TTTO 3: Take the talent out


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Oct 8, 2004
" TTTO 3: Take the talent out"
Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ


Will their daring plan succeed or is Michael after all doomed?
Did the girlies somehow found out about their evil scheme?
Who betrayed them?
Follow the thrilling adventure of a star 'fighting' to survive Hollywood.

This is the BIG "WHAT IF" story that 'helped' me HEAL the sudden LOSS...
Thanks, DAZ.



The end tunes of the concert gave their final breaths and
Michael disappeared into the shadows again,
leaving his loving fans flabbergasted but also roaring in adulation.
They were still screaming and squealing out his name
when he head backstage for his trailer.
It really felt good, it really nourished his soul.
He wondered what his kids thought about
‘Daddy at work’!

He hoped he hadn’t disappointed him though
he knew they would say ‘they loved it’ .
Though, the concert was a success as
he saw how his crew had enjoyed themselves,
still he noticed a few quirks and moves that really
weren’t in sync and why his juice was suddenly barred,
of course now he was drained to the core and
that was something that bothered him too.

Kenny or another crew member had some explaining to do now.
They knew he needed that juice to give them the Best and
that’s what his fans only deserved
otherwise he felt like he was cheating on them if
he couldn’t give it all he got.



He spotted some juice in the distance and head for it.
“There you are”
he innocently spoke to the bottles of juice
stacked upon a generator. He got hold of one but before
he could quench his thirst…
Someone yelled at him: “They are spiked.”

Was it the bottle shivering of fear cause
it was caught in the act or
was it Michael’s hand trembling realizing
they were still out to get him?

He snatched the bottle out of his hands and
without even saying hello to him,
he showed him how it was damaged.
He almost shoved it down his nose.

Michael pulled back as the stench was horrific.
He quickly covered his nose and mouth with one hand and
pushed the ‘tainted’ bottle away with his other hand.
“Phew, who would want to do a thing like that? That’s foul play?
Can you check it out, Kenny for me? “
He only asked in his ever sweet voice.

“I’ll do that, Sir” he only confirmed.
Did he have to tell the truth to Michael now?
Nah, not on opening night though…



he heard his daughter call out to him.
She flew into his arms. He took her in his protective grip but
did scold her gently.
“I told you to wait in the trailer, Paris.”
“What took you so long? “
His 11 year old pouted as
she almost squeezed the life out of him.
He only rubbed her back and then let go of her.
“Where are your brothers? “ he asked as he took her hand.
“They are in the trailer, playing videogames” she sighed.
“Be careful, peaches” he called out to her as
they had to step over a misbehaving cable.
She darted over it but didn’t let go of daddy’s hand.

When he entered the trailer,
the boys were indeed playing an arcade game and
only looked up to say ‘hello’ to dad and
then they ‘emerged’ themselves in racing their virtual cars
trying not to crash and burn them.
Dad only smiled at their innocent faces.
He plunged into his chair facing a mirror adorned with light bulbs.

Before he could say anything, Karen popped up and
began with rubbing off his makeup.
“You really rocked them, Michael” she babbled.
“Yeah, I did “
he put on a smile while she was refreshing his skin now and
though he didn’t like it first, that she invaded his peaceful aura
by touching his face, he managed not to pull away as often as before
cause he knew she was only caring for him and
not out to hurt him but then again…
Who had ‘spiked’ his juice?
Must be an insider, a crew member?
Who had access backstage?
He pondered over the usual suspects…



“Daddy, are you okay? “
He glanced at his daughter and smiled.
“Yeah, pumpkin… Just a little tired…
How did you like the show? “
“It was awesome, Thrilling…
I didn’t knew you were that famous…”
she revealed and it made him only giggle.

“You want some juice? “ Karen asked.
His heart touched rock bottom…
“No” he frowned his eyebrows.
‘Nah…’ his mind fretted… ‘Not her… Please… ’
“Guys, quit gaming…We’re going back to the hotel… Chop chop…”
Reluctantly, they pressed ‘stop’ on the game and
slouched up but a stern look of dad and
they straightened up getting their jacket.
The eldest helped Blanket in his jacket and
took his hand. Michael took his daughter’s hand and
walked out to the nearest car to take them back to the hotel.
The guard and the chauffeur only welcomed him with polite
“Hello Sir”.



