TTTO 6: The Promise


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Oct 8, 2004
“The Promise”

Written by Daz, Inspired by Nat.


Michael ventures back into the spotlight.
Just with ONE promise to be careful
What a tough promise to keep, hey!
This is the sequel to “Reconnect”

~ Chapter 1 ~

Carol woke up feeling a weight on her. All she could see as she tried to
move her head was black curly hair that even smelled lovely.
Then, she felt his arm around her waist and that melted her heart cause
he always did this when he felt restless after yet another nightmare.
That was something that she couldn’t choo away but at least she knew her
presence made him fall back asleep too. Hard or it should be excited to
reveal who her Prince in turmoil was. She still couldn’t believe it herself
though. He was or indeed still is The King of POP.
Nah, that is bragging about it. It should just be Michael.
Yeah, for your curiosity, it is Michael Jackson.
Still, he needed TLC and a lots of it. Carol didn’t hesitate to give it all to him.
She couldn’t help but rub over his head and that made him stir a little
pressing his head further on her chest.
His arm gripped her waist tightly and she had to withhold
a shriek as it tickled but the last thing she wanted to do was wake
the poor soul. She felt already blessed that she cured his insomnia.
So, she laid there listening to his steady breath as he slept while
he wrapped himself around her.
In the back of her mind, she knew why he slept like that lately.
He would venture out in the spotlight again as he claimed he was still MJ and
he didn’t want to disappoint the fans.
Pulling him away from them and keeping him locked up in a cage just
to protect him was not an option. All she ever wanted was for him to
be happy, that’s all.

~ Chapter 2 ~

In some dark office in town, a man in a black shiny suit plotted something.
Something BAD otherwise he wouldn’t have sat there
in the semi dark plotting to get his paws back on that
multimillion dollar Star.
“I need you to get rid of those groupies”
he demanded the culprit sitting opposite of him while
he blew out rings of smoke.
The poor man inhaling all this smoke coughed and uttered with
a squeak:
“What ‘you want me to do, Boss? They saved him, remember! “
“I DO NOT CARE” he slammed his fist on his desk and
it seemed all the paperwork even shrieked in terror.
In a more calmer tone, he continued once he blew out another
‘war’ ring of smoke : “You get him here in one piece and my…”
he pointed his stubby finger at his own chest.
“…My men will take care of him. Remember, we agreed on 60/40”
The poor sod only nodded ‘Yeash’.
“Well, why are you still here then? The meeting is at 11 AM.
Do as you’re told and I’ll give a 1000 Bucks as thanks for your loyalty.”
“What… ab…bout… the fans? “ He stuttered as he got up.
“You’re not gonna hurt them are you? “
“Me? I wouldn’t lay a finger on them. We need them too.”
‘For all the wrong reasons’ spoke his mind but
he wisely kept his mouth shut for now as
he almost crawled out of his office.

~ Chapter 3 ~

“Michael” she gently shook him awake. He stirred a little.
“Michael, honey. We need to get up. You have that meeting at 11,
He only moaned and stirred, twisting his body to his back but
still in slumber though.
Without another word, she did crawl out of bed and
made herself ready first. Then, she would check if the cook had left
something for breakfast cause she was the only one that remained though
everyone had left since she moved in about six months ago.
They all claimed she was too bossy and turned Michael against them cause
all he did was protect her and scold the others who
had given up their own life to serve him.

Coming out of the bathroom, she bumped into him.
“Good morning Babe” he held her and kissed her.
She swiftly kissed him back.
“Now, get ready for your BIG day, hey!”
“Yeash” he said perked up as he straightened himself and
slipped into the bathroom. She waited ‘till she heard the shower and
then headed for the kitchen. As always, Chels had left him a salad and
she knew she didn’t have to prepare something for her as
Carol only ate cereal for breakfast.
So, she set the table. No, not for two but for 5. Yeash, five indeed.
Michael insisted to have breakfast with the kids so
he could at least see them in the morning and he could hug them goodbye.
The first one to stroll into the kitchen was his daughter, only 11 but
yet a fine young lady.
“Good morning Carry, here let me help you.”
“Morning sweet, thanks”

Yeash, she was pleased that the kids had accepted her into their hearts.
Yhey even nicknamed her ‘Carry’. Next, to pop by was his eldest with
the boisterous youngest in his tail rushing to the table.
“Be good” he only protested.
“Good morning Carry” he also said polite.
“Morning Hun” Carry replied getting the stuff for breakfast out
of the fridge now.
Dad fully dressed and smelling lovely entered the kitchen which
made the kids look up and smile. They said their polite ‘hello’ and
continued their breakfast while Michael kissed every last one of them
on their forehead.
Then, he acknowledged Carol and sat on the table to enjoy his salad.
It always made her sigh this scene of just a family at
the breakfast table, right?

