.
“Hey Babes… You enjoying yourselves? “
“Yeash, Michael”
“Oh, I got you these… It’s orange juice…
I thought you would be thirsty? “
He reached the cups out to them and
they both took one and smiled.
“Thanks Michael”
“That’s so kind of you”

“Well” he wiggled shy on his feet.
“What about you? You drank some juice? “
“Yes, ma’am” he answered polite and saluted.
It both made them chuckle of how silly Michael acted but
it meant he ‘trusted’ them.

“Mr. Jackson? Where is Michael? “
He heard in the distance and then suddenly
he felt a tap on his shoulder.
He jerked his way and his appearance startled him a bit.
Even the girls almost spilled their drink as they glanced
at a serious man waving some papers in his face.

“Hello Sir” he reacted stunned.
“The contract said you need a Doctor during rehearsals…”
he only stated almost pushing the ‘contract’ up his nose.
Carol thought he was not kind, instead of saying ‘hello’ or
even asking how he was, he scolded him like a 4 year old.
Ah, Manners, so hard to teach!

“I don’t need a Doc I have a nurse, Sir” he boldly stated.
“One of these ‘bimbos’ right? “
He looked at the girls with
such a ‘degrading’ glance and Diana had to withhold her friend or
she would have lashed out to him.
“Fine, just make sure you can rehearse…”
he only demanded and stomped away.
Michael only rolled his eyes and Kenny came to get him
as the break was over.



So the days floated away and he felt blessed to have them in his life.
He simply knew he could trust them.
It didn’t matter that crew members and his staff was just
a little ‘jealous’ that they were ‘pushed’ away
by those two girlies.
Oh, he didn’t forget about Diana either.
She was the ‘admin’ lady to make sure he didn’t get ‘screwed’ over
by the ‘fine print’ in the contract.
The Doc didn’t take no for answer and yet
he showed up again ‘demanding’ to get his job back and
‘trying’ to get his ‘grip’ back on the star.
He had a ‘hidden’ contract after all and not fulfilling it meant
his life was in peril now.
They both ‘protected’ Michael and even Kenny heaved his voice
towards him, scolding him that Michael was way better off without him.
That angered him of course and he trotted off to plan an ‘evil’ scheme.



Worried that the quack would not stop,
they had to come up with a ‘BAD’ plan too.
One, that Michael should not be aware off
as he would not approve it.

So, rehearsals were done and it would really blow their minds.
This is it… This was really it… The TOP…
He was gonna make all this haters eat dirt with
this high-tech show and his dazzling moves.
Okay, the contract said ‘medical aid’
during rehearsals but Carol somehow managed to
‘erase’ all his sleep meds and
just ‘replaced’ them with ‘natural’ and ‘not harming stuff’
like chamomile tea, cinnamon cookies and milk.
So, Michael ‘pleaded’ her to join him on Tour too
as his ‘private nurse’.

Of course, she blushed as she didn’t even
have the degree of nurse yet but the decision to ‘postpone’ or
even NOT take her 3rd year was made in jiffy.
I mean who would say NO to a ‘career change’ like that.
So, there she was in his dressing room on opening night.
Of course, Michael was a little jittery.

Nervous, never just a excited I guess as he loved to entertain and
loved to give the BEST to his fans
as he was convinced they deserved the BEST.

Their ‘professional’ relationship began to ‘grow’ into a close one
though Diana was still on board too but she ‘faded’ more into
the background checking the contracts for any ‘fine’ print and
then she just ‘visited’ Michael to let him sign them.
Did she envy Carol?

No, she was doing an important job too and
felt blessed she could care for Michael on that ‘level’
as he was the ‘sweetest’ boss you could ever work for.



The show started with a BANG and everyone was awestruck
at the talent and the inner light that Michael ‘radiated’.
This would be ‘front page’ news of a STAR that made
the biggest comeback since sliced bread was invented.
Michael’s aura sparkled and he set the whole stadium on fire.
The number of faints were not countable any more
as the fans were so easily ‘drained’ or
should I better say ‘overloaded’ by his energy.

He made HIStory and made everyone that ‘mocked’ him
eat their own vile words as he danced and
sang like he was only 30.

Yet, Mr. Ortega was on edge.
He felt a negative energy distorting the wave of L.O.V.E
that Michael showered the fans with.
On a quest to find the culprit, he suddenly spotted
a dark figure ‘tainting’ the juice that Michael drank during breaks.
Squinty, he glanced around with a feeling of ‘don’t get caught’ and
he almost jumped to the ceiling when Ortega patted him on his shoulder
and congratulated him for caring for Michael so much.

“Damn man, I’d like to have your passion, so caring for Michael”
he reacted sarcastically and of course he spilled some juice
There were other juice bottles readymade and
he had the hunch that they were all tainted somehow so
he needed a plan and quick or
his intervention would have been futile.

“Let’s drink to it… You deserve a toast, Doc”
The Producer pushed a bottle in his hands and
startled the man glanced at the ‘spiked’ drink.
Yep, karma hits you pretty fast these days.

Kenny ticked his bottle to his and
‘pretended’ he drank from it.
“To the most loyal Doc ever” he joked.
What could he do, hey?
Come clean about the plan to ‘annihilate’ the star or
just suffer in his doom now?

He almost choked as he tried not to swallow then
yet everything went black…

The crowd was still in a frenzy when Michael popped ‘back stage’
in between acts.

“I’m sorry, Michael… Is Water okay?
It seems we’re out of juice”
Ortega claimed as he showed a bottle of water.
He unscrewed it and reached it out to him.
“Sure” Michael shrugged all sweaty.
“Thanks Kenny”

~ Copyright 2012 ~