Strolling into his suite,
he found Carol and Diana there talking…
“Good evening Michael”
“Hey girls” he spoke pensive
as he had fretted and pushed away his fears over WHO
was still trying to kill him?
Could he bust them in time or was he a sitting duck?

“The show was awesome, Michael…
We knew you could pull it off.”
She gleamed at him.
Michael didn’t share her enthusiasm though and
just boldly snapped at her.

“Where were you, Carol? “
“I had to watch the show in the front booth…
The security block didn’t let me stay there…
He fretted I was a fan and I belonged in front of the stage and
not back stage… It didn’t matter I showed him my back stage pass though…”
“Hmmm” Michael only smirked and rubbed over his chin.

‘See, inside job…’ his mind screamed at him.
‘If Carol was even barred… screwy, really screwy…’
“Is there something you’re not telling us? “
She even boldly spoke and

Michael looked at her like he had been busted
for eating a cookie out of the jar.
He glanced around and his kids were out of the room.
He did lean towards her and whispered in her ear.

“Someone spiked my juice… Kenny saved me…”
“Oh” she held her hand to her heart.
“Phew, does he know who did it? “
“No” he nodded with his head.
“ I asked him to check it out… I don’t even know why
anyone would do this, I’m a nice guy, right? “
“You’re too nice, Michael… That’s the problem…”
“If you wanna call it a problem” The admin fretted.
Michael only glanced at them as
his mind was still racing over WHY and WHO…
“So far for thinking I’m saved, hey? “
He whispered and sighed.
“You got Kenny and us… We’ll protect you…”
It made him only sigh as
he went checking where the kids had gone to.



“Good morning Michael” his nanny called out as
Michael strolled into the ‘living area’ of the suite.
“I got you breakfast. “
She proudly showed him the tray standing on the Mahoney table.
He glanced at it and his mind fretted.

‘Tainted… What if… it’s tainted?’
“Well, don’t tell me you’re not hungry hey…
You need to eat, Michael.”
He looked quite serious at her
as he hated it being scolded like a 4 year old.
‘Tainted’ his mind kept screaming. It made him only sigh.
Indeed, he tried to hush his rumbling stomach ‘cause
it was indeed his favorite and
he wished his mind would shut up now.
What if it was?
He couldn’t ask her to taste his Almond milk for him, could he?
That would be too obvious he was getting paranoid or
even in worst case scenario…
He couldn’t kill his staff one by one, could he?
That would be plain cruel!



With a longing heart, he did glance at his milk and
only sighed.
“Is something bothering you, Michael? “
She had the heart to ask.
“The show was awesome really…
I’m sure you’ll shine tomorrow too…”
he only nodded still having his eye on his breakfast.
Well, today was a day of rest and hanging out
so they could give their full tomorrow night again.
He just had a meeting at 3 with the crew
to discuss what could be improved for the next day.

“You know, you can always tell me…”
she insisted worrying about his turmoil.
If he worried about something,
the first thing he skipped was ‘eating’ DUH…

“Good morning Michael”
Carol called out juggling a tray, she almost lost.
“Let me help you, dear…”
He squatted the tray out of her hands and
curious looked at what it all presented.
He was so curiously inspecting it that
he didn’t notice how his nanny trotted off
hurt and offended…

“Fine, I should look for the kids then…”
Feeling her negative energy wave,
he looked up from the tray he was still holding.
“Grace, I’m sorry”
he called out but she was already gone.
He shrugged and glanced at the tray in his hands again.
Carol took it back and asked where she should put it
as she noticed another tray on the table.
“Here, would be fine…”
he rummaged the coffee table by the sofa.
“Oh, I didn’t mean to barge in like that…
Does Grace bring you breakfast? “
“Yeah, she does but for some reason my mind kept screaming
‘tainted’… “ he shrugged.
“I’m not going crazy, am I? “ He whispered near her ear.
“No, you’re not, Michael” she nodded with her head.
“You’re just on guard. You can never be too careful these days! ”
He sat down and glared at what she brought him.