Soon, it came time to get ready for that meeting. The BIG day, hey!
He kissed and hugged his kids goodbye telling them to be good to
their teacher and off they were. He felt excited and scared at
the same time. Today, would be the new start of it all.
The comeback he had dreamt about. He didn’t dare to think about
the nightmare of last night. Premonition or what?
He didn’t want her to worry about him and it seemed all legit as
Diane was still his secretary and Carol would remain by his side though.
Besides, no rehearsals today just putting his signature on that contract for
a one night gig he promised his fans he would do. When the paperwork
was all done for today, he could concentrate on the music and
the dance and give it his all.
He met the producer, a flamboyant personality in a shiny suit and
his assistant as that man kept saying ‘Boss’ to him.
He was offered a seat in a darkish office and did insist that
Carol had to stay or the deal would be off and
he would just walk away from it all. The man at his desk only nodded and
told his assistant to get another chair for the lady.
The way he said it made his skin crawl but anyway,
this was just a formality, right?
The BIG man hidden half behind his cluttered desk let
his assistant do all the sweat work for him but that
was the ‘normal’ so he didn’t take any notice of it though as
the meeting progressed he felt more and more uncomfortable as
the assistant was like stalling him. No one ever explained a contract in details,
it used to be date- hour- venue- sign here and that was it.
This felt screwy.
Michael glanced at Carol and she only smiled picking up his ‘worry’ vibe,
she suddenly heaved her voice.
“Where does he need to sign? Michael’s got to rehearse for
the BIG night so he can give the BEST show.”
Michael only smiled and that gave him the ‘kick in the back’ to act too.
He literally snatched the contract out of the assistant’s hands folded
through it, searched and located a pen and
scribbled his signature on the dotted line.
“I don’t need this lecture like a school kid. My secretary read and
approved it so all you needed was my signature, right? “
The Boss only nodded. His assistant wanted to add something to
the convo but he was silenced by the man giving a wave of his hand and
a frown of disapproval.

“Thanks. We’re glad to have you back on board Mr. Jackson. “
He only spoke smiling at his signature.
“Yeah thanks Sir.”
Carol got up and took his hand .
“Make sure my secretary, Diane gets a copy of the contract, Sir”
“Considered it done, Mr. Jackson”
Michael only nodded as he left the office and a sigh of relief
overpowered him once he hit the safety of his car.
“Are all producers that weird? “
Carol uttered as she fired up the engine.
Oh indeed, even the driver and the guards quit. Talk about loyalty, hey!
“That is Hollywood, Hun. Playground for the weird.
Would you mind, if I already call Treyvon? “
“NOW” she shrieked as she hurled the car into traffic.
Michael was save as long as he kept the tinted windows shut.
“I know, you’d like to start right away but Honey dancing on
an empty stomach? No way! Let’s have dinner first, right? “
“Sure, Babe. I know this good Italian Resto.”
“Yeah, the one we always go to? “
“Of course, they leave us in peace there.”
“Okay, sweet.”

~ Chapter 4 ~

When their tummies were full of yummy pasta,
Michael did call Treyvon and he was eager to start the rehearsals.
They talked awhile on the phone and decided to start simply at home.
Michael had a ‘private’ dancing room and
he knew Carry would want him to be save so she drove home while
Michael chatted on the phone with Treyvon.
They weren’t alone for very long though as Treyvon popped by and
the magic could start. Michael insisted she would be present and
she could even videotape the ‘rehearsals’ so they could watch them
in the evening and so see where he could ‘perfect’ the dance.
In her opinion, Trey was very skilled too and she loved how
Michael shone that afternoon. Inventing new steps and
just enjoying the dance. All seemed Bliss but in the back of her mind,
she knew she had to be ‘vigilant’ cause doom strikes when
you least except it, hey!
Carry didn’t only shoot the video. She made sure, he was fed and
‘watered’ too LOL. He loved her care and it charmed Trey too as
when she was out of the room, he revealed.

“Wow, where did you meet her? “
“Oh, Carry? “
He only nodded adjusting his shirt.
“She’s one of my loyal fans that saved me. She keeps me grounded too.
I love her to bits. I couldn’t live without her. “
He told him heartfelt and smiled when she entered the room again
with some cold beverages that she handed to him.
“Thanks babe” he thirstily drank from the soda he got.
Trey thanked her too.