“Is it okay? I don’t really know what you eat for breakfast so…”
“it’s perfect, Honey…” he called out and tucked in.
Gobbling up the toast with jam and washing it down with tea.



he called out to her in his sweet and soft voice.
Carol didn’t mind the nickname he had given her cause
that meant that he really liked and trusted you.

“What, Michael? “
she answered as she looked up at him.
Michael had asked her to stay with her and she obliged.
She felt the turmoil strolling through him as
he sat there staring at his empty cup of tea.
“You want more tea, Michael? “
He only nodded and sighed,
pondering over how he was gonna tell her…
It had kept him awake all night…
How would she react… As a nurse or as a loyal fan?

“What’s wrong, Hun? “ Carol asked caring.
Michael first shrugged and
she could feel his vulnerability piercing through her skin
like thousands of needles pricking her.
It made her shudder…

“You promise, you won’t be angry if I tell you? “
He looked up with his puppy doe eyes
that made her heart now melt too…
She only nodded ‘NO’.
He strangled his hands together.
Overcome with emotion, his eyes started to fill up and
the first tear escaped the inferno.

“Are you in pain, Michael? “
Of course, she started to worry… You would too…
“I don’t…”
He began sniffling as she saw how the tears bumped off his cheeks.

Then, the door swung open and
one of his guards came strolling in fretting
why Michael wasn’t ready for the meeting yet.
Michael jerked from the sofa and fled to the nearby room.



“What now? “
The big block reacted offended like he didn’t knew
what was going on. He wanted to trot after Michael but
Carol withheld him.
“Stay” she pointed at him like a dog misbehaving.
He did look up to her demand and then just shrugged.
“Okay, just tell him he’ll be late for the meeting, that’s all… “
he fretted and plunged into the sofa.

“Michael” Carol called out.
She found him there in the corner of the room stuck
to the wall like he had been a naughty boy.
“What ‘you doing? “ She carefully approached him.

He glanced at her with his red and puffy eyes.
His long black hair still scruffy and tangled up and
he was still in his black and white checkered PJ’s.
“You need a hug? “

He only opened his arms and Carol hugged him.
She again felt his pain prickling and invading her own energy field but
he was in such turmoil that she bared the sensation for now.
She rubbed his back and it made him only sigh.
He let go of her.

“You promised you won’t be angry, right? “
“Of course not, you silly…”
“I… I don’t… want… to be… Michael Jackson… anymore…”
He finally revealed and then facing the wall, he bumped his head.
“Ah, sweetie…”
she replied and carefully rubbed his back.
“It’s okay…”
“No, it’s not…”
he pouted and then hid his face in both his hands.



“I can’t disappoint the crew, my kids and above all the fans…
They would hate me… I can’t do that…”
he spoke in a muffled voice.
“But this can’t go on like this, Michael…
You’re killing yourself like this too…”
He peeked at me from behind his fingers.
A knock on the door was heard…

“Shall I ask Diane to check the contract for any flaws? “
He only nodded. The knock was heard again…
“Okay, we’ll be there in a moment…”
she only shouted in reply.

He walked in the direction of the ‘en suite’ bathroom and
did he miss the door or did he bump in the wall on purpose.
“Michael? “ She yelled out.
“ Did you hurt yourself? “

Startled, he glanced at her.
“I should get ready for the meeting”
he only spoke shocked of why he bumped into that wall.
“You sure, you’re okay now? “
He only nodded ‘yes’

The door opened and the big block strolled in.
“You’ll be late, Sir.”
A huge wave of negative energy almost blew her down.
“Let me get dressed, B! ”
Michael only replied and trotted off the bathroom,
now finding the door way.



“Hey Diane” she called out.
“Hey Carr… How’s Michael? “
She only shrugged.
“Not good” she asked worried.
“Can you check the contract for any flaws? “
“I’ve done it already, Carol… There is no legally way that
Michael can escape from this nightmare…
I can’t even prove his signature was forced…
so maybe Michael just doesn’t remember what he signed…
Blame the excitement hey… Why? Is he ill? Please tell me…
You scaring me like this…”
She only sighed at first…

“There must be way to do something, D…
cause Michael is gonna hurt himself if we don’t care for him…”
“He’s gonna do what? “
She yelled appalled and then rubbed her hand through her hair.
“He just said the most heartbreaking thing to me and
made me promise I wouldn’t be angry…”
“Ah, Michael” Diana, the Admin wizard, sighed.
“I know… I should be checking on him…
He still needed to get dressed for the meeting at 3… “
She glanced at her watch which revealed it was 2: 47 PM already…”
“Yeah, please… We can’t afford to lose him now… What did he say? “
Carol only shrugged and walked out of the door of their suite…

Leaving her friend there in turmoil…
She couldn’t believe how hurt Michael was and
couldn’t just babble about it cause it was the latest ‘gossip’ …



Worried, she returned to his suite and nearing it,
She already heard the rumble. She quickly jerked open the door and
as she stumbled upon the crime scene, she bellowed…

They first didn’t react and fretted at him like she wasn’t even there…
Michael was howling of the pain and she spotted the bruises on
his body… She tore at a shirt of a guard and
he first shrugged her off but
if she gave up now… They were sure gonna lose him.
Who would they blame?
The star of course…
cause he was messing up the dream they all lived in…

With some persistence,
she finally managed to get through to Michael but
he didn’t notice her yet, all he felt was ‘torture’ and
he prayed to the Lord, it would finally stop…

“STOP…” she bellowed again.
He opened his eyes and try to reach for her…
Was he in heaven now?
Did God answer his prayers so fast?
she ranted on and realizing it was a lost cause,
to get him ready for that meeting,
they all drooped off and not even saying sorry…
Disgraceful really…



“Oh, Michael” she cried.
“I’m sorry, Hun for leaving you like this… Please, forgive me…”
Michael didn’t answer…
He only winched in pain trying to get up.
“You slipped and fell, did ye’? “
Michael only nodded sitting on the closed toilet seat now.
He wrapped his arms around his frail body cause
a chill invaded him…

“Let me run you a bath and then I’ll put some ointment
on these bruises, okay… “
He nodded no, shivering of the cold and the ordeal…
Did they all wanted him dead now?

She covered him with a huge beach towel cause
he sat there shivering like wet and battered dog…
Without any word spoken, she rubbed his back,
first letting him come to his senses again.



Worried as Diana was,
she carefully entered the suite which was deserted…
“Hello…” she called out with a quiver in her voice.
“In here…” she heard the voice call out from another room.
“Michael? “ The Admin called out as she indeed thought
it was a ‘stray’ at first that Carol picked up wandering the streets.
His naked body only covered in the huge blue beach towel
leaned against her friend and the terror in his eyes revealed
so much pain.

“What happened, sweetie? “ She kneeled in front of him.
He glanced at her with a vulnerable look but
it was what he said that broke their hearts in thousand pieces…

“Please… save me… Diane…”
“OMG, Michael”
she slapped her hand before her mouth as when
he moved out of her touch.
The towel shifted too and then the bruises were revealed.
“I promise, Michael…Let us get you back into your Pj’s hey…
before you catch a cold too. ”
He only nodded and moaning and groaning of the pain, he got up…



“Well…” an elderly man bellowed as he stormed into the room.
The girls protested and laid their fingers to their lips.
“Where is Michael? Why isn’t he at the meeting? “
“Who are you, Sir? “
“The new attending Doc…”

Both gawked at each other
“Who hired you? “
“What is it to you? What is your position? “
“Senior Admin, Diane” she spoke up.
“Please to meet you, attending Doc…”
He glanced at her friend but before
he could ask the same question again, she spoke too…
“Carol, Private nurse…”
He almost choked in his laughter. Such a blond chick for nurse?
Michael sure knew who to pick them hey?
How could she even care for a star like MJ?
“Where is he? “
“Now, you don’t fool me… Pretty Misses…
You’re just two fans meddling in our private business…
So be good and just worship him, okay…”
OH, Carol almost blew her top but
her friend put her hand on her shoulder to simmer her down.
Quarreling over it was not gonna help Michael, would it?