Rehearsals went on till 9 PM and then it was time to see what
‘quality’ they came up with as Carry showed the taped video.
Michael often corrected what he should change and
ultimately started to dance again in the middle of the living room.
Men, hey!

~ Chapter 5 ~

During that day, a lot of choreographers were called up by
Mr. Ogden to ‘inquire’ if they were working with Mr. Jackson now.
Of course, he got a lot of surprised answers and then late at night when
he finally got home, his cell rang.
Tired and still buzzed of today’s experience, he just cried:
“Aww, Mike. You can’t sleep, right? “
The caller only smiled at first and then boldly asked where
they were rehearsing. Oblivious of his BAD intentions,
he babbled out it was his ‘private’ studio and he had just returned home.
The man on the line just thanked him and hung up.
It made Trey shiver though as to why did he call him just for that?
Nothing was ‘official’ yet. He was not even hired yet though
he spend the day sweating over a dance routine cause
Michael was a friend and he loved to spend time with him.
Next day however, he called him again and told him to pop by
his office for a contract. The reason why he was hired was simply cause
Michael had chosen him. Michael always got the ‘carte blanche’ on
stuff like that. It gave him the feeling of been in ‘control’ so
that he would only realize the trap when it was too late, of course.
Diane didn’t need to see his contract that was Trey’s business after all.

~ Chapter 6 ~

Rehearsals went okay, too okay and it worried Carry how
it all would end. She didn’t trust that producer for ONE cent but
he was nice and it felt eerie.
Maybe, she was just paranoid and that was it.
Rehearsals were on a tight schedule though.
They didn’t last all night as before with little sleep.
Odd enough, everyone was nice and followed Carry’s advice cause
maybe she knew what was best for him and the Star was of course
glued to her every word/move and touch. It would be tough to
separate them though. They had to wait for the right moment, okay!
Carry made sure Michael was in bed at 11PM and not a minute later or
the gig was off. So, they all obeyed if they wanted their scheme executed.
Carry and Diane couldn’t really comprehend it that they pulled it off.
The tickets were sold out in less than a hour and
the arena was jam packed tonite with excited fans.
There was the ‘deal’ to tape this all for the unfortunate fans who
they had to turn away cause the arena could only hold that
many people.

That made him sad though he was elated and
thankful to give the BEST show ever again.
Of course, he wanted MORE dates to make more fans HAPPY but
the contract said “ONE NIGHT ONLY” . He did quarrel with Carol about
it but she put her foot down and reminded him how
they almost killed him. The quarrel ended in a “Sowwy” from
his part and a ‘make up’ kiss.
“I love you” he expressed.
“I love you more” she replied as she smiled at him.
“Now kick some a$$, sweety”
“Hell yeah”
The concert was Magical. His comeback was a HIT and
everyone was elated. Only Carry was worried.
Silence before the storm, hey?

~ Chapter 7 ~

She tried not to show her worry to Michael as
he needed to concentrate so he could give the BEST.
Of course, he knew she worried about him that
is what you do when you love someone, right?
‘It’s gonna be okay’ would have been a lame and empty promise so
he only smiled and send her positive vibes.
Carol was watching from the curtains backstage.
Often, he acknowledged her presence as
his premonitions were kicking in too. Though, he tried to smother them
by yelling to the crowd. He was HOME on stage, right?
No need to be scared!
He felt the sting of DOOM though.
However, he could NOT disappoint his fans so
he lost himself in the Music for the moment of NOW.
The crowd went crazy and he loved the energy and
love he received from them. The ‘last’ song hit the stage and
one quick glance at her and everything seemed alright.
With his heart and soul nourished, he enjoyed this moment of BLISS.
They say when you let your guard down,
you are at your most vulnerable and
then DOOM can strike at any given moment, hey!
See on stage, Michael was perfectly SAVE and
even Carol admitted she loved every minute of it and
she was glad all went spotless. She would soon
have him close in her arms again. She was so PROUD of him.
Then, she heard footsteps behind her.
Even before, she could turn around to see who it was,
all went BLACK… DOOM had found her first!

~ Chapter 8 ~

The last tunes of MITM resonated in his ears as he waved and
stepped backstage. Weird, where was she?
She was here a moment ago though.
Was she hiding? Playing a prank on him?
She would surely get it now!
She could have gone back to the trailer and wait for him there.
He was eager to know what she thought of the show.
He admit, he made a few slip ups but
he knew in the back of his mind that ‘unskilled’ eyes would not
have detected them.
So, drained but elated he entered the trailer calling out for her.
Everything was eerie quiet and it almost stopped his heart.
This felt screwy.

He heard someone enter his trailer and with a throbbing heart
he turned around hoping it would be her but it was that
creepy little assistant showering him with praise.
The only thing he thought of was Carry.
“Where is Carry? “ He asked wondering around.

The man only shrugged and continued his praise which
hardly registered with Michael as his mind went into ‘overdrive’ to why
she wasn’t here with him. Foul play? Could he just run off? To where?
Was he trapped here again and he damn,
he didn’t see it coming again, did he?

He searched for his phone and of course,
he took the attention away from the assistant that
had gone silent now and so with his back turned towards him,
he surely awaited his DOOM now.

“Where is my phone now? “
He called out rummaging through the stuff on the table cluttered with
food, drinks and make up stuff.
The man didn’t answer.
‘What was that weird smell anyway? Disinfection or something? ’
He did struggle as the man planted something over his face but
it was to no avail as DOOM had found him too.

~ Chapter 9 ~

Meanwhile, Carol woke up with a pounding headache.
She squinted her eyes trying to focus. This was BAD… REALLY BAD…
It looked like a trunk. Was she hidden in a trunk of a car now?
She tried to listen for a sound, any sound. All was quiet!
“Oh, Michael” she cried out as her brain finally panicked realizing
she was ‘detained’ now. The vultures had him in his grip again.
She tried not to think and ponder over what they were able to do to him
without her protection. Her mind tried to remember who
had ‘sedated’ her and most of all which trunk it was.
Could she escape?

She tried to wriggle and then a bolt of electricity frizzled through
as she realized she was trapped with both feet and hands tied up.
Burning tears popped into her eye sockets though
she didn’t break down and cry she had to remain strong if only for
Michael’s sake. The only thing she could do now was ‘pray’ hey?

Michael, on the other hand, woke from his nap too.
He too tried to focus where he was now. His head was pounding like hell
too like it had been colonized by wood peckers picking his brain and
so eating him alive.
His sight was blurry for a moment and then when he finally could focus,
he found himself in a room. He was lying in a bed of what
seemed to be hotel.
Just ONE double bed, a nightstand and a table with chair.
The carpet was stained with unknown substances and
yes had seen better days.
It was by far a 5 star hotel and NOT his suite he occupied before
the concert. It looked like one of those Motels for ONE night stands.
Not that he ever used one like this but you know what I mean, do you?
He stumbled out of bed and first located the door locked of course that
would have been too easy, hey! He peeked through the curtain and
all he could see was the grey gravel of the parking lot and
some cars that slept there for the night. He tried to spot the sign,
any sign to where he was. He knew it didn’t matter though cause
he had nowhere to go.
He was trapped again, the loser hey!

He located another door and bravely walked to it.
It was a bathroom and then a light went ‘ping’ in his brain that
he needed ‘the call of duty’ as they say. The bathroom was as filthy as
the room he just walked out of and he wondered why people even
booked and paid for a room like that or was he too pampered with
staying in luxurious 5 star hotels with silk sheets and marble floors.
Anyway, he realized he still wore his stage clothes and
decided to take at least a shower lol.
Then, he would have to find a way to get out of here for sure.
He could try that little window he just spotted.
So, he did enjoy the shower but of course had to put on
the same clothes again. All that mattered now was getting out of
here but no matter how hard he jerked on that little window,
it would NOT pop open.
He only exhausted himself.

Then, he heard a noise. He quit his ‘escape’ and listened attentively.
He peeked through the little window and saw a car coming to a standstill.
Two guys got out of it and walked the gravel that made a crispy sound.
He stood there frozen listening to every sound he heard.
Was that now the key that unlocked the door?
He suddenly heard two voices. They were male and not
very intelligent too.

“Where is he? “ One said.
The other scolded him. “ You did lock the F* door, did you? “
No matter how he tried, he couldn’t move.
His body was like in ‘lockdown’. It looked hilarious but hell
it was not funny though.