“First, I’m the Admin and all paperwork and
hiring idiots goes through me… You’re not on the payroll so
bug off, quack…”
she said in a calm and steady voice.

Now, it was the Doc’s turn to almost blow up.
How could a bimbo call him a quack, hey? Disgraceful, indeed…
“I’m Dr. Carter, PHD in medicine… Where is Michael that
I can assess him? “

Both looked startled at each other.
Were they brave enough to kick his a$$?
They had to, okay! Michael asked them to be ‘saved’ remember?
“Did the company hire you? “
“Of course, do you think I was gonna bump in here and
see how the star is doing? “ He continued his arrogance strategy.
“Well as a PHD in medicine… “ Carol snarled at him.
“You know if the patient is asleep, you DO NOT wake him…
So, I’m afraid the assessing is for laters, Dr. Carter…”
he snapped back and slammed the door behind him.
This was freaky! They hired another Quack to take the talent out…
No way! Not with them watching over Michael…
Of course, the quarreling had woken up Michael and
he laid there listening of how they stood up for him.
Should he be afraid now?
With an army of L.O.V.E behind him?



“Diane…We really got to do something.”
“Yeah” she sighed.
“No, I’m serious” she replied and jumped from the sofa.
“Once, that quack has Michael in his grip, then we can just pack up and
leave and let the vultures pick him apart…”
Michael who was eavesdropping at the door shuddered.
What could he do? Was he really trapped?
Could they save him again? Was he Michael Jackson or what?
“Pack up and leave? “

Diana uttered frowning her eyebrows and
her body jittered up and down.
“Well, you know… Michael” she pointed at the bedroom door.
“He’s doesn’t know evil, does he? “
Once again, it made him shudder…
There was again evil lurking in the dark cause this is Thriller…
Stop joking, this is BLOODY SERIOUS…

“We managed to save him once but
if we let that quack in then Michael is HIStory, period…”
Now, the ‘eavesdropper’ was busted as
he bumped his head against the wall…
“Aouch” they heard a muffled cry and
before he realized it, his guardian angels were present…

“’ You hurt? “ Carol only asked.
“Fine” he only replied rubbing his forehead.
That’s what you get when you listen into things not
destined for your ears, right?



“I’m in trouble again, am I? “ He revealed.
“I’m afraid you are, Michael but
we are gonna do everything in our power to save your butt…”
“Yeah, we are…” Diana said.
“I’m gonna check once again, if we can’t tweak at the contract and
possible relocate to another hotel…”
“I trust you with my life, sweeties…” he only uttered.
“Okay, Michael… Time for action…”

“Is there anything I can do? I won’t trust that quack, you know…
Did they really send another Doc? “
“Yeah, Carter…. PHD in Medicine…”
“PHD HUH…” Carol smirked.
“Past Honoree Death, you mean…”
“That’s not what it means, does it?” Michael asked pensive.
“It should be PPD. Past Preserving Date! He walks with
a coffin on his back. ”
It make Michael laugh and then he frowned his eyebrows.
“Really? “
“This is serious, Diane… Bloody serious…”
“I agree... giggle… really serious…
so, don’t mess around… Diane…” Michael aided her.

“I need your ID, Michael… Passport…”
“Okay” he went to fetch it.
“Here” he reached it out to Carol and
the Admin Wizard looked shocked to receive his purple colored book.
“I’ll explain later… Since the walls have ears…”
She glanced around and Michael did the same.
Invisible ones, right?



The door swung open and Michael shuddered as
he saw who doomed up. He took Carol in his arms like a shield.
“Oh, you’re up…”
He only commented not even introducing himself.
“Who… are… YOU? “ Michael asked with a quiver in his voice.
Of course, he knew damn well who he was but
didn’t spot the ‘coffin’ on his back though.