The convo went on between the two ‘unsubs’.
“You idiot! “
One slapped the other one and he cried and protested.
“You just saw me unlocking the door.
There is no way, he could have escaped. I made sure of that. “

~ Chapter 10 ~

Then, like a surge of lightening his body got into gear and
he fled the room and out of the open door. He had to run!
His freedom was short though as he heard the sound of bullets and
all he could do now was hit that grey gravel as he got hit by that
Smooth Criminal. NO, it ain’t funny! It isn’t a movie where
they call ‘cut’.
This was way too real and he was screwed now.
All was lost as he assessed the damage. What a way to die here?
On a parking lot drained with bullets and bleeding to death.
He now wished he had listened to Carol. Her worry was real.
He had been too stubborn and now he was a goner.
A loser! Way to go, idiot!

“What the F* are you doing? Save keeping is NOT killing him.”
He heard one scream and all Michael could do was yell out the pain.
“Ogden will be pissed” he added and
now Michael cursed under his breath.
Cursed at him and at himself for being that idiot.
He promised her to be careful.
Way to go, Loser!

“Well, you wanted him gone, right? “ The dominant one hollered at him.
Michael was making too much noise so
they had to quit their little ‘domestic’ and drag him indoors again.
He only yelled “Just kill me, okay! “
The unsubs didn’t answer him and in an instant
Michael recognized the little man. He was the underdog for
sure being controlled by a bigger bully that executed the plan.
Of course, he was panicking. Wouldn’t you if you were faced by
a dying man and it wasn’t your fault?

“What’ we going to do now? “
“Fix him up! “ The big strong fellow only barked at him.
“Oh man” he called out as he examined the damage.
Blood was soaking the sheet and the mattress already.
“Darren, he needs a Doctor or medical care. This looks BAD!
Why the F* did you shoot him for? “
He only got a slap on his head again.
“Do not say my name? Stop the bleeding! “ He bellowed at him.
Michael had his eyes closed only bearing the searing pain now.
“Should we call the Boss now? We could simply drop him off
at the hospital though.”
“Just let me think! “ He shouted and turned away.

Michael felt that the ‘underdog’ was his only change in survival and
all he could now to turn this nightmare around was
send some positive vibes to him with all the energy he had to spare.
He didn’t wanna die in a filthy Motel room and the thought of
getting the ‘unsub’ into an ‘alley’ was the only thing that kept him alive.
Yeah, I know the “What if’s” could not help him now and
so he totally ignored them now. He needed all his strength to
survive this ordeal as he felt he was slowly slipping away with
each drop of blood he lost.

The little man frantically tried to stop the bleeding and
thought of the only way to do it was the use a towel as ‘tourniquet’.
His hands were soaked in blood already and the sheet had
a ‘makeover’ too yet. It colored ‘crimson red’ now.
Should have been a stylish color though it was only Blood.
He then wrapped him in the sheets and blankets he was lying in and
even gave him a wet towel for his sweat. Michael didn’t react to
anything anymore and that worried the man.
The bulky guys pacing the floor scolded at him.

“Are you still in the game?”
“Yeash” he nodded.
“Then don’t pamper him.”
“Make up your mind, will you.” He dared to protest.
“I’m not going down for murder. I’m keeping him alive till
you decide we can dump him at a hospital. “
“How BAD is he hurt? “
“BAD enough to die if you keep stalling it.
You bloody shot him 3 times and sealed his fate as well as ours.”
“How ye’ mean? “ He frowned his forehead.

“Never shoot a dancer in his legs. You still think, we can go ahead with
that stupid plan now, do you? “
“STUPID! “ He bellowed. “ You’re in it way over your head too, Buster!”
“Well, I’m not the one who shot him, okay! “
He felt his forehead. Still HOT and no reaction as whatsoever.
“How is he?”
“How the hell do you think he is? Get him to an ER now or
he’s dead within the hour.”
The man did rub his forehead as the current situation finally
hit his brain. Silent minutes passed by…

~ Chapter 11 ~

“I’m sure, they are looking out for him now.
You want the whole Fan community on your tail? “
“What can they do? “ He shrugged unimpressed.
“You will soon find out! “ He ended his plea and
tried to wake up the body in the bed.
It looked like he had fallen asleep now.
“Okay okay… Stop your nagging, will you? “
He grabbed the body bundled up in the blankets and
swung him over his shoulder. It seemed all life had poured out of him
though the tourniquet had stopped the bleeding for now.
He ordered him to open the door first and he obeyed.
Then, he quickly opened the back seat door.
“Trunk! “ He only yelled and once again like an ‘obedient’ puppy,
he opened the trunk and then shut the backseat door.
They both jumped into the car and sped off.
Automatically, the radio was on spitting out the latest news of
Michael Jackson gone missing.
The little unsub sat there nervously twitching and rubbing his knees to
the news but the bully only sighed and turned the radio off.
Only a miracle could save him now!

~ Chapter 12 ~

Meanwhile, Diane had filled an MPA to the Police.
Every hospital in the vicinity of the venue were extra guarded.
The fans tied to their TV or PC screen for the latest news on Michael.
Those brave enough were out looking for him. Hospitals, alleys and
hotels were combed out. The police was impressed with
the ‘extra’ man and of course ‘women power’ they got.
They all felt guilty for wanting him back on that stage cause
it made him vulnerable to those leeches now.
They didn’t want to think about what was happening to him now.
They only wanted to have him back save and sound.
A group of fans found the Motel room with the blood drenched mattress
and of course that message was “Face booked” and
tweeted all over the world as a RED ALERT to soon find him.

The unsubs still driving to the nearest ER were unaware of
all the media hype that was building up.
Soon, the cops got a ‘visual’ on how the two ‘unsubs’ looked like and
they were on the lookout for the car, the two culprits and
the Star of course.
They only hoped that they would find the Star in time cause
all hell would break loose if they would be too late.

~ Chapter 13 ~

“We could act like two fans who found him”
The little unsub finally broke the silence.
“You a fan?” The other on the wheel smirked and laughed wholeheartedly.
“I’m trying to save us! They are sure looking for him now.”
“They can surely spot him in our trunk.
We could simply dump in an alley and claim he got away.”
“Sure! “ the nervous man only nodded ‘Yeash’.

“Why bother? You were clearly in it for the money, Daniel.
Don’t forget that little detail.” He scolded him gripping his wheel and
looking in his rearview mirror.
“He’s got to be dead by now.”
He only ended his plea and changed lanes.
“Could you pull over and let me check? “
“Awww, you do care, do you? Bless you! “

The man did listen and parked into an alley.
The little unsub got out and opened the trunk.
The body hadn’t moved. He only felt warm. Phew!
“Well is he dead? “ He asked heading towards the open trunk.
“Give me your gun! “ he demanded him.
“Why?” He fretted. “Can I shoot him again? “
His eyes lit up as he aimed at his head.
“Can I now? You had your go! “

Reluctant, he gave him the gun eagerly awaiting the fatal shot to
get this over and done with cause the plan was screwed up anyway.
Stunned and startled, he faced down the barrel of his own gun.
“Wwwwhhhaaatt… ttthhheee… Fffff*** “ He stuttered now.
“We’re dead now too if they find us so I’m doing you a favor, Sunny! “
He pulled the trigger and the man keeled over.

Somehow, the gunshot had made the body come alive as he jerked.
“It’s okay now, Mr. Jackson.” The man only spoke.
“Just hang in there! “
Was he his ally now? The one who would save him?
Did his positive vibes help?

He first cleaned off the gun with his handkerchief to wipe away the
fingerprints. He tossed the gun beside him and cleaned off his hands too
for any gun residue. He then pocketed the evidence in his pants and
dragged the body out of the trunk.
With a lot of moans and groans from both men,
he managed to fit him into the passenger seat.
“Hold on! “ He pointed at him and slammed the door behind him.
He got into the driver seat and hit the gas.
Like a mad men, he cruised the street now,
trying to avoid oncoming traffic.
He made a sharp U turn once he saw the “Emergency’ sign.
“I’m sowwy, Mr. Jackson” He babbled.
“The plan was to keep you save. I didn’t know he would hurt you.
Are you gonna be okay? “
Michael only nodded trying to feel his leg but it was numb and
he feared the worst. He pushed his head into the seat.
“You’re save now.” He finally said as the car came to a stop with
a shriek. His body bended forward and with a grimace on his face,
he only sighed.

Before he could utter a ‘Thank you’ ,
the man had already fled the car out to seek help.
A group of fans neared the car and
stunned looked at the man in the seat.

“Wait! “ One called out. “Protect! “
They made a chain to protect him from the onlookers.
Once, Michael ‘recognized’ them all he could say was ‘sowwy’.
He was getting exhausted again as he laid there limp in the seat.
How could he explain to him, he couldn’t perform anymore?
His world had collapsed and he was ready to die now, please!