“Dr. Carter, PHD in Medicine. ”
Michael couldn’t help but giggle thinking of what
the girls just said but he did get a tighter grip on her.
“Are you okay? “
“Yeah, I am…” Michael insisted though shivers ran down his spine.
“Then why aren’t you at the meeting? Everyone is worried about you,
that they even called me to check you out…”
“I’m fine…” Michael insisted trying
to hide his fear in squeezing Carol tight.
“Then why are you still in Jams hugging that fan?
The crew expects you to be at that meeting NOW! ”

Now fear slowly turned into discomfort and a little rage maybe….
WHY was this meeting so bloody important
that they had to send a quack?
He let go of her and they both saw
how Michael’s energy field turned from yellow into heavenly blue.
“I’ll go to that bloody meeting if that’s so *Bleeping* important to you…
Don’t you try hurting these girls or you have to answer to me, understood! ”
He snapped at the quack, slapping his chest
like a gorilla defending his territory.



Carol stormed into his suite followed by Diane.
This had been the last straw cause
they ‘overheard’ a convo that made them both ‘gawk’ at each other.

Oh, the meeting went fine and
the 2nd concert was even better than the first with all
the ‘tweaks’ fixed.
He exactly felt ‘save’ on stage yesterday.
Could he really feel save nowadays?
He felt everyone whispering around him.
Was he getting paranoid or what?

Without a word, she trotted to his closet, opened it and
took his suitcase.
“Can I help, girls? “ He frowned his eyebrows as
he entered his bedroom witnessing how
she was emptying his closet at a high rate like
the other room had caught fire or something.
“Get dressed! “ she only demanded.
“Put this on as well! it’s in the suitcase…”
she shoved him a suitcase in his lap and
he almost dropped it cause he felt like he was hit in his face with it.
Carol never snapped at him, did she?
Or wasn’t he used to fans saving his butt?

“Okay, where are we going? “
“You gotta tell him, Car…”
Her friend insisted as he looked serious at her.
She quit her rummaging and sighed.
“Okay” she began.

“This is Plan Z! You open the briefcase and all will be revealed.
If this fails? You’re a sitting duck ready to be blown to pieces.
This is serious, Michael… Remember PHD? ”
Michael only nodded.
A bit anxious to what ‘Plan Z’ was exactly about though,
he opened the black leather briefcase and
it looked like one of those ‘Mission Impossible’ ones
with a face mask complete with hair and a different ID.
‘Wow, game time’ his mind joked.



Diana looked around the room and
shoved a piece of paper in Michael’s hands…
She laid a finger to her mouth and
Michael glared at the words on the paper…
Oh yeah, the ‘invisible’ ears on the walls…

“This is plan Z! Please note,
that we are gonna do everything to save you…
We did manage to get the contract to 5 yet
the ‘organization’ doesn’t know yet…
We don’t want to cause havoc yet but
we can make sure, no one kills you during it…
Okay, the plan…
We move to another hotel and you’re CG now or
Christopher Gale…
You’re an author who’s on holiday here with his family…
You put on the mask in the bathroom…
if you need help, just nod…”

That’s what he did… just nod…
Diana went with him to the bathroom to change
his appearance while Carol rummaged all his stuff.
“Okay” she only spoke as he returned.
Michael didn’t dare to speak as
he was afraid of being caught in the act.
“Let’s go before that quack returns…”
‘CG’ only nodded and left together with them.
He even offered to carry a bag and Carol let him.
How weird did it feel just to stroll out of the hotel without
even a shriek or tug or his name been yelled out…



“You okay, Stof?” Diana called out as he entered the cab.
“Okay” he only nodded.
“Hallam Hotel, please…” Carol only spoke to the cab driver and
he hurled his car into traffic.
It felt weird but also quite fun and
liberating to see the world from a different point of view.
Could he ever get used to this? Away from the spotlight?
No screeching and adoring fans tailing his car?
He felt like he failed them now…
Though, he had to trust Carol, right?
What about his kids? Was he abandoning them now?
He would never forgive himself if any harm would come to them.

The cab driver smiled at him as he saw him glaring out of the window.
“First time in London, Sir” he called out.
“Eh, yeah…” CG tried his lower tone of voice.
This was a game after all, was it?