~ Chapter 14 ~

The Buzz in the busy ER shifted gear once the man rushed in
screaming he had MJ in his car bleeding to death.
“Where? “ One medic called out and they followed him with a gurney.
They had to break through the ‘Fan barrier’ and
Michael only tried to smile as he saw fans and foes glance at him.
He only uttered a ‘Thank you’ while been gently lifted out of the car and
onto a gurney.
Oh the culprit in his bloody sweaty clothes just fled the scene.
Even left the car in the driveway.
Michael was quickly assessed and
the BAD situation had ‘stabilized’ in a jiffy.
They were in the nick of time.
“Who brought him in? “

The surrounding nurses and medics only shrugged.
Before he realized it, the attending copper on duty was tapping his
shoulder. He introduced himself and asked if Mr. Jackson was up for
questioning. The attending Doctor was quite strict and only told him
he was not up for it. He had to pop in later.
With that news, he left the cubicle, only to bump into a gurney with
a lady on that was whining Michael’s name.
Could have been just a fan, hey?
So, it didn’t stop him and he returned to the precinct.

Little did he knew it was Carol insisting to see and
know how Michael was ignoring her own bruises.
The medic only replied they had to make sure she was okay too and
he would ask his colleague to check on MJ.
Her wounds were only superficial just some bruises on her wrists and
ankles from the stuff she was tied up with and soon
she was escorted to a nearby cubicle.
There, he laid so vulnerable and so helpless covered in tubes and wires.
He still wore his stage clothes but his trousers were torn apart.
She immediately assessed the damage and that made her swallow.
She quickly glanced at the stats showing on the screen and that
put some fire in her cheeks. His condition was stable.
Burning tears filled her eyes as she took his free hand and
cried she failed him.
It woke him and as he glanced at her crying face, he first only
whispered ‘Caarrrr’.
He felt groggy now from the meds been pumped into him.
She cried and babbled on like a crazed fan but
the nurses knew who she was.
‘The love of his life’ awwww.

“Kayy… Me… Sowwyy… Kay…” he only replied to her sobbing.
The attending Doctor popped back into the cubicle and noticed her.
“You alright Miss? “ he called out.
She tried to straighten herself and wiped the tears away with her sleeve.
“How BAD is it, Doc? “ She only asked.
He peeked at Mr. Jackson and then at his stats.
“Well, the one who found you saved your life really” he began.
“Where is he? “ Michael asked glancing around.
“Well, he disappeared.” The man in his white overcoat only shrugged.
“Please tell me how BAD it is.”
“Well, I’m sure he’s not gonna give another concert soon.
I’m really sorry about that Mr. Jackson.
We will try to save that leg as good as we can.”
He glanced at his left leg now bundled up.
It made Carol gawk at it but Michael already was aware of the damage
the moment he got HIT on that bloody gravel.
Had it been a stupid thing to do? To run off like this?
Well, he didn’t knew they were armed, right?
He only squeezed her hand to let her know it’ll be okay but
she needed to know.

“He certainly has to be admitted to the orthopedic ward.
Once, his stats are fine again, he does need surgery to repair
the damage of the bullet wounds. “
“THEY SHOT HIM? “ She cried out and then
slapped her hand in front of her mouth cause it came out louder
than expected.
The Doctor only smiled at them.

“Are you comfortable now, Mr. Jackson? “
was the only thing he asked before he left.
Michael only nodded ‘yeash’. The meds were doing their duty and
he noticed he was receiving Blood too cause
it almost ended up all in the bed, didn’t it?

~ Epilogue ~

Hours passed while the fluids were doing their duty and
Carol had quiet down as she rest her head on the pillow beside his face. Michael had fallen asleep too.
Their peaceful wave was disturbed by a nurse checking them out.
Dazed, Carol lifted her head and felt how stiff and
crooked her neck felt but then she noticed him still asleep and
laid her finger to her mouth to hush the nurse.
“Can I get you anything, Miss?” She whispered near her ear.
“I’m fine, thanks” Heartfelt, she looked at her Prince charming
who laid there so peacefully asleep now.
There was a loud noise outside the cubicle and
it shuddered him awake. The nurse went out to check what
the noise was of course.

“Hey” she only spoke as she rubbed his forehead.
Michael only smiled at her. He was still in slumber though.
“It’s gonna be okay. I’m really sowwy, Hun.”
“Kay…” he only replied at first and then something hit his brain.
“My fans? “
“What about them, sweety? “
“I’m… o…kayyy” he did try to say.
“Please take some rest now. They know you’re save now.”
“No…” he whined and the more she tried to calm him down,
the more agitated he became.