He checked in like a ‘normal’ family man and
Diana helped him filling in the form.
Surprised he took the key, this was a NOT a 5 star Hotel though as
he looked around in the cozy but ever so tiny lobby.
This was as ‘low key’ as he could get but he didn’t mind it for now.

“Well…” Carol spoke as they arrived at room 20.
It was a privately run family hotel with only 25 rooms.
“I’m sowwy about the low key, Stof…”
Diana excused herself.
“We had to find one that had rooms available, you know. ”
“It’s okay” he answered in his Southern accent and
it brought her shivers. He was not used to talk in this tone but
he thought it fitted the profile of CG, okay!
“It’s got everything you need though. A bed, a TV, an own private bathroom. ”
“Most important of all…” Carol stated.
“No quacks! “
It made him crack up in laughter and then out of the blue.
He hugged both the girls who startled received his hug.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
He made the prayer sign.
“You’re welcome, Stof. ”



“We have another surprise for you… One, I know… You would like…”
AHHHH, he loved surprises, don’t we all?
He was led to another room and before he could react, a little girl…
His little girl came flying into his arms. He startled received her.

“Daddy… I missed you…”
she cried out and almost squeezed the life out of him.
“It’s okay, sweetie… Did you say thank you to the girls?”
Still clutched in his grip, she glanced at him and
then nuzzled her face in his belly. It made him sigh as he hugged her.

Someone came out of the bathroom.
“Ah, Stof… You made it, Hun…”
Thank God, she was in the know… Was she part of Plan Z?
Could he trust her?
“I’m sowwy, CG. We had to let her in otherwise
the kids would have never trusted this plan in the first place…”
Carol only stated.

“Oh, It’s Katie now… They got me registered as Katie Gale or
Mrs. Gale… " She flashed a ring before his eyes.
"I must admit… You do have the smartest fans to come up with
such a daring plan…”
“I love them with all my heart… My guardian Angels…”

His eldest strolled in too and
he let go of Paris to hug his BIG boy who
was also pleased that dad was ‘save’.
Blanket however, didn’t really trust the situation yet and
hid behind Katie…
He’ll come around, I’m sure…



“Have you seen him leave?”
One of his bodyguards hollered at the man behind the front desk.
He seemed a little intimidated by him though he stood his ground.
“No, Sir… I just began my shift…” He peeked at his watch.
“Just a quarter by now… You have to ask my colleague! ”
“Don’t you guys keep records who leaves the Hotel or not? “
“Only when they check in and out, Sir… This is after all a hotel…”
He shrugged and seemed a little offended that
he was the blame for the ‘missing’ star.
‘You’re the bodyguard…’ his mind cursed.

Funny enough, they only missed him and
realized Michael was NOT in his room when the clock struck noon
as they knew he was not a morning person but
he was indeed very quiet in there. Worried, they knocked…

No answer and then they fell into the room…
His bed not made up… His clothes and suitcase gone…
Even the Kids and Grace disappeared…
This was screwy… What was he playing at?



“Morning Stof…”
“Morning… ehmm… don’t say it… it’s… Argh…”
he slapped his forehead.
“Argh… fill me in…”
The kids came in ever so silently and polite.
They hugged him and he gladly received them in his loving arms.
“Katie… You can call me, you know but It’s Katie…
I’m sowwy… Is it okay, we call you Stof?
Would you prefer Christopher or Chris? “
“No, Stof is cool… I really like it…”
He let go of his youngest and they plunged on his bed.
He peered through the window of his hotel room and sighed.
The street was ever so quiet. Cars, buses, cabs rushing by…
Pedestrians doing their shopping… It made him sigh.
“You miss them, don’t you? “
He looked ever so sad and in remorse to her and
then only shrugged.

There was a knock on the door and it startled him a little.
“Good morning girls” she spoke as she let them in.
They were carrying newspapers, yet their faces were sad too.

“Morning Stof… Did you sleep well? “
“Yeah… You got exciting news about the show? “
He glared at the newspapers.
“Well…” Diana uttered and sighed.
“We first wanna say… We’re sorry…
We didn’t think what an impact it would have…
it seemed like a swell idea yesterday…”
Carol revealed.

“What’s wrong? “
He almost snatched the paper out of her hands but
she folded it open and showed him.
His eyes went wide like they were bulging out and
he slapped his hand in front of his mouth.
“Please Mic… Stof… We thought we could save you…
That quack was gonna hurt you… just like the other one would. “
Diana told him.
Michael… eh… Stof now… sat there in shock gawking
at the paper’s headline…


Of course, it was adorned by piccies of sobbing and crying fans.
“Please say something, Stof… Anything… We can take you back…”
Carol spoke feeling ever so guilty.
He only nodded and then screeched:
“This is a perfect headline…”

Both girls now stood there frowning their eyebrows too.
“Don’t you see… I’m Christopher Gale, right…
I do hope they found that MJ guy soon ‘cause
those fans seem really sad…” he nodded his head.

“MICHAEL” his nanny hollered at him.
“What? “ He shrugged.
“If this is the price I need to pay… Bring it on…
I told them in my last press conference…
This is it... It didn’t mean I was gonna disappear…
Well, I was gonna do movies and since
you put me down as ‘author’ I can still do the creative juice…
without the pressure of being ‘Michael Jackson’ , right? “

No one answered… They were all so baffled…
“Thanks for saving my life, girls…”
he reached out to them and kissed them both on their forehead.
They were too stunned to react…
Wow, he did take that blow good… too good, right?

“Till when is the breakfast room opened? “
He asked out of the blue checking his watch.
“ ‘Till 10” his nanny only answered.
“Okay… We all have breakfast now…”

“Are you okay? “
“Why shouldn’t I be? “
“Look at the piccies…”
His eyes did well up with tears and he turned his head away.
“There is no way back, sweeties… If I set one foot…”
he showed his index finger at them.
“One foot in that hotel or on that stage again…
I’ll be swarmed… I’ll be doomed… “ He explained.
“Then, all your hard work in saving my butt is gone up in smoke…
POOF…” he showed it with his hands.
“You said yourself, they had another hit man ‘disguised’ as a quack…
They are just after my money, that’s all… They can have it…
I can start anew, right? “
The girls only nodded.

“That CG guy is he a decent guy? “
“That depends on you… We just changed your name…
Your birth date is now August 30, 1958…
We just filled in you were born in Indianapolis
cause you got a fine Southern accent…”
“You like it then? “
They only nodded.

“Can you just do that? So basically, I’m stuck with
the ‘Christopher Gale’ name, hey… “
“Well, we thought it was cool… Your ancestor name is Gale
though and we asked the kids about your name… “
Carol glanced at the eldest for support.
“We agreed on Christopher, dad as
reminds us of Christopher Robinson. You know, Pooh! “
He explained.

“Oh yeah” he yelled out.
“Can we really pull this off? Can I leave the country with
this passport or are we stuck here too? “
“Trust me… I’m the Admin wizard, you know”
Diane stated.
“It’s just paperwork… You’ll always stay Michael for us…
You’re on holiday with your family… ”
“Yeah” he sighed.
“Let’s go… They have the most delicious bacon here…”
he babbled in his Southern voice.

“There is one more thing though…”
“That is? “
“The names of your children… We had to change them too…
The Hotel required their names too… “
He rubbed over his chin…
“Okay, let’s hear it then…”

“I’m Chris… Well, Christopher Michael Jr. “
his eldest spoke.
“I’m Julie” his little girl revealed.
The youngest remained quiet and his sister pushed him.
“I’m still Blanket…” he assured them.
“I like that name… Ben… Not to obvious, right…”
“Nah” his eldest assured them.
“They accepted it here…”
“Okay… Please remind me… So, I won’t get anyone into trouble? “
“Sure, dad…”He patted his shoulder.

“We have to get going or we have to go out for breakfast instead…”
Katie rushed them.
Was this a cruel thing to do?
Nah, would you rather have him killed instead?

~ Copyright 2013 ~