The nurse was soon present and saw the panic in Carol’s eyes.
“Just hold him” she advised her in a calm voice and so Carol did.
He squirmed a little but then her touch calmed him down as
he almost squeezed the life out of her.
“Can I ask you favor? “
The nurse only nodded.
“We’ve set up a press conference room.
The Buzz at the hospital is crazy and if you feel up to it Sir…”
She tried to lock eyes with him.
“… We can wheel you to that room so you can tell your fans what
you need to tell them. “
“Thhaaankkks” he replied.

He felt really groggy and the meds seemed to have worn off so with
a grimaced face, he was wheeled to the conference room.
It was crazy indeed. They even had to withheld the press snapping
their cameras on the go and just a group of fans were allowed.
The ones without T-shirts that seemed more ‘grounded’ cause
they already had a handful with the press.
Michael although in a wheelchair and still supported with
an IV bag felt he could fall asleep at any given moment so
Carol did most of the talking.

He only managed to say ‘Thhhhannnkkk yoouuu”
and off they were to the safety of the ward where he could heal.

~ Copyright 2015 ~



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May 22, 2014
Re: The Promise

Daz, I read this for a while, but I didn't get around to thankin you for it. Quite interesting a story, especially with the whole danger scenario and the blood. It almost sounded like a detective story. You never did clear up who "they" were :p Actually one concert only doesn't sound all that demanding honestly. Perhaps Michael would still be here if that would have been his only duty back in 2009. It would be quite easy to blame his death on greedy corporate heads, but I am afraid things weren't quite as simple. In any case, your fantasy tale in spite of its tone of danger has a rather happy ending; good writing skills, as always *clap*


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Oct 8, 2004
Re: The Promise

Thanks Girl :blush: for your nice feedback. :bow:

Yeah, a 'scary' story should always have a nice end in my opinion especially when its with Michael cause we know the 'reality' is different.

Oh, 'They' get revealed in the previous stories as 'The promise' is like Part 6 of a 'novel like' fanfiction I've been writing since 2011.

The story is 'Take the talent out'


What if someone 'saved' our KING from his early DOOM.
Would they be ABLE to save him out of the EVIL grip he was in?
This is the ULTIMATE fan story of HOPE and SALVATION cause without HOPE we're LOST!

The story is 'published' in 6 parts now:

Saved; The light of the world; Take the talent out; What now; Reconnect and The promise.

A 7th part is in the works. Stay tuned! :D

You know, I'll 'slam' the other 'story parts' on here too in the following days and edit them on #MJJCBlog too :blush:


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May 22, 2014
Re: The Promise

Thanks Girl :blush: for your nice feedback. :bow:

Yeah, a 'scary' story should always have a nice end in my opinion especially when its with Michael cause we know the 'reality' is different.

Oh, 'They' get revealed in the previous stories as 'The promise' is like Part 6 of a 'novel like' fanfiction I've been writing since 2011.

The story is 'Take the talent out'


What if someone 'saved' our KING from his early DOOM.
Would they be ABLE to save him out of the EVIL grip he was in?
This is the ULTIMATE fan story of HOPE and SALVATION cause without HOPE we're LOST!

The story is 'published' in 6 parts now:

Saved; The light of the world; Take the talent out; What now; Reconnect and The promise.

A 7th part is in the works. Stay tuned! :D

You know, I'll 'slam' the other 'story parts' on here too in the following days and edit them on #MJJCBlog too :blush:

Oh, ok then.......looking forward to all of it, both the stuff before AND after this one :) Sounds like you put a lot of time and effort into it. Good for you.

I totally get the idea that scary stories should indeed have nice endings. Some people may enjoy horror movies occasionally, but mostly everyone, whether they admit it or not, prefers a love story with a happy ending.

And I feel it is especially important to have such an alternate version when stories try to circumvent the realities of Michael's life and death. If there was nothing that could be done for him while alive, let's keep him alive and happy at least in our imaginations, right?

Another thing I appreciate about your writing is that it isn't vulgar. I understand certain fan fiction pieces can get carried away on the descriptive side lol. That may sound hypocritical of me considering my location :p, but I think there is a fine line between rightfully targetted naughtyness and promiscuity - practiced, preached or simply imagined. I still try to belong to the first category, but I may accept the "if you can't beat them, join them" philosophy soon enough.

And btw of the excessive aspect of certain pieces of fan fiction, I don't think people who try to depict Michael as some sort of playboy out on the field do him any favors and raise his masculinity in anyone's eyes. It's quite sad that people tend to see him in extremes - either as a criminal whose private activities deserved criminal prosecution or as some sort of playa changing females as other people change cars or furniture.....Anyway, I better not take the thread off topic and let you get to work on installment # 7 and the posting of all else.